YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS | Season 3, Phase 1, Day 2 | 26th January, 2021 | Rev Chris Oyakhilome DSC DD

Can you imagine singing this song with Masks on your faces?
The foolishness of it
They expect us to worship God with our mouths covered and some ministers think its right? When the Bible says we should open our mouths wide.

So the churches should not meet so we should worship God as we should? And some people think its okay? Its not okay! It will never be Okay!

Some say its for a while till the virus is gone. But its a lie! That’s what they mean by the Great Reset.

There are things that God told us to do which we must do his way.
And they say that there will no longer be large congregations… That’s a lie.
God says we should worship him in the great congregation.

And for those who may have been restricted for now. Its won’t last long.
We will not follow their agenda

Hosea 12:1
Ephraim had backslidden. They were doing their own things.

Hosea 4:17: They had come this far… They were joined to idols. God said ‘let him alone’

12:1- How can you feed on wind? That means they are swelling up but nothing is inside.
They were doing business with Assyrians (didn’t I tell you the Assyrian Prince was responsible for this darkness)

Look at the desolation of churches all around the world and you say its okay? You ought yo be fasting and weeping.

Their prosperity is gone to the world as they negotiate with the Prince of Assyria.

(Churches have been turning their churches into isolation centres because of Covid. )

(Excerpt from Daily Mail about Germany and their detention centres)

What happens to the refugees if the refugee camps will be turned into detention centres?
Go back to History. Find out what happened in Nazi Germany.
What will happen is the extermination of those refugees because they have no presence.

(No big wonder, that’s the same place they did it before. )
Same thing was planned in Canada. They all have the same document.

Some of Gods people were given contracts to be turn their buildings into isolation centres and to build isolation centres.

I told you its all about Eugenics. The reduction of population.

Reason: Europe is Broke. (Europe is the father of Australia, Canada, USA). So all their offspring will function for Europe.

Now, they feel the population is too large and that they have to cut it down. They will…but not now. It would mean to set Gods people against their agenda.

This vaccination is a debacle. They aren’t going against any virus.. Unless you want to deceive yourself.
Read in between the lines.
Now everyone is talking about believing in science.

Why do you need someone to believe science when science should be about proof.

God is angry at them and Gods people have to make up their minds as to what they are going to do.
God is trusting you to take the right actions.

The world has but a short time and all of the plans for the eugenicists are well laid out.

I told you about genetically modified mosquitoes which will be enabled to transmit viruses.

When the bible was talking about plagues in the last days, this was not one of such. Check the book of Revelations. They would not be man made things but Gods judgement.

Covid 19 is not one of the plagues for the last days. .the judgements if God don’t come in the church age. This is the time of grace.
What is going on is judgement in the house of God.

That’s why we pray for them; Because this is the day of grace for them. The Lord is merciful and plenteous in mercy.

As we intercede for them the spirit of salvation will be poured out. Its happening already and its going to increase till the rapture of the church.

Their plan is to destroy food production and make food scarce. (Part of their drastic food reduction plan).
This explains the agrotech , the loans being given to Farmers and the GMO seeds being given to Farmers which cannot reproduce.


Its covid19, 21 and 25. When they get to covid25_ they plan that they would have already had their way all around the world.

Who are these THEM? The World Economic Forum

They’ve been parading around Switzerland. They are not there for world economics but world control.

I have news for them: None of them will make it!

With the Vaccines, thus is their greatest effort yet to control the world

What is the Covid test looking for???
What is keeping all the professors and doctors quiet?

Are they testing for SARS Cov-2? If it is, let us understand the purification of the virus then.

Can you explain why people who never did a test ,received information from the testing centres? How did they get a result???
Because it was all a fraud!

The reason some of the governments will not stop it yet is because they are making money from it.
This is dirty money and it will go nowhere.
Government leaders should be held accountable to look into these things that they are exposing their countries to.
The vaccines sent to your country, who examined them? Is it Moderna? Don’t you know their history? Are you aware of the various cheating of Moderna? Is it Pfizer? Who is unaware of the things they did in African countries including Nigeria?
23 died in Norway after receiving the vaccine last week.
The media has tried to suppress the information.
Some have been maimed and crippled for life.

Have you ever read the covering document for the vaccines?
Do they know what Moderna and Pfizer have said about the vaccine?

I’m telling you that they don’t.

Its important that we recognize what’s going on and not allow ourselves to be deceived into these things. They are not interested in people.

There is now a gradualism in people…transforming science into a religion.
The Antichrist will be then the Hero of science.

When did Government start running their countries by science? When did science now become the law?
Suddenly we have sold our countries to a group of Bandits because we were deceived into it.
And that’s why its going to Fail.

I love how Paul put it to Timothy: Opposition of science falsely so called.

Satan is not in full control. If he had the full control, he would kill everyone and send them to hell right way.

As Gods people we have to make up our minds on what we are going to do.

Today is a special day for everyone of you.

Some time ago I shared with you on Sacrifices and Seeds.

There is a difference between your seed and your sacrifice.

The word of God is practicable. Its to be lived and applied.

1 Peter 2:5 KJV, NKJV
He calls us living stones.
The sacrifices referred to are not just praise and worship. (Heb 13:15)
The fruit of our lips is just one type of spiritual sacrifice.

The other type has to do with the life that we live
Romans 12:1
Its another kind of spiritual sacrifice that’s acceptable to God who is a spirit.

When you sing, you make sounds but they go up to God as incense.

God has spiritual value to them. They are of value to God

*Phil 4:18*
The Philippian church sent some things to Paul. They were their sacrifice and before God, they has spiritual value.
Paul wasn’t referring to praise and worship.
V19: It follows that sacrifice.
He is saying ‘I don’t have to send something back to you in the same format. But my God is going to do something about what you just did’.

Hebrews 13:16
Communicate: To share.

We are talking about giving into the gospel of Jesus Christ. When you give it is a sacrifice.

Solomon, David valued their sacrifice to God.

Look at the men of Faith.
You can’t talk about Abraham, Isaac or Jacob without associating them with sacrifices. It meant so much to them.

Make your life that way.
Make your giving count in the house of God.

Prepare your heart: Make up your mind. Make a decision. If you don’t do it, no one will do it for you. Set your heart to serve God; to follow him in his word.

Prepare for the House of God:
what are you going to do about Gods house?
Do you know why many abandoned their places of worship? So many churches have not opened since they fled in March last year…because they never believed.
But there will be a revival. Even those who are speaking against us…they will turn around, because a quick work will the Lord do.
And the move of the spirit is so strong.

Remember, I shared with you before that God has a strategy in these things. There is a knowledge of God that we must have..
Just like Bishop McClendon said yesterday about the children of Israel who didn’t know God.

God is a spirit and those that worship him must worship in spirit.
How can you worship in spirit without the power of the spirit?
David was a worshipper because he was motivated and moved by the spirit.

In the new testament, we are the real worshippers. He has brought us in. We are nor looking from the outside.

In those days, some priests were in the outer sanctuary, others into the holy place… But their was a man who would enter the most holy place.

Guess what? In Christ Jesus we were born into the most holy place where the priests could not go. Its our place of daily living.

If you are a religious folk, You may not understand this.

*1 John 5:11-* NIV
Look at the tenses. He is not telling us something God is going to do…
God HAS GIVEN us eternal life.

V12: the life we have is the life that is in his son.
Eternal life is the God life, the divine life and essence.
This is what you have in Christ Jesus. Without it, the purpose of Jesus is defeated.

He came to give us life.
Did he achieve it? Yes!!! It worked! It happened!

Jesus went to the Father and presented his Blood as our Lord High Priest.

V13: He wants us to KNOW that we have eternal life. You already have it.
Lay hold of eternal life. Seize it. Make it work for you.

When things happen in your life as if you don’t have eternal life, say ‘No! I’ve got eternal life’.

*Ephesians 2: 1-*
In the mind of God, you are not dead in trespasses and sins. You have eternal life now.

V2: look at what he is telling you about those who are nor Christians. They are controlled by another force. The spirit of the Prince of the power of the air is still at work in them.

*Ephesians 6:11-12*
The rulers of the darkness of this worlds system… Its a class of evil spirits that controls sinners. They control the darkness of this world.; everyone that isn’t born again…until they receive the gospel.

*2 Cor 4:3-4* – Their minds are blinded. The devil stops them from getting the gospel. That’s why we must do something about them because by themselves, They cannot find out the truth.

*Ephesians 4:18,17* How hopeless they are! This is one of the most painful things to read about those who don’t know Jesus Christ.

*Ephesians 2:4-5*
God loved us even before we came to him.
We are raised together with Christ.
We are not struggling trying to make things happen. We are seated together with Christ.
That’s what God sees.
He sees us only in Christ Jesus, with all of the glory.

V7: in several translations, they don’t just get it.
This is the ages following the sitting of Christ. (Its not referring to the millennium)
He shows the exceeding riches of his grace towards us IN CHRIST JESUS. This is happening in the earth.

(Ephesians 3:20– Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus…. In all ages. Throughout all generations of the ages; An endless era) the church age is just the beginning of those series of ages because, The church is not the bride of Christ. It is the body.
So, the church starts out this thing.
The only period we have that is exclusive to us is this 2000 years. That’s why we cannot fail. We cannot lose. We can’t blow this opportunity.

We will see David, Solomon, etc… But we will all be reigning. This is the only time kept for the church.
After this time, is the full bride.

He told us exactly what to do in situations like these.
At the beginning of this Fiasco, I told you we will use everything that God will teach us.
There is no stopping us. We win only.

Read your bible about all the amazing things reserved for those who overcome. Let not your heart be troubled.

The few people that were filled with spirit in the old a testament didn’t have the fullness of the spirit: the seven spirits of God, like we have.
How can you let that pass by and not do what he called you to do?

Make up your mind what you are going to do in the house of God.

Winning souls around the world is our responsibility. Not even the angels can do it. He called us to do it. And he said ‘I am with you till the end of the age’ … It is not a promise but a declaration of truth

Say ‘Father you are with me. I am a success today and full of strength today because you are with me’.

He is inside us. Inseparably one with us!
Our God is not confused. We are not trying to empower him.
Some people say when we praise, God is gingered up. Who do you think he is???

Mark 12:24… Jesus was talking about the limitless power of God. He was saying ‘You don’t know how much God can do’.

How much can God do?
Do you realize God can change the mind of the president of your country to think differently? Do you realize it doesn’t take him any effort to do that??
Never be a fraud of anybody. Not any man!
*Proverbs 21:1*
Our God is great! There is nothing he can’t do.

These things I share with you are not theories to me. I am carrying you along so you understand the way of the spirit. It is a life you live.

At this time you will give specially. This is the Beginning of the year. Can God depend on you?
If it was up to you, what would you do?

Its your time. Its your hour.
The same God that is bring you these words is the one you are giving to.
So act like a child of God with a Kingdom mentality.

Right now, ask the Lord “at this moment, what do you want me to give”?

What is the spirit of the Lord inspiring you to give?
Land? Money? Maybe something valuable.
It is a sacrifice that you are giving to God.
What will God think about your giving today?

If you are in a country that there is a lockdown, make sure you sacrifice today.

The people enforcing the lockdowns have sacrificed to demons. Until you recognize the spirituality of it, you may not do the things you should do.

Let the Lord guide your minds as to what to give.
Give a special offering.
A sacrifice!!!

About the US Elections: People were waiting for me to say something. I did not, because i realized it was a battle. I told you people that win elections are not necessarily those that come to office.
Those occupying the office now is a sign of something that began in 2017.
I tell you these things from the spirit.
Approach things that way.

*Bishop James Payne*

There is an atmosphere that’s been created today by the word of God for the supernatural.
As we pray for people on the phone over their seed, the Holy Ghost begins to come on them.

There is 5,065,000 minutes in a year and each moment can be a moment for a miracle to happen.
You must plant the right seed at the right time.

As Noah offered sacrifice to the Lord, God smelled the fragrance of those sacrifice and it caused him to respond. He said he would not destroy the world by water again.

In every harvest, there is another seed.
We can decide to eat that seed to feed our need or we can sow that seed to meet our need.

Its only seeds that are sown that multiply.
God activated the the seed for activation.
Seed doesn’t know anything about who is in the white house, or a fake pandemic. It only knows that of somebody will sow me, I will multiply.

The earth is anointed for activation when you sow your seed in the natural.
When you give your funds/seed… It has no personality but the personality that you give it. It is a tool to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ

Jesus gave 7 parables about seedtime and harvest.
Economics are a science of creation, supply, demand and replenishing.

In America, foreign countries that are anti-god have purchased 30million acres of farmland and put farmers out of Jobs.

But as long as you have seed and earth you can survive. *Jesus didn’t teach Economics he taught seedonomics.*

The seed in your hand doesn’t know your color or education.. All it knows is ‘if someone sows me, I’m going to multiply’

Jesus said if you sow something in the kingdom, its like a man that sowed his seed and went to bed and didn’t know what happened, but woke up to a harvest…
So also your seed is bringing forth a harvest.

Before a seed is sown, the ground is prepared for the seed to be put in.

Pastor Chris has been preparing us since this fake pandemic to sow our seed in the gospel.

I don’t understand how liquor stores and abortion clinics and strip joints can stay open, but the churches have to close down.
The devil knows there are seeds in the womb that the devil doesn’t want them to be brought forth.
(Imagine if the devil could have stopped Pastor Chris in the womb from being born).

*One seed, Sown at the right time in the right place can birth your destiny!*

When God wanted to change the world, he found Mary. The Holy Ghost came upon her. Jesus was the seed of God.

When we put a seed in the hands of Pastor Chris or Loveworld… When God sees your seed, he remembers Jesus.

Jesus first miracle was on the 3rd day, at the marriage of Canaan.
There was another 3rd day that would reverse the curse or Adam on Humanity.

There are 2 types or seeds in the natural.
Annual and Perennial.
Grass is a perennial seed. It is planted once and it can even come up through your concrete … It lives year after year.

Jesus was not an annual seed to be offered every year. He was to be a perpetual perennial sacrifice. That’s why the stone couldn’t hold him in the grave.
The power of God moved the stone out of the way.

Now, I have that seed in me. I’m not going to be a saint today and a sinner tomorrow. You can’t keep me from getting the blessings of God.

Jesus said if you have faith as the size of a mustard seed…

Jesus was talking to Farmers. .
A mustard seed has to be soaked in water for 3 days before it is sown.
It has anti germinating features in it so the impurities come out in the water before it is ready to sow.

It is also one of the few seeds that cannot be cross pollinated. It can’t be mixed with anything.

What Jesus is saying you have to have faith that is not cross Pollinated with religion, the latest news, etc.
When soaked in the Holy ghost, he removes those impurities and your faith will be pure.

When a mustard seed is taken out of the water, you have to wait before sowing it. Also you can’t transplanted it till after Three years because it grows slowly.

Same way. We’ve been getting ready. The church has been in a phase of intermission waiting for the final act. Now we are in the final act. The curtain is raised.

Solomon gave a thousand sacrifices. I believe when you make your pledge/Seed, God shows up.

How many times did you have a need and didn’t know what to do, but you have a seed?

I’m not fearful.

I have carried this peach seed in my pocket for the past 27 years, but it has never grown, because it was never planted in the right place.
Same way, Some of you tune in to the gospel, listen to the message but you are still in debt and broke. You need to sow a seed.
You are in this world but not of this world. We have a king and our king is in control.

We have a window of opportunity here on Loveworld.

*Battles are won or lost in our lives by the seeds that we sow.*

In the kingdom, we may have only one opportunity like the rich young ruler missed his opportunity with Jesus.

Elijah was on assignments with specific instructions. To get a widow to bake a cake for their sustenance. What if the widow missed the opportunity?

*God is not obligated to us beyond opportunity.*

Every opportunity has a time span.
What we do for the kingdom, We have to do today.
If you don’t sow in tough times, you don’t reap in good times.

Get your seed in the ground now.

When we do what we can do, He does things we can’t do. He opens doors that can’t be closed.

This is the best opportunity to sow your seed.

When you sow in the natural, 17 elements Start activating on the seed.

There are 17 promises to Abraham about seed and 17 in the book of Revelations.

Sow your seed!!! Don’t wait another moment. Its time to sow your seed.

*Your seed predicts your Future.*

*Bishop McClendon:.*
We are in a season of miracles.

God speaks to you through his prophets.

The devil will never tell you to sow into Loveworld.

“An uncommon seed creates an uncommon harvest”.. Bishop Payne.

God multiplies seed sown. Not seed in your pocket or in your bank account.

The moment you sow a seed, you are qualified for more seed.

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