YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS | Season 3 Phase 1 Day 1 | 25th January, 2021 | Rev. Chris Oyakhilome DSC. DD

Thou art worthy oh Lord.
To receive glory, honor and power
For thou hast created all thing
And for thy pleasure
They are and were created.

There is none holy as the Lord
There is none beside him.
Neither is there any rock
Like our God.
There is none Holy as the Lord.

Praise God!
We are starting today, a very special series of programs.
This is the first series of divinely orchestrated programs for the year.
there’s a lot of them coming and this one is very special because its very loaded: specially packaged for you.

Beginning a year like this, when the Lord has instructed and confirmed to us that its a year of preparation… As I said to you on the 31st of December, 2020.. That there is a lot of preparation taking place in Heaven and the myriads of angels are working on earth with the church of God in preparation right now.
The forces of darkness are also in preparation for their final struggle. They know what’s coming. They are only trying to fight for time.

They know that the Lord states very clearly that he would shorten those says in which satan will be in control of things in the earth and carry out so much evil.

The Lord has shortened those days to three and half years but the devil doesn’t like that, and would like to have more time.

We are getting ready for an extraordinary period in the church age. This is the period that Lots of the apostles and prophets would have loved to see and be a part of. But the lord already gave them a different glory. This one is reserved for us.

I am excited that we are taking this thing to the tape. The race is on… And now this is the fastest leg. The lord is trusting us with so much and there’s no doubt; we will not fail.

There’s been a lot of preparation by the spirit of God for these days. So much has gone into it.

(Introduction of Ministers on Set in Houston and Nigeria and Pastor Benny Hinn)

I told you that this is very special. We are having your Loveworld special featuring Praise-a-thon.

We are loaded with the word and loaded with a heart full of praise.

*Psalm 8:1-2*
Strength: the Latin version says it rather differently. “Thou hast perfected praise…”

*Matthew 21:13-16*
The purpose was stated there in Psalm 8.
“That thou might still/destroy the enemy and the avenger”.

The avenger is the one who is determined to take everything.

But he brings him to a halt.

(Worship by Presidential Band- What a great God you are)

I’m thinking about this verse in that old song.
Philippians 1:6
(Song: I’m confident of this very thing. That he who has begun a good work in you; He shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ..)

Hosanna in the highest
Lord we lift up your name
With our hearts full of praise
Be exalted oh Lord our God
Hosanna in the Highest.

We should change that song to something else.
(All praises to the King of Kings)

You know one day Jesus will come back and the bible says he will be admired. Think about it. What glory would it be that we will have to admire Jesus? What beauty, what splendor?
He is coming back! That’s what this is all about.

So, we live our lives as those who are waiting for their Lord.

What’s it going to be like.

First is to consider tat very quick one that happens in a twinkling of an eye. We won’t even have time to say goodbye to anybody. It will happen suddenly and we will be caught up from this earth. He will be waiting for Us. we will meet the Lord in the air, never ever to be separated from him again.

There is a difference between what’s happening now and what will happen then.
Right now, the bible says we reign through Jesus Christ, THEN, we will reign WITH HIM.

No matter what you are going through in your life today, don’t despair. Put your trust in him. Set your gaze on the Master, Jesus Christ.
He is coming soon.

Pastor James Payne:
Joel said ‘Blow the trumpet the Zion…for the Lord and he comes quickly’.
The Lord is coming. A lot of people are not prepared but you can get prepared by doing what I did 52 years ago. Jesus loves you as much as he loves me or pastor Chris. Just lift your hands and say Jesus, I need you in my life.

We are going to see the Latter rain of God in these last days. There will be a mighty harvest. And there will be an exchange of wealth to the believers.

Pastor Dan Willis:
I am excited. The word that Pastor Benny is going to bring… The anointing is thick up in here.

God is preparing us to be seers. A seer is a perceiver of hidden truths. God is bringing the church back to be seers. We see what God is about to do, and it is mind blowing.

Pastor Ose Oyakhilome:
This year is our year of preparation and we are preparing. Those 4 points you gave us are burning in my heart. He is coming soon and there is no more time to waste.
With all the great things that the patriarchs did… We are on the last lap. The anointing of Gods spirit will so stir us up this week to preach the gospel and give towards the gospel. Gods people are not going to be begging. We are going to be seeding the gospel.
A crowd of witnesses will be cheering us on. There is no stopping us. Every day, minute and second, we are ready to meet the Lord.

Dr. Mike Smalley:
We have Minutes left to reach millions. Thank God for the urgency God has put in your heart to see the church prepare.
We have the greatest responsibility and the greatest privilege to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth.

There is going to be a grace on every speaker this week. As we release our seed, God is going to get in covenant with it.
2 Cor 5:18. This is going to be our year. The wealth of the wicked is being laid up for the Just.

Bishop Clarence McClendon:

The final exodus Project: There is a departure that is about to happen.
Even people who don’t know the Lord Jesus are recognizing that the things happening in the earth are beyond the natural realm.

I have been pondering about the book of Exodus and the children of Israel.
What God did through Moses with the children of Israel in Egypt was prophesied 400 years before to Abraham.

God wants his people everywhere to know and understand that they are in his hand. Nothing that is going on around you is ordained to cut you. In fact, God is prepared to show you off and one who cannot be touched.
The answers you need have already been set aside.
‘I am the Lord who makes a difference. I have ordained on the season to make you different and show you off. I will make a difference between you and anyone who does not believe in me’… Says the Lord.

*God put you and I in Christ in the earth so that he would favor us and not explain to anybody*.

God put Moses in the rock, so that he could be good to him and to cause all his goodness to pass before him.

*In spite of your failures and flaws, God is allowing his goodness to pass before you because you are in the Flawless one.*

*Exodus 3:12-*

God was speaking to Moses, giving him the responsibility and authority to bring the children of Israel out of Egypt.
The entire objective of God for this operation was to have a people serve and worship him.

V 13- this was indicative that the people of Israel didn’t know who God was.

V14: God was saying I will demonstrate to you who I am. I will show you different dimensions of my character and personality. He fills in the blanks to I AM.

V15: notice how God is referring to him “the God of your Fathers..”

V: 17-18
After you get them together and get them to have a sense of who I am, THEN, you go to Pharaoh… and then he identifies Himself as the God of the Hebrews.

V20: God calls what he is going to do WONDERS. He does not call them plagues. When they begin to manifest .. One mans plagues becomes another mans wonders.

*(No matter what the CDC says, We are not in the time of the plague, but in the time of wonders)*


*Genesis 15:13*
This is 400 years before God calls Moses to deliver the children of Israel from the bondage of Pharaoh.
V14: God, through the scripture, calls what he did in Egypt, JUDGEMENT.

God is working a preordained, preordered, premeditated plan. Nothing that is happening is happening without his plan. He is moving the nations like pieces on a chess board to show himself strong on behalf of his people.

One of the significance of the Exodus Project is Missed….
God is introducing himself to a people who belong to him by Covenant but do not really know him.
He is at the same time introducing himself to a people who don’t belong to him and don’t know him (Egypt).

Exodus 1:5,6
The Children of Israel came into Egypt through Joseph and kept multiplying until a Pharaoh who did not know about Joseph(that the sustenance of Egypt was because of a covenant person/people)

*The only reason the earth has not been destroyed is because we are still here.*

The story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is carried out by Oral tradition because there was no written scripture.
The only way the power and goodness of God was passed from generation to generation was orally… But the people grew faster than the story could be told.

Just like the United states… The people feel like the belong to God even Though they don’t know God.

God is dealing with a generation of people who belong to him but they don’t know his character, nature, judgement, grace….

Now they have gotten to a place where not only do they not know him, but they are questioning his existence.

Now God has to step in, so that they understand that He still has a people.

There are nations that are living like there is no God.

God is long suffering and tolerant. Your rejection of him, he will even endure…but when you begin to live like HE IS NOT, then he steps in and show them I AM.

God says ‘You can live and function like I am not, but I am about to show you that I am’.

Time for the Exodus; the divine release.

There are times when God will tell us to do things, and our believing is what he is after, but its not going to produce the result we are after immediately.
We then think that we missed God…But No we didn’t. He is waiting for an appointed time.

What God told you about your ministry, home and business, is about to manifest!
The promise God made you that you have not seen the full fruition of, is about to come to pass.

God told the Israelites.. ‘I am the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob’ meaning, you don’t know me, but your Father’s did.

The days of Gods generals, the R W Sham Bach’s, are here again, but in greater intensity.

Even Pharaoh’s resistance was a part of Gods divine Plan. Because God needed the Egyptians to also Know who he was.

Exodus 3:20
God is never after the destruction of people. But when a people nation and society live as if he is NOT, then he must manifest himself.

*The presence of God drawing near brings Light to the children of light and darkness to the children of darkness.*

Each time Pharaoh said No, another wonder Hit.
God manifests.

If you read in Deuteronomy 27,28… About the curses (to have the disregard of). The curse of the Lord is not God doing something, but it is God ‘NOT doing something’.
E.g. God not protecting like he used to because he took a step back.
Things that should have been over, stay longer than they should.

(People are wondering why the virus is clinging to America, while other nations are opening up.)

God didn’t want to punish Egypt 10 times. But when things begin to manifest, they don’t manifest all at once .. Between each one, he was giving the space to repent.

The last thing that manifests before the earth is GROSS DARKNESS.

Exodus 8:
The first 3 wonders that hit are interesting…God makes no mention of making a difference between his people and everybody else.

But from the 4th plague, God makes a mention of this separation.

No matter what Strain comes next, or what they say is coming next, God has already made the difference.

It wasn’t that it was the city of Goshen, but it was that Gods people were there.

Satan is called Beelzebub (Lord of things that fly). He is the Prince of the power of the air.
God wanted his people to know that they had authority over all things that fly.

God did it so they would know he was present in the Land

V23-24: The bible called it a sign (signal); something that points to something else. It shows you are on your way to something else.

9:1-4; 11:1-7. God kept saying ‘I’m going to make a difference”

Today God is making difference in your life.
While sickness is everywhere else, you and your family will be in health. Your economy is going to prosper. It is because we have stepped into this moment in time: the last leg of the race.
This difference is going to be seen in 3 major places.

It will be on you.
It will be on your possessions.
It will be on your peace. There will be such peace on your house and your family.

God says the darkness is getting thicker.. But I am the God in your midst.
If you are a new creation in Christ Jesus the news you are hearing in the media is not your news.
The message of God to you is that no plague shall come nigh you. His word is your shield and buckler. Your business and ministry will prosper. Whatever the spirit of God has told you to do, do it now.
Before God takes us out, there will be such a favor on the people of God.

Your seed is not what is going to cause this to take place in your life. It has already happened.
Your seed just says ‘I believe what you said applies to me. It is a seed of witness and Thanksgiving’.

There is an Exodus Project Underway.

When the children of Israel took that lamb and slew it, they were trusting in the word; in the substitutionary place of that Lamb.

Trust the word of God!!!
Get ready to sow into Your Loveworld. No channel reaches the world with the gospel like this

*Whatever the spirit of God tells you, there’s no way you will sow it and there will not be a divine recompense.*

*Pastor Chris:*

The greatest proof of Love is Giving.
Its Gods nature to give because he is love.
Why this is so important today: all over the world there are many who wonder about the things that happened. In praying to God about the things that happened in our world, there is one key area where those who are in the forefront of those who are dealing with this.(the church of God right now is in 2 groups: 1 group is advancing forcefully with the word of truth. The second group is carnal and lagging but by Gods spirit we are going to pull them together with us).

There is a story in second Kings that I want to tell you about.
We are talking about a kingdom… And the area that we are yet lacking is what I want to point out to you.

God is challenged by Givers. Givers move the heart of God.

There was a war which God promised Israel that they would win.
Three kings came together to battle. They were set for this extraordinary opportunity to win.

Many of us have prayed. And we have made a lot of progress and changes around the world through prayer…but there is a lot more to be done. We must act lime people who have a kingdom, an interest, like kingdom messengers, as though God has invested in us. We have to!

All the time in the scripture, God has told his children ‘Fear not’ because he knows that there is nothing to fear.

I have shown you that the virus people are afraid of…
1. The virus is man made. -It was conceived in the USA and delivered in a lab in Wuhan China.
-It was concealed as a killer disease by the use of 5G enablement resulting in mass killings to sow fear in the hearts of people.
-The virus is near as fatal as many feared. Only 0.1% fatality. (It doesn’t fit the definition of a pandemic. Its not enough. )
– The restrictions, tests, social distacing was based on a nefarious agenda
– the bible fully describes these activities in prophetic verses and gives a time frame in the bible.
-the time determined for this is a few years but Satan is struggling for time.
-the church of Jesus Christ is the main target of this evil works and must be awakened.

-this crisis will separate the chaff from the wheat and separate between the true church and the deep church. (In some countries it is ministers of the gospel that are advising government to lock down churches).

Many have been in churches preaching; hosting services and programs but have never truly known Jesus. If you are afraid of the virus, you have never truly known Jesus. This is truth and you have to accept it.

-The coming of the Lord is near and these are just the harbingers of the Apocalypse.

God told Israel that they would defeat Moab. They actually completely defeated Moab.
The next stage was to advance into Moab and take the spoil. But the King of Moab tried to break through the weakest point with 700 men but he could not fight back.

This king was a worshipper of Chemosh, an idol of Moab. He understood the spiritual. He understood that he needed to win in the spirit realm and was going to fight with everything that he had.

You have been praying, but what have you done as proof that this gospel is worth defending???

Many could not hold Christmas services because they were afraid of the virus. Even in some States where the government allowed them to hold their 31st night services, they cancelled their meetings out of fear.

Does this kingdom mean anything to YOU???

Do you realize that this Fiasco, it wasn’t government that gave money into it? It was funded by the private sector. Because they want to carry out the great Reset. They promised nations that they will fund it.
They put their resources into this Satan inspired work.

But we who are inspired by Christ, what have we put into this?

*2 Kings 3:27*
Israel advanced to try to take the spoil… The king then offered a sacrifice to his god. He sacrificed his eldest son. His most priceless gift.

Israel went back without the spoil after all the fighting. They left like defeated men.

Several years ago, archeologists found the Moabite stones. On one of these stones, they found the king of Moab testimony of how his god destroyed the God of Israel.

Of course Chemosh did not defeat Israel, but he had respect to the fact that the king sacrificed his son.

*Prayer is not enough!*
How do we win souls?
How do we get this things done?

At the World economic forum, they reached out to all these business people who pledged huge sums of money to do what is going on now.

Your giving has to show that the kingdom means something to you.
Your substance has to be inside.

Many churches are closed because many of those ministers never gave to God.
They thought their service meant giving… But its not enough.

Those who funded this made decrees that religious gatherings should not exceed 25 people in a building that can take 25,000.

There is a message that produces prosperity. If you don’t listen to it, you can’t get it.

Only when you have the true word of God will miracles happen in your life.

If you have been practicing the principles of giving and receiving, the word of God becomes a personal interest for you. You do everything within your financial power and then God increases that Financial power.

This year, I have planned to give much more than I’ve ever given in my life.

If the kingdom of God means anything to you, you better do it.
The sooner the better. Because these people plan for you to have nothing.

I’m appalled at the way Covid got the attention of christians around the world…the reason is that they were not reading their bible.

There is a deception that is covered with Big Money.
If you as a child of God isn’t demonstrating your commitment, how do you want this power to work in your life?

During this period we will share with you how to organize your finances in the kingdom way that produces results.
Become responsible in the house of God.

It is not the giving of another person that is your blessing.
Giving has a promise, but receiving is a dead end.

The more you give, the more you receive.

It is more blessed to give than to receive because the giving has a promise, not the receiving.

You have an opportunity this week to raise your faith high and strong.
Decide what to do and raise your faith to do it.

(Picture of the boy on screen with the right eye turned in because of an accident who got healed during Healing streams.). Such things happen because Jesus is Real.

The same is going to happen for you no matter what you are going through.

Make up your mind to be involved in Gods number 1 Job: winning souls.

We want to hit 5billion souls.

In the year 2020, we won more souls and reached more people than ever before.
In this year of preparation, what are we going to do?
We will go far beyond what we did by the power of the Holy ghost.
We will demonstrate our faith through our giving.

I call on every child of God to be a giver!
Except you become a real partner with the Lord your sincerity is called to question.
What we want to do is Huge.
Last year, we distributed over 20billion copies of Rhapsody working with over 20 million ministers around the world for its distribution.
We did this by the Holy ghost because God said it was going to happen.

We had 2 live healing stream services. The first one with over 200million people around the world.
The second time, 1.6billion people connected for the Healing school.
These were Real people who connected to be part of the Live service…and there were miracles all around the world

This is Huge but its going to get greater and nothing can stop it. What’s coming is so powerful.

We are well trained for this. I’m not suddenly finding myself in this. God said i would have people.
People are helping from everywhere. We have 15,000 translators. We have over 3,000 languages of ROR all over the world.

How can those things happen? Not by might or by power but by Gods spirit.
I’m letting you know things that we are putting money into all around the world.
Satan has no chance!!!

The church has only 2 days!!!To be on Gods team is an honor and a blessing.
Be part of it Today!
Make the call right away.

We were loaded with substance for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

We are changing things!

It was analysed that David laid aside 274 billion dollars for the building of the Temple and told Solomon to add to it.

Solomon must have added so much to it, that after his sacrifice, God showed up to him that night
Solomon gave because he loved the Lord. The Lord already loved him… Now he was loving the Lord back.

What have you done to show the Lord you love him?

I pray you get a hold of this truth…that you are a vital part of what the Lord is doing.
God has given us a message that must be heard everywhere.

Give Now!!!! Don’t stop!!!

Have more questions? Feel free to write us a mail

We are open to your requests as well as questions and if you need us to pray with you or agree together for your own miracle or in the life of a loved one, we are here for you.

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