Your Loveworld Specials | Season 3, Phase 1, Day 4 | 28th January, 2021 | Rev Chris Oyakhilome DSC DD


I exalt thee x3
Oh Lord

For thou oh Lord art high
Above all the earth
Thou art exalted
high above all the earth.

Song 2:
We ascribe all the greatness to our God, the rock.
His work is perfect
And all his ways are Just

He’s a God of faithfulness
Without Injustice
True and Upright is He.

In every nation. In every city. He shows himself True; without injustice.

I want to welcome you to today’s program. This is the fourth day.
Yesterday we learnt so much. Both sessions were so powerful. So much to gain.
I really want to express appreciation to Pastor James Payne. Thank you for seedonomics. We are learning so much.
Thank you Pastor Dan for showing so much love.
Evang. Mike Smalley. The message last night was so powerful, so revealing. So inspiring.

These are words we can’t forget. They get into our spirit to live there and reproduce.

Last night, I’m very sure that many made the decision to become tithers, because the message was so on point. Bishop Clarence was so clear. It was sharp clear and straightforward.

The Love that’s poured out in these sessions is so strong. You can’t miss the voice of God talking to you.
Whenever God talks, it doesn’t matter what the subject is.. Even in Gods anger, you still hear the voice of Love. Gods Judgement is a judgement of love.
Any time God speaks, you can identify his voice with love.

God is a God is Judgement, He has Judgements… But he is not a God of Love. He is Love. So, everything about him is from his nature of Love.
That’s why when God talks to you, you can hear it in your spirit.
If you are not rebellious in your spirit, You can hear it and know that love is talking to you.

You can show yourself as an offspring of love by responding to him in love.

Thank you Pastor Ose, for your labor of love. We feel your impact.

Our God is greater than all.
There is none to compare with him.

I remember explaining to you that we are engaged in a warfare and that every Christian must recognize that truth.
You are a soldier. Whether you know it or not.
Whether you feel like it or don’t feel like it, you are at war.

You were at war when things were going so nicely for you… When you got a promotion, a new business, when you didn’t feel the devil was around, you were still at war.

Why is it so? Because there are rebels in the realm of the spirit whose Job it is to stop many from receiving salvation. And to stop YOU the actualizing of all that Christ has done for you.

The Bible lets us know about this kingdom into which you were born when you were born again, and the kingdom of darkness. The place of darkness, where sinners are.

Luke 22:53- Jesus let us know what power was at work during his criminal arrest.

Colossians 1:12-13
I emphasized the tenses.
He has delivered us from the power of darkness and has transferred us. You were born into the kingdom of Gods dear son. The son of his love. His agape son.
I was born into the presence of God, the kingdom of light.
I live there now.

As a child of God you have to understand how to live in this real kingdom of light
There is a language in this kingdom
There is a way of life. A behavior.

Christianity is not a way of life but it has a way if life.

In this kingdom, we gave a language, a communication system. We think differently.

A lot of people think God intends to bring Judaism and Christianity together at the end.

No! Judaism is a religion. Christianity is not a religion.
Paul said ‘I Used to be a Jew’. He was born again.

The Bible tells us of the 3 races.
The Jew
The Gentiles
The church of God.
The church is made up of the 2 races who are in Christ.

If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature (being, species). You can’t describe it. When you are born again you are a new creature. You are a different type of being.

You are in the Kingdom now. In the mind of God, that’s where you live. Better start seeing yourself that way.

Ephesians 6:12
We wrestle against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.

Romans 1:18-20
With the things that we can see, we can tell about the reality if invisible things. So you are without excuse.

V21- those who fail to recognize God, their foolish heart was darkened by the power of darkness..
V22- When your heart is darkened, you may process yourself to be wise but you are actually a fool.

The man that is born again has his heart flooded with light.

You see why we must win souls to Christ.

Ephesians 4:17
These are Born again ‘used-to-be Gentiles’.

V18- it doesn’t matter that you’re a professor. Their understanding is darkened. That’s why they can’t even see that wearing masks isn’t good for human health.

If you have gone to school and you still think wearing masks is Okay, something is terribly wrong with you.

I did a lot of research and I published a lot of material to you on screen.. All before covid came.

People are being lied to.
Just because some Government authority mandated it doesn’t make it right. They ought to be challenged. The foolishness of it.
Why are they making you do something that they know is wrong?
Others are clueless.

This is abuse of power.
This is real criminal shenanigans of government and we don’t have to accept it.
Its not right to fool a whole society. They have arrogated to themselves the power to make obnoxious laws.

I often said in the past, that the so called democracy is no democracy at all.

How can you believe in science? Have you forgotten what science is?
They are prepping the world for a religion that’s based on Pseudo science. That’s what it’s about….And where the champion of that pseudoscience is proclaimed God.

We will not allow it until their time comes. As at now, this is not their time.

Ephesians 2:3
This is what we were before we became born again. Those who are not born again are children of wrath and disobedience.
The wrath of God is coming.

1 Thessalonians 5:1
Here he is talking to the brethren. ‘YE’

THEY are not going to know when Jesus comes.

When THEY shall say….

You are either among YE or among THEY. SO WHICH ONE ARE you???

But we are not in darkness. We were delivered from the domain of darkness.

When we talk about Jesus coming as a thief, it doesn’t refer to us.

V5: we are children of light!! We are children of the day!

We recognize that there is light and there is darkness.

Ephesians 6:10
Everyone of us that’s a child of the day should be strong in the Lord.

V11: all the brethren are to put on the armor of God. This is the YE that will not be taken unawares as a thief in the night.

2 Corinthians 10:3-4..
The difficulty here for a lot of people is ‘the weapons’.
Through the 80’s people have tried to identify what the weapons are.
But the best place to identify them is in scripture.

The weapons don’t work on their own. They work through God.

Ephesians 6:11
The description of what we are to put on, will help us fight; help us describe the enemy’s own weapons.

What does WILES mean? It refers to trickery.
A better expression is “lying in wait”.
The primary definition: a verbal misrepresentation that is presented to mislead or take advantage of someone or a situation.
(Like what the media is doing now)

Who is behind this? The devil.
You can see Satan’s modus operandi is based on deception with misrepresentation and lies.
That’s why the biggest strategy for the power of darkness is the news media. They misrepresent the truth and accuse the rest of us.

What I say is based on the scripture. What they say is not based on the scripture or science.

Even the very bastion of debate in the UK will not allow debates on Covid, or masks or lockdowns. Why won’t they allow debates?
I have challenged everyone. Let us present our facts. But they have not accepted our challenge because they have no facts.

Those at the head championing all these things never studied medicine.
So what’s going on?
Why are they telling us the science when they have not provided the science?

I know there are lots of people that are going to regret their actions.
I ask you to remember Nazi Germany.

The same people that were responsible for that, in their generations, are responsible for this. They just became more powerful.

1 Timothy 1:18
Strateomai: To fight; to wage war

1 Timothy 2:1
How God loves all men.!!!

I showed you what the Prince of Assyria did in Isaiah 10:12

Many nations will never recover from this.
This is the plan from Davos.
The plundering and destruction of Nations.

I’ve read Klaus Schwabs book. Its terrible. Its amazing that people are buying into it.
They believe that somehow, they are responsible for this whole world because they have accumulated a lot of wealth and resources.

The future of the world is based on the words and prophecies in the scripture and the timing of God will be established. It will not move by one dot.

1 Timothy 2:2
This is Gods standard. He knows it is possible in this day, otherwise, he wouldn’t tell us to pray and make it happen.

Isaiah 10:14-
This is why God sent me
The nations couldn’t do anything about it.
There is so much evil in the world
Those who have been plundered have no clue what happened to them

Its not about politics!!

Isaiah 59:14- This is not good!
V15- (TLB) anyone who tries a better life is soon attacked.
V16 KJV – There was no intercessor.

Ezekiel 22:29
This is what is going on.
During the lockdown, wasn’t it the poor that suffered the most? These are people that get paid with daily Jobs.
Many died in their homes and nobody cared.

V9- The abuse of power.
Its robbery when you destroy small businesses because you are powerful; and you create opportunities for your friends. Its robbery when judges are afraid to give Justice to those that Need it.

V30: This is the reason for the Judgment that’s coming. God doesn’t like this evil.
Every country gets the leadership it deserves. When you don’t pray for your country, you get a leadership that reflects your national character. Pray for your country. Pray for the leadership.

The Congress, the Parliament are all a type of the whole people.
That’s why a nation can lose a government that could have treated them well, when they know they do not deserve better.

When we lose consciousness of truth, you think you are doing a candidate a favor by bringing him into office.
Gods people must pray for their countries.

When you enter a city, you perceive from your spirit the character and soul of the city; What it stands for.

A nation that has done a lot of killing will get a violent leader who will slaughter people more.

God is a God of Judgement. Even among sinners, he watches them, that’s why they are not consumed.

1 Timothy 2:1 gives us something.
Supplications: Petition. Specific and definite request.

Prayers: to offer prayers for all men.
Intercessions: Having a discussion; like an interview where you are familiar with the person you are discussing with and you can present your case. (Isa 43:25-26. Even God allows argument.)
Like in a court of law. Argue why you want those people to be saved.
Pray for your nation and other Christians that way.

(Plus God, minus devil is not a prayer)

Giving of thanks: Eucharistus.

1 Timothy 2:1 is a continuation from chapter 1:18.

Ephesians 6:12-
V14- Our solid front. When wrestling, there is a mark there that you stand on
V16: with your faith, there is nothing that Satan throws against you that can work.

This should tell you what Satan’s fiery darts are like/made of.

What is Faith?
Hebrew 11:1-3.
*All of Satan’s missiles have something to do with getting you to accept or believe something against God.*

He is throwing something at you that can only be destroyed by Faith.

My faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Your faith is strengthened as you use it.

(1 Timothy 1:19. I taught you about a good conscience yesterday)

V17: Your salvation is your Helmet.

Faith is the most important Defensive armor.

With your faith your salvation is assured, the word will put its character in you.

The word of God is the offensive weapon. The sword of the spirit is the Rhema of God. (It ends with a colon in that verse… So it still tells you something).
You don’t just have Rhema, but it continues with praying.

Eph 6:17-18 NIV, AMP.

Its like saying. “With every meal, take 2 tablets of xyz”.
It means as you take breakfast, lunch and dinner (different meals), you take 2 tablets.
Same way, No matter the kind of prayer, pray in the spirit.

So, we find we have these 3 weapons… But they are all coming from the same source: WORDS.
They are launched in different ways.
You weaponize your weapons with words. They become projectiles. They become spiritual dynamite.

When a missile is launched, it may look nice like a drone…but when something is inside it, it can be destruction

Your content:
Your Rhema- words of faith. Faith proclamations. When we speak, our words are pushed out by air.
They create sound waves which create ripples in the atmosphere.

In the realm of the spirit, What pushes your words is the Holy spirit. Your words become a guided missile. It doesn’t return without hitting the target.

Don’t let anybody fool you and tell you have no power. You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you. Never be shaken.
We are of God and have overcome them because greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.

I know who I am!!!

Never forget. These weapons are your words of proclamations.

2. your intercessions.
3. Your prophecies.

What we are doing right now is that we are using prophetic words in the realm of the spirit.

We are of God and have over come them.

1 John 5:4 AMP
We have conquered the world.

Tomorrow I will show you how to use these three.

Right now, take your stand for God.

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They can’t manipulate Kings pay.
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Be very careful about this.

Glory hallelujah!
Its time to give to God.

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