YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS | Season 3, Phase 1, Day 5 | 29th January, 2021 | Rev Chris Oyakhilome Dsc DD

You are beautiful beyond description
Too marvelous for words.
Too wonderful for comprehension
Like nothing ever seen or heard
Who can grasp your infinite wisdom?
Who can fathom the depth of your love
You are beautiful beyond description
Majesty enthroned above

I stand, I stand in awe of you.
Holy God to whom
All praise is due
I stand in awe of you.

I want to welcome you to today’s program. A very special one.
And we’ve been featuring this beautiful praise-a-thon, during which we’ve been sharing the word of God with you.

I want to thank all our singers, music ministers in United states and Here. Thank you for your labor of love. We’ve been tremendously blessed by your ministry. God bless you so much.

(Pastor thanks the ministers in the USA as well)

Precious name, oh how sweet
Hope of earth and Joy of heaven.

It’s the name of Jesus; the precious name-
Hope of earth and Joy of heaven.

I told you yesterday that I’m going to show you some things in the Bible regarding how we use the weapons of our warfare.
I’m going to show you what those weapons really are.

There are too many who don’t understand Christianity.
That’s why studying and meditating on the word is so important.
In this world there are so many distractions. That’s the reason that many don’t really walk in the revelation of the word that’s been granted to them.

There a lot who know the truth in their heart, know the truth in their minds but have not been subject to it. They don’t walk it. They haven’t learn to have it in their consciousness. So much so, that they can now unconsciously live accordingly.

First, you have to bury it in your consciousness. You have to become one with the understanding until you start to live it.

E.g. you don’t have to remind yourself that you are male before you get dressed. You do it unconsciously.
But in the past someone had to tell you not to wear your sisters shoe.

When you were born again, you received something. In fact, that was what it was to be born again.

When you received Jesus as lord of your life, he imparted your spirit with that life. It is not an assumption. It is a fact. It is truth. It is reality.

It starts with the impartation of the life and nature of God into your human spirit. You are awakened into the Fatherhood of God. .that’s the instant that you are in the kingdom of Gods dear son because that’s where the life is.

You live in the kingdom of God NOW and you have eternal life NOW.
IF you don’t accept the reality that you have eternal life, you cannot live it.

Eternal life is the life that you received when you were born again. That’s what it means to be born again.

That life completely supplants the human life from your earthly parents.

If you don’t understand that, how can you walk in it?

Jesus was divine. But his body was a human body.

When you were born again, you received the very life and nature of Jesus.
Now you have this nature, but in a human body as he had a human body. But right now you are a partaker of this divine nature. An associate of the God-kind. God has you in his class of being. That’s what Jesus came to do;/to give us life and that we may have it to the full.

He accomplished his purpose.

You have to recognize these realities.

You can go to a church all your life and never hear these things that I have told you.

Jesus came to set up a kingdom and he brought us into that kingdom by the new birth.
This kingdom shall never pass away, be passed yo another, or be destroyed.

*Ephesians 2:4-7*
When Jesus died and was buried, we died and were buried with him. We were raised up together with him also in the mind of God.
(You were the one that was supposed to be on that cross)
All of that is the legal part of salvation.

When you believe that truth and proclaim that Jesus is Lord of your life. Right then, the legal transaction becomes real in your spirit.
It replaces the human life with which you were born in the flesh.

V6: in the mind of God, we are seated at the place of power and authority. That’s why he gave us the name of Jesus in the earth.
The father sees us when he looks at Jesus in Heaven.
In the earth, you’ve got to use the name of Jesus.
Can you imagine what victories you would have if you lived in the name of Jesus?
That’s why you have to TOTALLY REFUSE TO BE SICK.

Be not conformed to the world. Refuse to be conformed. But be transformed by changing your way of thinking.

I am in Christ Jesus. I live in him now.

We sat with Jesus as he was sitting in the heavenly places.

V7: that in the successive ages following the seating of Christ….

The first age after he sat down is the Church Age.

‘Through’ in that verse, means ‘In’

*Ephesians 3:21*
The church is not going to be doing its function as a church in Heaven. After the rapture we join as the bride of Christ.
So he is talking about earth, not heaven.

This glory goes through the generations of all ages, starting from the sitting of Christ on the throne. An endless era.
A new era has begun; It is the era of the dominion of Christ.

This helps you understand THE LIFE.

After you are born again, what life should you have?

1. From grace to grace.
He has given you a life that started in grace.
*John 1:16 ESV*.

2. Faith to Faith
*Romans 1:16-17*
In the gospel, The righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith.
Your faith is ever increasing. The more you receive Gods word, your faith increases.

3. Glory to Glory
*2 Cor 3:18* KJV, NIV

The more you walk in faith, The more you walk in righteousness, by looking at your reflection in God’s word- the glory of God.

We contemplate the Lords glory. We are ruminating and meditating on the word.

What you see in the word of God is the glory of God: a new creature; the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

When you open that mirror, you see words like “Ye are of God little children and have overcome them…”.
Don’t look at what the devil does or tries to do you. Look in the mirror.

As you look… The more you look at this reflection that you see in the more…the more you become, you are transformed and changed into the image you see.

The less you look, the less you see.

We are metamorphosed into that same glory that we see. Everyday, I’ve got ever increasing glory. I get better everyday.

Imagine if we were thinking like this in the last 10 or 5 years. It would have done something for you… But you can start right away.

Understanding this as a background, let’s go to
*2 Corinthians 10:3*
We don’t live according to, or think like the flesh.

V4: whenever you see words like ‘through God, or by God’ it means a lot. Find out if he is talking about the Father, the son or the Holy ghost. Study it in context. This will help you find out if you have a role in it.

If he meant mighty Through God, it would mean God uses the weapons on our behalf ..

But he means God the Holy Ghost… That means we are the ones applying this weapons by the help of the Holy ghost (he is our helper)

I can bring down all fortresses by the power of the Holy ghost.

The first of the 3 weapons. (Remember they are all in words)
*Ephesians 6:17*

The Rhema of God: the spoken word. These are utterances.
Its a sword of the spirit so its not dealing with the word of Grace or kindness.

*1 Corinthians 3:1- AMP*
This particular Corinthian church had been living a very carnal and worldly life. Paul had visited them and had to talk to them as infants in the new life in Christ.
They had been born again for a long while but hadn’t grown spiritually.

V2- Babes are to be fed with milk. The little fundamental aspects of Christianity.
Think how many Christians and churches in the world are in this classification.
.e.g. When you hear “Gods gonna make a way where there is no way”.
” I believe God is going to heal me someday”
“If I can pray hard enough, God will heal me”.

We can also tell them ” God is going to do it”.

Things like this come out of the mouth of babes. Milk will work because when you feed milk to babies, they will grow.

V3: Notice what he says in the last line.
For example, you get angry because of something that such a thing could make anyone angry. That is how ordinary men react.

But those who are born again are not ordinary men.
You cease to be an ordinary men.

Those who feed on milk are worldly, and live like ordinary men.

See *Hebrews 5:13.* KJV, NIV
Imagine how many Christians have to be fed with milk.
To be unskillful means to be inexperienced.

What does he mean by the word of righteousness?

*If you are using milk, you are unskilled in the use of the sword*
He is a babe!!! It doesn’t matter that you had been born again for 40 years.

The word of God is practicable. No speculation or conjecture. It is absolute reality.


Hebrews 5:14– This is why many couldn’t understand what was Covid 19. Many thought it was okay to close churches. They did not know that it was not God, but the devil. Why? Because they had been feeding on milk.
He didn’t say he would make a way where there is no way… He told Joshua “thou shalt make thy way prosperous”.

Milk is not recognizing between good and evil. Or the work of God and Satan.

Romans 5:17.
Meaning to reign like a king. To exercise dominion.

There is a teaching about righteousness. You ought to look in the scripture to understand the teaching. If you are unskilled, how can you reign?

Reigning through Christ means this is in the church age, on this earth. You exercise dominion through righteousness.

Romans 5:20-21
Grace has more power than Sin.

How will grace reign? Through Righteousness.

Grace cannot reign by ” oh I just thank God for his grace”…
Grace has to reign through righteousness.

In the context of our discussion, go to *James 5:16* KJV/AMP.
The prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available. Dynamic in its working.

*Romans 5:1* KJV/NIV/AMP
Your new life brought this acquittal in Christ Jesus. Not because Jesus bore your sin but because You were born again a new person.
*Romans 4:25* (Justification: Acquittal)

*Genesis 15:5-6*
Abraham believed and God credited/inputted it to him for Righteousness.

*Romans 4:2-3*.. We are being refereed back to what we read in Genesis.

What was God doing?
When you work and you are paid, the payment isn’t a gift.
The one who does not work for it, but believes and trusts in God who justifies the ungodly, it is a gift.

V5-10. Abraham did nothing to qualify for righteousness. It was given to him as a gift. Just because he believed.

That’s just the legal part of righteousness.

When you believe that God raised Jesus from the dead, you qualify for eternal life. When you believe, God says you are righteous and eternal life is made available to you. Grace reigns through righteousness to give you eternal life. (V21)

This is Gods only way to save. That’s why we must preach the gospel.

Righteousness makes you relate with God as though you never sinned.
When you are born again, you are baptized into God. Then the spirit enters into you and you are one with God. This completely changes everything.

Genesis 18
Abraham stood before the Lord and drew near.
How can you draw near to the Lord except by righteousness? He used his gift.
He wasn’t being irreverent.
The Lord loved the dialogue. The Lord didn’t say “why are you speaking to me like that”?
Abraham was putting his righteousness to work which he received 3 chapters earlier.
He stood in the presence and was pleading his case before God.

There is something in your mouth.
Revelation 2:11-
V12: The sharp sword with 2 edges. Why this? Why this time?
V13 they were in the place that Satan had set up his headquarters.

*Revelation 1:16*
Those 7 stars were the angels of the seven churches.
Hebrews 4:12– The word of God is living and active.
Its in the mouth.

*2 Thessalonians 2:8*: the Antichrist will be consumed with the ” spirit of his mouth “…

*Revelation 19:11-13*
Jesus was called THE WORD OF GOD
v15-16: out of his mouth came a sharp sword.

Jonathan died with Saul when he could have reigned with David. God had knit their hearts together with a love that was greater than that for women. He died with his Father because he exalted a natural relationship over a divine joining.

As we worship, go to the phones and connect with your seed.

*Revelation 12:7-11*
Michael and his angels overcame Satan and his demons.

Satan deceives the world and accuses the Christians.

(These brethren were in the earth, after the rapture.). They overcame the devil. How did they overcome? Its not different from how you overcome.
1. Your Testimony: Your Rhema, your faith declarations on the basis of the blood of the lamb.

Why is that important?
1 Corinthians 11:23-25.
His Testament: Final will and disposition of assets which only becomes effective after the death of the testator.
Everything we find in the writing of this will.
V26: the word ‘show’ means to ‘declare’/proclaim
We are declaring the Lords death till he comes.

Why are you proclaiming his death? Hebrews 9:17.
You are proclaiming and announcing his death in the spirit every time you drink that cup.
You are announcing ‘He died for me. And because he died, the will is effective. All things are mine in Christ Jesus. All the nations now belong to me”. .

As you proclaim it, the angels are doing their work. In the heavenlies, the angels are taking their place, and they push out the forces of darkness in the cities and the nations. They do it by the blood of the lamb and by the word of your testimony.

What are you going to do?
When you understand this, everything just works.
I live in glory. My life is from grace to grace, faith to faith and glory to Glory.

When you understand this thing, you find it easy to give to the gospel. You don’t have a struggle with it.
Abraham understood this. He even offered his son.
*Never have a struggle when God tells you to do something.*
When you grow up in Christ, that ceases to happen. You have to learn how to listen to God.
There are just some things nobody can teach you.

You learnt your mothers voice from the womb.
When you are born again you can hear his voice.

The bible says “My sheep know my voice.. A strangers voice they will not follow”.

The Lord has chosen you that you might hear his voice.
You were chosen to know his voice and to see that Just one.
You were chosen to see the glory of God.

Prosperity in the house of God us our natural life.
You give to God joyously and lavishly. Your giving becomes a celebration. It becomes a Joy. You are not struggling to do it.

Wake up to that level.
God wants to see you walk in Greatness.

This is your moment.

*Bishop Clarence:*

Those of you that have been listening to the word.
The spirit of God says this is an hour of equipping. The spirit of God is equipping us to occupy our places and positions

This is not about giving and receiving money. It is about equipping… So that in this last days, we can do the work of the ministry.
This is an insemination.
Your spirit is receiving even as your mind is trying to think through things.

There is no other voice in the earth like Loveworld. I’m talking about this vision that God has committed to his trust. We are all partakers of his grace.

I see a lot of men of God, ministers and intercessors hitching on to this train in these last days.

There are some of you preachers and teachers who have been skeptical previously…but in these last days you have known that you need to hitch on to this last train.
There is a mantle and grace coming on you to stand your ground in your nation and be the voice of righteousness.

Sow into the Loveworld to make sure that this gospel of the kingdom is going to preached as a witness to all nations.

On Gods prophetic calendar, we have minutes to save millions.

This voice He is using… There is a multiplication. We must flood this network with such resource. We must say “Pastor we are with you”.

This is to be the greatest day of giving this week.

When God tells you sow something, he us not just looking at his house, he is also looking at your house.

If you do what God is telling you to do, its going to be enough for His house and your house.

There is something about connecting with anointings.

You don’t get to choose who God connects you with in destiny. You only get to connect with it.

In God’s prophetic calendar, we have minutes to reach millions.
God is calling us to eat on another level. We have to start eating meat and stop feeding on milk.
There is an accuracy and understanding that the spirit of God is giving to ministers because the work of the dominion of the spirit of God in the earth will be accomplished by The spirit of God.

The Holy Spirit is hovering over the nations of the earth but nothing happens until God says. When God speaks, The Holy Spirit takes that word and brings to fruition what God has said.
It’s not about being right, it’s about accurate presentation of the Word and God’s purpose by The Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is called by Jesus The Spirit of Truth, not the spirit of facts!!!!!

Facts are changeable but truth is unchangeable!
It is important that we are speaking truths and not facts.

*John 17:7*
We are sanctified by The Word of Truth that we declare and decree.
The Rhema of God is The Word that you and I decree and declare.
For the legal reality to become the vital reality, someone has to declare it.
Judgement is coming but we are not now in the place where God is judging.
If The light that is in you be darkness, how dark is that darkness?
There is no judgement from God in the day of grace.
As His coming approaches, there will be distress in the nations – the scriptures told us.

*John 16:7-9*
The Holy Spirit is Jesus in the unlimited form in the now for you and me.
He will not move on that which is not The Word!
The conviction of sin is not the job of the preacher or the saint, it is the work of The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgement.
The only sin that The Holy Spirit will convict the world of is unbelief in Him.

The Holy Spirit will convict of righteousness is that Jesus is no longer on the earth. The Holy Spirit will show his righteousness through the saints to the unbelievers.

The Holy Spirit will convict of judgement, He will convince the sinner that the prince of this world has been judged – the devil that keeps them in bondage has been judged, there is an open way out of the prison if they choose to leave.

*The Holy Spirit, can undo 30yrs of Satan’s work in a minute, when The Word of God is preached in accuracy*.

*Luke 9:52-54*
You cannot imitate the old covenant prophets and do the work of a new testament preacher.

It is only when the word is preached in accuracy that The Holy Spirit can do his work in the hearts of men.

*John 5:22*
In church age, God the Father is not active in judgement in the earth.

*John 12:47*
The Father is not judging and the Son is jot judging.
It is the Word of God that will do the judging in the last day.
Wherever the Word is preached, determination is made

*Proverbs 22:2*
God has given principles in His word by which blessings and riches come upon people.
The word is a determinant, the word is judging, the word is causing the will of God to manifest.
Wherever the Word and the spirit of God is not operating, the curse has legal rights to operate.

*Genesis 1*
God did not bless the earth, God blessed the man and gave him the authority to bless the earth.

Romans 8:19.
What is happening now is not the judgement of God. It is the earth that is absent of his blessing.

Whenever the curse comes in propensity, the earth itself tries to shake it.

The earth is a living thing. Trees clap their hands. Blood has a voice when it hits the ground.

Revelation means something is there, but its not fully uncovered.

V21- This is not man, because Man is not an IT.
The creation is waiting to experience the same deliverance that you and I have experienced. It is waiting to be free from the curse of sin and death. But as long as the curse is activated, the earth with quake, the climate will change.
This is creation waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God.

Those that are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God.
The earth is waiting for people who have received Him and who know who they are; who aren’t moved by the news narrative, but know who they are. .

V22: when we see plagues and violence…it is not the Judgment of God is the creation waiting for the sons of God to say ‘Stop. This is how far you can go. No Further!’

When Jesus was woken up in the ship, he didn’t fret. He spoke to the winds and waves “Peace be still”.. That saying ” waves, that’s enough!”

Remember they asked “what manner of man is this?”
This is the kind of man that the new creation was made to be.

You were created to look at things out of order and say to it “That enough. That’s illegal. Stop it. You will not have my children. You will not have my business…”.

We are authorized and deputized to put creation back in Order.

Its time to do what the spirit has told you to do.

Sowing seed is something the Holy spirit directs the new creation to do.

The Holy ghost is saying ” do something that I can move on. That I can work on.” He is saying. “Stop it! That’s enough!”.

There is a mantle upon Gods people to speak this word of Grace and to see things come into proper alignment in their lives.

*Sow a seed into this network that is dedicated to absolutely proclaiming truth to the ends of the earth*.

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