YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS | Season 3, Phase 1, Day 3 | 27th January, 2021 | Rev Chris Oyakhilome DSC DD

Praise the Lord!
I want to welcome you to today’s program.
Its very special indeed. Its because you are special and God loves you.
Everything that God made in this world is because of you.
Sometimes we think we are insignificant because we look at the numbers (so many people in the world), but God thinks of you like you’re the only one on the earth. Each one of us is as valuable to God as Jesus is.
Its so huge a truth that if you don’t understand the word of God and the thinking of the spirit of God, you cannot accept it.
He proved it in paying for your life with the price of the life of Jesus. That means you were worth that much to God.
If you were the only one on earth that needed that salvation, Jesus would have still died for you.
He didn’t die for Us because we were many.
For every sinner that repents, there is Joy in heaven.

The Father doesn’t want anyone to go to hell.

He saved you and made you his partner in saving others. He has made us soul winners.
On his mind, the responsibility to reach the whole world is yours now.

People gave their lives for the gospel because they thought it was worth that much, so that we could get it.
And it got to us.

If you read and understand the scriptures, you cannot but be a soulwinner.

When we talk about giving into the gospel, it will be your passion and love. It is an honor and privilege. What in the world do we have that we didn’t receive?

I mentioned yesterday that I would share some thoughts in connection with what I was telling you

Gods kingdom is a functional kingdom. If you don’t recognize that, you will not function in it, with kingdom principles.

The message of seed time and harvest positions you for the prosperous life that God has given you. It shows you how to operate kingdom principles that work.

It doesn’t matter what you do with that seed. Until you sow it, it will produce no harvest… Bishop James Payne.

Its so important for us to understand.

Living our lives victoriously is part of Gods plan for us. Because we have an adversary In the world… Satan… And he creates adverse circumstances to keep you from walking in the victory that Christ has given you. To be Ignorant of that is to walk in defeat.

When men are held in bondage against their will, all we have to do is break the power of Satan over them and they will be set free.

On the other hand, if they are held in bondage by their free will…whether or not they understood Thatch they were being put in bondage…. If they willingly submit themselves; by coercion or ignorance…. It becomes a completely different ball game.
You cannot set them free by just breaking the power of Satan.

Think about it; God does not want men to perish, so can’t he just take Satan out? It doesn’t work that way.

Even In Jesus’ day, only those who requested to be set free were healed and set free. E.g. Jesus told the devil to leave the mad mad at Gadara, but nothing happened..until the man ran to Jesus. The Master said ‘what is your name’… The devil responded ‘Legion’…

Why didn’t he come out the first time? Because there was more than just telling the devil to come out.

We will have to prevail on men to come to the Lord/give their attention to the Lord. We can use our authority but its not enough… Because the man has given Satan the permission to remain in him.

Why is that important?

I told you that these things that have happened in the world so far and the plans following, were all by the satanic Prince of Assyria.

*Isaiah 10:12 NIV*
V13: think what’s going on now: Globalization. One world government. One world Economy. Then one world Religion.
State Capture.

V14: Think about it. He was irresistible. All of the nations were reading from the same script. Acting the same way because they couldn’t resist the Prince of Assyria.

*Isaiah 59:14* NIV
V15 Look at the media today. Even those who stand for truth become victims.
V16 Who is his arm? The Messiah (Gods right arm).
How does the Messiah accomplish this today? Through us; the executors of his will.

V17-20: This is remarkable.
V 17- He was to intervene in a situation as an intercessor.
Righteousness as a breast plate and Salvation…

*Isaiah 11:4*
Notice Isaiah’s poetry and dichotomy of sentences.
‘The rod of his mouth’, ‘the breath of his lips’.
V5: He is dealing with truth and conscience.

We have to understand that we have a Job to do here and we have to be serious about it like it matters. The day of playing church is over. There is a real warfare.
Can we just act like it doesn’t matter?
Except that we would act, the situation will persist and continue until the tribulation.
There is no determination in the scriptures of what should happen between now and the tribulation. He left it to us to determine.

Whatever will happen in the church throughout the Gentile age, God is silent…and gives us the understanding that that is the period of the church when they must live in the name of Jesus and reign in life.

This goes on until the rapture of the church. So, if during this period we allow Satan to have a field day… But, That’s not going to happen. The Holy ghost is leading us.

*1 Timothy 1:18-*
All the gear given to us for this warfare are offensive, only 2 are defensive.

How do you approach prophecy? You hold them by faith. Without Faith, the prophecy will not work.
Prophecies are uttered by faith.

V19: Faith and a good conscience…( Refer to Isa 11:5 )

*Ephesians 6:12*
These are the ones that run the course of this world. They control men’s minds. Whisper thoughts to their minds. Control media. Control the narratives
They understood the modus operandi of Satan that’s why they passed fear all around the world.
There is no good in them.
They have no restraint for evil.

V13-14 (as seen in Isaiah)
V15- How beautiful are the feet of those that publish peace. Speeding the gospel of Christ.

V16: There are many who talk down the message of faith because they are ignorant.
Its so important.
Faith is a shield.
*Your Faith is a shield*.
The word of God is dependable. No assumption.
With your faith , YOU SHALL BE ABLE.
With that Faith you can Neutralize and Put out all the fiery darts of the wicked.

When you Operate Faith, it is a shield.
The more of Gods word you hear, the more you increase your faith.
The more you put it to work; The more you strengthen it.

Look what happened to the whole world. They panicked in fear.
Even Regulators in UK were mad at you if you said anything against covid on air. Its such a shame. They lost their right to speak.
Why? Because they want fear to continue in the land.

Look at the media.
They send messages to everyone to ‘Stay safe’.
Have we come this far to be paralyzed?

Refuse to speak that kind of language as a child of God.

The devil tries to prevent you from hearing the message of faith and to focus on the news so that you will not have Faith.

Faith comes by hearing the word of God. If you want faith in Government, then listen to Government. But they will mislead you and fail you.
Put not your trust in Man, but God.

*Luke 22: 51-53*
These guys came to arrest Jesus at Night. Injustice! They framed him at night!
Same way they do today.
V53- this is your hour and the power of darkness.
Jesus understood that the power of darkness was at work.

Jesus had 6 trials within a few hours. .he was arrested at night and by 9am in the morning he was already crucified. (Like hastened impeachment). And none of them could convict him.
Jesus didn’t blaspheme. But he was quiet.
He was put on the cross for six hours and he died.

He understood what was behind his arrest…but he understood his purpose. He came to give his life as a sacrifice. He laid down his life of his own free will.

Remember when He asked them who they came to arrest and he said ‘I am he’ they fell under the power. He was in command of the situation.

Jesus was a victim of the abuse of power in high places. Its not new.

The Antichrist will change times and laws.
Just like now they are doing so in many countries.
*The Antichrist will order a reset.*

They are just echoing again and again everything that is in the scripture.

In Davos, they are calking it a great RESET. This is the Antichrist spirit moving in FULL STEAM.
But we are the ones to exercise Judgement.

We have to say ‘It is written’ just like Jesus told the devil… The Antichrist has no claims.

As long as He has not signed that treaty of the 3 and half years, he cannot manifest himself.

Read the bible.

The saints overcame by declaring the record …by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony.
“I am in oneness with Christ. I refuse to be in bondage.”
You have to understand what the word says.
If you can bring the word of God forth, Satan has no chance.

Remember Jesus isn’t coming for a church that is escaping. He is coming for a glorious church.

*Colossians 1:12.*
God has made us meet: Qualified us to be partakers of the saints in light.
V13: he has delivered us from the power of darkness. (deliverance ministry is over. It was completed in this scripture).
He has transferred us. Carried us. Taken us away from the kingdom of darkness.
We belong in the Kingdom of the son of his love.

Just because we are in the same compound. Street, office…doesn’t mean we are the same.
Some are in this world, some of us are translated.

We are living this eternal life in the now of our lives.

Preachers have been trying to convince people of their humanity but that’s not the gospel of Jesus.
Any preacher that talks to you about your ‘humanity’ isn’t helping you.

The less human your consciousness is , the more you are growing in Christ.

These are my contemplations in the spirit. Not sermons.
What is Christianity? What does it mean?

Don’t you get it? If any man be in Christ. He is anew creature.
We don’t weep because of pain. We weep over lost souls. All things work together for our good.
God said we should never be discouraged. It doesn’t matter what happens with you. Refuse to be discouraged.

Paul said ‘I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me’.
Count it all Joy when you go through diverse tests…not cry.

It matters what you are listening to.
You are in the Kingdom of Gods dear son right now.

That’s why everything that comes to you becomes kingdom property… Even your body. Is not yours. It is sanctified, like the temple which sanctifies the Gold.
So everything you contact becomes ‘holified’.

When money comes to me, it is sanctified. It ceases to be the central banks money.
It will be ever increasing because we have been brought to a life of ever increasing glory.
Your giving can never paralyze what you have.
If you have truly given your life, nothing is too good or big for God.
The more he gives to you, the more you pass it it on and the greater you get.

You wake up in the spirit and you do marvelous things.
You will never run dry or diminish.

Pastors, you need to get yourself ready about this thing. Show your seriousness with your sacrifice. Don’t give the devil the opportunity to lock down cities.
Give and Celebrate it.

Sinners don’t like Christians preaching, but they can’t turn down Christian Dollars.
To take the best lawyers to court, you need money so that you don’t lose the case.

Wisdom is a defence. Money is a defence.
Wisdom gives life… But while things are going on, you could be losing to someone who has more money.

The message of giving is so important. How can I translate a $1000 to $100,000… Now you are talking Kingdom operations.
These are things that are possible.

Make up your mind what you are going to do and how you are going to operate.

The next few years will be determined by the things we do now. These are defining times and we are in for the speed of the Holy ghost in this hour.

Make your determination.
You are going to be relevant in the Kingdom like never before. .become relevant in the house of God.
Make that choice and move with it.
Make that decision.
This is the moment.
We are in the defining moments of the next few years.

Make up your mind what you’re going to do.
We are working on different platforms and fronts for the gospel. We are winning souls everywhere and all these things require finances.
We need to support several churches who will be facing some legal challenges.
Some of them actually, Will be the ones to go to church.
Thank God we are strong by the spirit of God that lives in us. We are fearless

They can change the laws all they want to, but we are not relying on man but the power of the Holy ghost and we win.

Make that call now. We will be glad to talk to you and pray for you.

Some of you have to do it for your church.
Especially Ministers.
Some are already doing the wrong thing… So you have to do the right thing. I believe we are many. I believe we will fully outnumber the ministers who are working against the church.
We are many. We are strong. And we are rich.

But if we don’t put our resources together, we may not make much impact.

I told you about Davos. I saw the document of the pledges the business men made. Some of those that gave towards it were Christians.
But these things should not be allowed. We are children of God and we have to support the gospel like never before

I was surprised that they were raising money.
A lot of these Christians who gave to them, gave more than they ever gave to God.

But we are strong and powerful and irresistible.
So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed… And that word is still true today.

*Bishop Clarence McClendon*

Through this times of ministry, lights are going to come on. Some things are going to be settled Here.
The word is already settled in Heaven, but it will take a man in earth to settle it here.

*Genesis 1: 1*
These are such critical moments in the spirit. And we as people of God have a time to do what we are purposed to do even as the age winds up.

*Genesis 1:1- KJV*
The original rendering says ‘In the dateless past’.
What we read here is the beginning of the project of Man.

V2- The earth was in desolation; confusion, an empty place.
Void: indistinguishable ruin.

Between verse 1 and 2, something happened.
Because God cannot create things that at void or worthless.
In verse 2, we are seeing a restoration project. Something is being brought back to the original intent of its creator.

The spirit of God was hovering: brooding, incubating, to shake, flutter.

The year of preparation shows this.
The spirit of God was brooding as if in preparation of what Got was going to manifest.

(Whatever it is you are going through, your atmosphere is being prepared for the manifestation)

V3: Light Be!!! It is a declaration and a decree.

5781 of the Hebrew Calendar is 2021 of the Gregorian Calendar.

Roshashanah is the Hebrew civil new year.
The Passover is the ecclesiastical new year.

Roshashanah shows when Adam was created.
The Opesa is the Passover

5: number of grace

7: number of completion and rest. The day of the church and of the gentiles coming is coming to an end

8: Number of beginnings. Circumcisions were done on the 8th. The covenant of God being manifested.

1: what God will be doing in this season will be like what he did in Gen 1. Its a season of manifesting light.

In an army, different aspects of the army will get different instructions even though they are all in the same operation.

This is a season of light manifesting.

This is not something you need to do, its something God is going to be doing and all you have to do is cooperate with it. It will be happening in the heavenlies.

*Genesis 1:3*
“Our” is the Hebrew word for Light. It means illumination and Clarity.
What you just heard from the Man of God was illumination.

When you are in the dark, you cannot navigate.
But light makes things clear. It makes manifest.
Light gives you the ability to function around things that were already there.

When Governments seem to be perpetrating lies., an utterance of Light has come out of heaven for the children of God. God says ‘Revelation Be! Illumination Be! That which makes manifest be!

This is a period where God will give us ability to peer past the news media and what the Government says.

You will now operate on revelation knowledge.

Man shall not live my bread alone but by every word that PROCEEDETH… its a living thing.
The written word of God is given to us as a measuring stick.

Right now in the earth, there is a lot of confusion regarding prophecies. Because things are not being measured in accordance with the measuring stick.

One of the reasons we are unable to trace Gods hand in society and culture is because we have not learned to accurately trace his hand in scripture.

God called Nebuchadnezzar who was a pagan his instrument. Yet you found some Christians who said God could not use Trump, or cannot use Biden… But *God can use anybody for his purpose.*

The Knowledge of the glory of God will cover the earth…

Its not enough to curse the darkness. Now the children of God have to call forth Light.

Light is that which makes Clearly visible.

Jesus said ‘You are the light of the world’ Matt 5:14. You are the force of the cosmos.
You are that which causes the cosmos to appear ( root word for cosmetics or props… that which you put on top of what is real).
You are the illumination of the Props.

The political, educational, healthcare system that Satan has created on Gods planet that is run by sons of darkness is a Prop!!!

Its not a system arranged or organized by God.
But God sent us Here not to cooperate with it but to expose it.
Its not a structure that you can really live in or function in.

*Matthew 5:14*
You are the light of ‘the arrangement’. Jesus is saying ‘I did not light you to hide you. Or to Cooperate with the system’.
It is time for you to rise like an island in the sea.

You are that which is to expose the arrangement.
You are the one to cause men and women to see that they cannot really live in the world they believe in.

*God has a healthcare plan and it does not include a vaccine. You are daily vaccinated by the word of God.*

‘Once I light you, I lit you to lift you’.
The revelation/light you are living by will cause people yo come from all over to ask you ‘what are you doing that we are not doing?’.

The time for playing church is over.

The church has previously interpreted light and salt as being flavor and flash.
But salt is not referred to here for flavor. But for preservation.
You are here to preserve the planet: to see to it that whatever Lucifer planned to do doesn’t manifest.

v13: flavor means to “to lose interest, to begin to lack significance of Impact”.
You are a preservative. You are significant.
You are a person of impact.

How shall *it* be seasoned? The IT isn’t the salt, But the earth. How will be earth be salted?
If you don’t do it, the sons of darkness who have no illumination will do it.

We have the airwaves filled with deception and lies because they are in charge of those airwaves.
That’s why I thank God for Pastor Chris and Loveworld.

*God raised this network up to salt the earth, to cut off the lies*.

They have tried to cut off anyone who speaks against them… but, When you own the network, you can say what you want. When you want… And no one can shut you down.*

Don’t abdicate your position of influence and significance…
(Running for Mayor is a demotion when you have been called )
As a child of God you are the most significant person in your community. It is your hour.

America has big Church but no significance in the community.
Mega church and mini impact.

God will take salt out of the shaker and put it in the society.

There will be a defining, dividing, and a divine decreeing.

God says he will be doing this with and through his people.

*Genesis 1:3-4*
God actually defines light. It’s good.
It sounds elementary.
It was a defining of what is good and what is evil.

Why? Because when sons of darkness are in control, they will call what is good evil and what is darkness light.

God is raising us to define it.

God is raising a generation of kids who will stand tall for the gospel.

God is doing a defining by himself. .he is giving preachers boldness. He is anointing his sons and daughters so that even if people don’t agree with you, they will not be able to Ignore you.

Some of you have been quietly praying and doing what God said, God is about to put you in the place where your unbelieving and condescending friends and loved ones will ask you ‘what are you doing?’

Genesis 1:4
*Rebellion presupposes knowledge. This generation is not rebellious. They are ignorant. They do not know light from darkness because the church has been too silent.*

God divided the light from darkness

There is about to be a great division and distinction between those who are actually listening to the spirit and those who are just lifting their hands in church.

When you hear of God dividing, its a signal of a harvest.

*Matthew 13:24-30*
While the church was unconscious, the enemy sowed tares.
Wheat and tares look exactly alike until harvest time when fruit is supposed to be produced.
*Right now there are tares in pulpits.*
The dividing is not your Job. You just be salt and light. (Don’t waste your time trying to expose tare preachers)
The lines that are being drawn in church are a signal that we are in the time of the greatest harvest.

Jesus explains the parable himself.
What’s the difference between Church children and Kingdom
church children can only live it out in church.
But kingdom children can be placed anywhere, government, CEOs of banks etc…and they will not bow!!!

V39- The reapers are the angels.

The harvest is surely coming in because it is the end of the age.

God is going to start rooting out things that have trapped people in religion.

V43- The righteous will shine. This isn’t something to happen in heaven. We don’t need to shine in heaven. We glow on earth.

Genesis 1:
A divine decree:
It has always been important for Gods people to declare Gods word.
In this hour, it is this thing that will make a difference. It will cause things that a divinely purposed to manifest for you…and not your neighbor.
You must sow seeds in 2 worlds in order to see the harvests decreed.
Financial/material seeds in the material world and word seeds in the spirit world..

The sower sowed the word!!!!

*Genesis 1:5*
God CALLED the light Day. It wasn’t Day until he said it was Day.
He called it by divine Decree.

You’ve got to name it!

When he called the light, Day and the Dark, Night…the sun moon and stars had not yet been created. (1V16-18)
The days and nights of God were not originally determined by sunrises and sunsets… Not by exterior elements but by divine decree.

No one can tell you that this isn’t the hour for you.
You must say in the earth what God has said in heaven.
God has given us the power with our money seed and word seed to change darkness to light.

Job 22:28.

Your night is shifting today! Light has been released.
The seed that you sow in the ground and the word that you sow in the spirit is going to shift something for you.

God has defined you as the son of the day and not the night.

(Calls for the $2021 seed)

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