YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS | Season 3, Phase 1, Day 7 | Rev Chris Oyakhilome DSC DD

Lift up your heads to the risen King
Bow before him and adore him, sing.
To his majesty
Let your praises be
Pure and Holy
Giving glory
To the king of kings

(Prayers for the sick)

Thou art worthy oh Lord
To receive glory, honor and power
For thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure,
They are and were created.

Welcome to today’s program. I hoped you joined us from the very beginning when we were praying.

Acts 13:6-8
This man wanted to hear the word of God from Barnabas and Paul, but he had a sorcerer with him.

Sergus Paulus was unaware of the kind of influence that Elymas would have on him. He was a prudent man and not a corrupt official.

I want to say these to Pastors: when you are praying for leaders of your country or city, remember that there are people Satan plants around them to distract them from hearing the word. So, be guided in your prayers.

V8: Elymas wouldn’t let them see the Deputy (even though they didn’t come to see him).

V9-10: Paul was speaking by the spirit of God. Elymas was speaking as a child of the devil and this was not his first time of doing such things.

Recognize these things in the word of God and be guided in prayer.

*Continuation of 4 kinds of RIGHTEOUSNESS*


1. Righteousness through Faith. (The one who had this, was Abraham
In all of the Old Testament, there is no such thing as Faith in God. .the word FAITH appears only twice, and not even in connection with a people relating to God.

In God picking on Abraham as one who believed, which was an Unqualified committal to God; We must recognize that it means something about Faith as being very peculiar to the New Testament.

Its much more than a Faith movement.

The 2 places we have this..
Deuteronomy 32:20. (The first time Faith is used in the Old Testament. It was addressing those in the old Testament and he said they had no faith)
Habakkuk 2:4 (the second time… Pointing to the new Testament. My righteous ones shall live by faith)

When Abraham demonstrated such Faith in God, it meant a lot to God. And God credited him with Right standing.

2. Right standing through the law.
Deuteronomy 6:25.
You qualify by opening the law faithfully.

According to the scriptures, it actually failed. It didn’t work.

3. RIGHTEOUSNESS without the law: By the faith of Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of our faith. He made this possible

In Romans 3:21-22
Dealing with the righteousness of God without the Law.
It is referring to righteousness by Faith.
(Read in James Moffats translation: we have A RIGHTEOUSNESS FROM GOD).
This is a particular kind of righteousness.

What that Righteousness did for us:
Romans 5:17– it is a gift. The gift of right standing that has come by Jesus Christ.
(don’t forget what we said about right standing yesterday)

V19 AMPC: They became legal sinners because of the sin of another person. Adams transgression passed upon all men.

So, if one mans disobedience caused all men to become Legal sinners, then by the obedience of One, Jesus Christ, they also gain right standing with God.
Even people who have not known God, in the mind of God, they have right standing with God.

2 Corinthians 5:19
God is no longer counting men’s sins against them, rather it is the righteousness of Christ that is inputted upon everyone.

That’s why we preach the Gospel. God did it… He was in the world reconciling all men to himself.

2 Corinthians 5:17-18
Someone who has not know Jesus doesn’t need to do anything but to cone into Christ.. Suddenly Old things are passes away and all things are become new.

Romans 5:10-
This reconciliation to God happened while we were still enemies.

Ephesians 2:4-5
God loved us even when we were dead in sins.

Romans 5:6,8
Romans 4: 4-5 If you can believe in THE GOD WHO JUSTIFIES THE UNGODLY…
God makes the Ungodly have right standing with him.

Romans 5:19-20 Ampc
The more there was sin, the more the grace of God abounded.

Gods grace coming through the avenue of right standing with God.
This right standing was the righteousness we got by believing in Jesus Christ.

Romans 10:9 KJV
This was how we received salvation. You had to believe in the resurrection of Jesus (meaning you believed in the death).
You believe first before you confess. V10.

We believed with our heart, and we were given right standing which catapulted/qualified us us into eternal life.
(2 Corinthians 4:13)
That gift of righteousness enabled us to receive eternal life which was Gods plan all along.

The righteousness of God is his perfection, that distinguishes him in glory. It is his beauty and excellence. How could you ever attain it? Not even Faith could give it to you!!!!
Faith could only give you the third righteousness which qualified you to receive what he came for in the first place.

Now, Righteousness number 4

*Righteousness by/in the New Birth*.

It remains new because its the best way to distinguish it from the old birth.

We talk about 3 cardinal gifts.
1. Eternal life: given to the whole world
2. Righteousness: given to the whole world
3. The holy spirit: Given to the whole world (I will pour out my spirit on ALL flesh)

But if they don’t know it, how will they receive? This is the gospel!!!

When you receive this something special happens.

Romans 10:9-10
Confession is made that catapults you into the presence of God

2 Corinthians 5:21
This is different from being given a gift of righteousness.
God in his infinite righteousness gave birth to Us. We are righteousness manifested.

This changes your perspective in life. It changes your mindset.

In salvation, something actually has transpired.

Colossians 3:4
Christ is now your life. Not the Human life.

Galatians 2:20.
Christ lives in me. I currently live by the faith of the son of God.

Colossians 3:4
Not only did he give his life for me, he rose from the dead and now his very person has mingled with my spirit. He has brought me into oneness with himself.

1 Corinthians 1:30.
God made this happen.
Christ is now my wisdom. My righteousness.
He is made unto me all things from God.
All things are from God and Of God.

I don’t just have wisdom, I no longer pray for wisdom. I declare that Christ is my wisdom. I am flowing in the wisdom of God 24 hours a day.

Babes lack wisdom.
Anyone who uses milk is unskillful in the word of righteousness.
(Many translations have been written for babes)

Paul was dealing with something far bigger than calling it the doctrine of righteousness. (Logo diceasunae).
The word of righteousness is speaking about something much higher than the doctrine or teaching…
Its talking about a certain class of speaking.

I took you to where Jesus encountered Satan in Matthew

What was Jesus response?
He wasn’t quoting scriptures as a law.

Thou shalt not steal. This is one of the commandments written to Israel.
When you become a Christian, that law doesn’t apply to you, because IN CHRIST, You HAVE A NATURE THAT DOES NOT STEAL.
You are in a higher class. You don’t belong in a place where commandments are dealt.

1 Timothy 1:9-10
You have to apply a law lawfully. The law was not made for a righteous man.

So when you are in Christ , the law is not for you

What did Moses know that others didn’t know) What did Jesus know?


To Moses, it was life. It was a description of his excellence.

When Jesus said those scriptures, he was describing his life. He was not trying to obey it. He was responding with the word!

This is what He expects us to do.

Sometimes the scriptures you are quoting doesn’t have to be verbatim in English.
But you know what is written and what it relates to.

Once you understand this, it changes your prayer life and you become very effective.
Gods people need to understand this.
People don’t get results when they pray, because they pray amiss.

Ephesians 4:24. KJV/ AMP.

You were created in righteousness.
With that gift, you received eternal life, and with that life, you were born in true righteousness.

YOU ARE GOD-LIKE NOW!!! No more shadow or path of Righteousness.
You are in Righteousness 4!!!

Imagine if you have this consciousness everyday. What kind of prayer would you pray everyday?
How would you see yourself in a world like this?

Nothing would move you. You would remember that you are an heir of the Father.

Colossians 3:10 KJV
Its talking about Christian growth here.
A baby may be creeping. But that doesn’t mean its not Human. The changes are taking place because they are being renewed in knowledge.

Same way when you meditate on these things, they are in your spirit.

1 John 4:17
A lot of people will be scared on the day of judgment, but we will be bold. Because we are recreated in the image of him that made Us

1 John 3:1.
We are not hoping and praying to be. When you look at us, we may look like anybody else. (Just like Jesus looked ordinary and it took Judas to identify him even though He was the son of God). But in the twinkling of an eye, our bodies will be changed.

Philippians 1:11
How can you have fruits of something you are not?
If you are righteousness, you bear fruits/manifestations of righteousness.
The things I do bring praise and glory of God.

Hebrews 13:5 NJKV
He just quoted God.

V6: This means that We courageously declare BOLDLY.
SAY is LEGO, which also means BOAST.
This is very strong language.
“We, Being of good courage, Say/Boast..’the lord is my helper”.

He is quoting scriptures like Jesus when he said ” it is written “.

When I say “Greater is he that is in me….” I am quoting scriptures. But I have personalized it.

In every situation we must respond with the word of God and when we do, nothing in this world can stand against us successfully.

Nothing can stop us because we have the word that Created the whole world in our heart and in our Mouth.

When you face a situation, the Rhema of God would proceed from your mouth and you become unbeatable and invincible.

(Psalm 118:6-7. Source scriptures)

Just know the word of God. Pick from here and there… And Satan can’t stand against you

I am a winner all the time. I have the devil on the run.

I showed you all this, so that you can know how to pray.
Imagine if we fill this world with all this praying.

Paul knew how to pray and that’s what changed Ephesus. 1 Corinthians 15:32.
What happened in Ephesus : Acts 19

Paul was in Ephesus for 2 years and 3 months and He shook up the whole place.

Acts 19:19-20 AMPC, KJV
cultists were converted to Christ.
Paul understood how to prevail in the spirit.
When you study, you don’t see where Paul faces those beasts physically.

In this righteousness, we judge and make war.

You are separated from the war. You judge in Righteousness. You are discerning, and you make war. Revelation 19;11
Isaiah 11:3-5.

To make war: To battle.
1 Corinthians 14:8
An example of the Noun of this

What’s the difference between a war and a battle.
War: the declaration of a state of hostilities
Battles: the actual fight of a war.

Sometimes in a war, the actual fight has not started. But when the conflict begins, that is the actual start of the battle.

Agonisomai: is a contending for something. It is more passionate and intense. Doesn’t necessarily use arms. Its like a prayer when you are agonizing.

These are different types of warfare.

But they are all dealing with the same thing: WE HAVE AN ADVERSARY THAT WE ARE UP AGAINST.

The generic word in Ephesians 6:12… Its a generic word for all the terms.

Getting ourselves to understand that we do this in Righteousness..

Faith is not something that we try to GET In the new Testament.

In Matthew Mark and Luke, all those Jesus teachings was for those in the old Testament.
When you were born again, Faith was packaged together with you.

Isaiah 32: 13 –
Talking about Israel before the day of Salvation.
V15: their situation will be bad and terrible until the holy ghost is poured out.

When the spirit was poured out, many received salvation in Jerusalem. The church started.

V17: now that they have righteousness, this is what happens.
When you know the Righteousness of God, there is an effect.

Quiet/Confidence assurance is Faith. Faith has come!
The effect of righteousness is Faith.
Hebrews 11:1 (TLB)

1 Timothy 2:1-4.
Gods aim is to have this mass of humanity to come to Christ, Including their leaders. ..

*4 important points.*
(Always pray with this in mind)

1. Prayer for all men: we declare that this is the day of salvation and grace so We break the hold of Satan from men’s lives
2 Corinthians 6:1, Acts 26:18

2. Pray that Lord of the Harvest will send forth Laborers into the Harvest field of leaders of nations and governments.

We are about to see a harvest of leaders all around the world.
Luke 10:1-3 (Jesus was seeing potential believers)
The Lord of the harvest is the Holy ghost.
God knows that you are a lamb in the midst of wolves, but he says “I am with you always.”
The wolves soon find out that we are not edible lambs. Glory!
There is no restraint to the Lord to save by many or by few.

Pray that Holy ghost will send forth Laborers among the judges, the parliamentarians, the Presidents.

3. We pray to the Lord to change the minds of the Leaders of Nations from foolishness and deception, to wisdom and truth.

Proverbs 21:1
God can turn the mind of a leader.
Remember Esther and king Ahaserus.
Jeremiah prayed and even the wicked king ordered Nebuzarradan to take care of him in Captivity.
Let us express our faith in God. all things are possible!

We are moving into another level if the prayer ministry

4. Pray to overthrow the work of ungodly men who fill the earth with poverty, wickedness and death. Keeping men from experiencing the goodness of God in the earth.
Psalm 33:5
The earth is full of the goodness of God but the people are not seeing it because of the works of evil and wicked men

They manipulate your currency so you are never able to purchase what you want

Poverty is not natural. It is man made. It is made by the government systems of this world.

These are forces of men. They are not gods.
These manipulators are the ones causing the poverty.
There is more than enough food and wealth in this world.

Look at what is happening to Russia. The leaders are not totally agreed to the deep state.
The pay masters have created riots in that place.

These are manipulations that created trouble, poverty and even death.

Just see this man made plandemic that didn’t qualify to be called a pandemic.

In New Zealand and Australia and some other places, they have regulations against fishing. When you catch a fish you must register it. Food is regulated. You have no permission to sow seeds in your farm and grow whatever you like.
Regulation have been used to bind men and bring them into poverty

But the earth is filled with all the goodness of God. .that’s why we pray against works of darkness that causes men to not see the goodness of God.
Cancel those evil regulations.

Keep praying like that even when you are not seeing it…
When the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves.
The spiritual clouds will become thick with spiritual water and NOTHING can stop the downpour.

Pray right now.

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