Your Loveworld Specials | Season 3, Phase 1, Day 6 | Rev. Chris Oyakhilome

Glory to God!
So much to thank God for.
This past week, we had an amazing time with Bishop James Payne, Pastor Dan Willis, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Evangelist Mike Smalley.
Learning Gods word.
There was so much to gain and learn.

The most important part of Gods word is not just hearing it but responding to it because it was given for that purpose.

Many of you during the week were inspired to give. Don’t stop.
The word is in your heart. Respond to it. It wasn’t designed to make you give. It was designed to make you live the life God has called you to live. The giving is a part of it.

Our giving becomes a fruit of Righteousness. As we discuss today’s subject, you’ll catch it.

We are victors in Christ Jesus. There’s no doubt. We are winners.

I shared a few things with you yesterday and I told you I would continue today in explaining to you how we use the weapons of our warfare.

God doesn’t want any of us to be victims in life. The more you study the word, the more you discover that there’s no chance for weakness or defeat. The more you are convinced of the glory that should follow the sufferings of Christ.

*1 Timothy 2:1*
The expression in the beginning of the subject tells you it was a subject that was already introduced.
(Go back to 1 Timothy 1:17-18,19)
Verse 18 connects chapter 1 to chapter 2.
V 19. Parenthetical digression is what you find in the word ‘which’.

Chapter 2:1..
First of all, (in warring this good warfare), supplications, offering prayers, intercessions…

This covers all kinds of prayers that you pray for other people

1 Timothy 1:17
1 Timothy 2: 1

Ephesians 6:17-18
The kind of Rhema that he is dealing is not just the Rhema of speaking a blessing to yourself but a Rhema of War.

You don’t use a sword against yourself. It symbolizes judgment and that there is a readiness to attack.

We understand that the Rhema (sword of the spirit) had to do with a prayer or word of faith that we utter directed towards a situation, object, that we want to effect changes… And also against the forces of evil.

It is a militant expression when he says the sword of the spirit. It shows the militant nature of the exercise.

V18- I explained to you that it means… with every kind of prayer, at all times.
Jesus told us to watch and pray.
We have to be alert in the spirit all the time.

There are people who are not alert in the spirit and have your spirit attuned to God.
Praying in tongues positions your spirit for that readiness.

This prayer is not for you… its praying for others.

This connects to what he said in 1 Timothy 2:1.

For a long time, a lot of Gods people weren’t trained in this manner. And this is what brought the situation about.
So much of the church became concerned about their own things.. Their own agenda and vision.
Earthly things.

1 Timothy 2:1
First of all: Before you pray for your personal things, pray for all men.

If we do what God tells us to do, we will always get the results from Gods promises.

When things are going the wrong way, the question is “Did you do what God told you to do?”

First of all means, this is a priority in warring a good warfare.

As we lead souls to Christ, it becomes part of our foundational teaching.
Now that you are a child of God, understand that you are a soldier for Christ Jesus.
If they are not educated that way, they will not grow up that way.

Then we have a lot of Carnal Christians whom all they want is what they want to get in this life.

We have to recalibrate and reset our minds and begin doing the right things.

Thank God, a lot of us are. Since 2020.
But we shouldn’t stop.
Make no mistakes about it. The enemy is losing by the hour.

In 2020, we won more souls than ever before.

V2: In those days, the rulers were kings. It refers to those who were at the helm of affairs.

This brings heads of schools, hospitals, judges, Parliamentarians.

There is a guaranteed result if we pray that way.

If we want to have a quiet and peaceable life, he told us what to do.

Understanding the word of God is so important. When you pray on the basis of Gods word your faith is released and you get the results.
Otherwise, if you get results because unknowingly you pushed the right results, Satan can take it away from you.
(E.g. the lack of knowledge makes people give their lives to Christ again and again)

*James 5:16b*

The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much.

That part should have been another verse, so that the reference to that area would be complete.

The prayer of a righteous man… Not just prayers.
There is no such thing as prayers that work.
when you pray, God hears.

There are also prayers that God doesn’t respond to.

There are prayers where you are speaking words addressing devils… You wouldn’t be talking to God.

The prayer of a righteous man is effective.

Except you understand the doctrine of righteousness you cannot be effective in the warfare.

*Hebrews 5:13* KJV
Unskillful: inexperienced, ignorant. Not acquainted.

To be acquainted with something, you don’t just know, you have an experience with it.

Milk: refers to the fundamental, elementary principles of the doctrines of Christ. Just the basic things.

Hebrews 6:1
You’ve got to grow and move from that level.
*Move from having faith in God to Operating Faith. Get out of that Level!*

How did Jesus Deal with Satan?

The weapons of our warfare are all in words.
Even the prophetic words told us that Jesus had a sword in his mouth.
His words are the sword of the spirit and so are the words that come out of your mouth.

How can we therefore weaponize our prayers.?
These words are things that we use all the time.
We bless God and bless men. We sing worship.

So how do we weaponized our words so that they become the sword of the spirit?

Let’s see how Jesus dealt with the devil.

Remember in Joshua 6:20
Israel wanted to bring down the walls of Jericho as God had told them to.
Jericho had some of thickest walls at the time.

God showed Joshua how to win the fight and showed them what to do.

After the 7 day silent walk, on the 7th day, at the sound of the trumpet, they were to shout and the walls would come down flat.

This was Gods strategy for them.

The shouting wasn’t going to bring down the walls by itself.
God has angelic forces that also responds to the shout.
There is a physical and a spirited part.

Joshua 6:20
They shouted and the walls fell down flat

2 Chronicles 20:20
3 nations were invading. Judah was outnumbered and Jehoshaphat cried out to God.
God, by a word of prophecy, told them that the battle was not theirs.

V21: Jehoshaphat sent singers in front of the army. That’s unusual. But Jehoshaphat knew he wasn’t going to fight

The singing had something to do with it.

V23: They destroyed themselves. Wonderful!


You are going to be so prosperous. .

God said ‘I will shake the nations’. Something is happening. You are going to come out of this situation so rich, you will wonder “what am I going to do with all this wealth”.

All truth is parallel.
It means that in the financial world we are winning big time. The gospel shows us that the wealth of the nations belong to Jesus Christ. We won’t walk in lack but in abundance.
That’s what this is leading up to before we check out of this world victorious.

Acts 16:
Paul was arrested with Silas and they were put in Jail for preaching the gospel.
There were other prisoners in that same Jail.
V25- They probably had waited all day and no one had come to bring them out of Jail. But instead of whining, at midnight, they Prayed and sang praises unto God.

Remember the Israelites didn’t shout until the seventh day.
You don’t shout except for Joy.
When the Israelites went to the enemies camp, they were singing praises.
Now Paul and Silas who were in the worst situation in the prison prayed and Sang….and while they were praising God.. See what happens in Verse 26

V27: the keeper of the prison almost killed himself… Everyone knew it had to do with Paul’s singing… Because there was no earthquake in the city; only in the prison.

V29-33: The prisoner was in no doubt as to what led to the earthquake.
He asked for salvation.

Blessed be God.
It came out in words.
There’s power in our words.

Jesus encountered the devil in Matt 4:1
V3- the tempter is the devil.

Observe the words of Jesus. Here is a classic demonstration of the use of the doctrine of righteousness.
Paul told Timothy to make war with the prophecies that were spoken over his life.

Jesus was told to turn stones to bread
V4. What’s Jesus doing?

V5-6. Satan was telling Jesus scriptures. Same way some people quote scripture wrongly and say that plagues are meant to come in the last days.

V7- what is Jesus saying?
You would think Jesus was picking ‘scriptures to obey’ …like as if he was saying “this is what God is telling us to do instead of what you are saying”.
Some would interpret this to mean that Satan should not tempt God or tempt him.

Is Jesus quoting this scripture to say ‘this is what this scripture says I should do’. Or ‘no satan. This is what the law says’??

But No. That’s not what Jesus is doing there.

That’s why the doctrine of righteousness is so important.

Psalm 103:7
There was a difference between Moses and the children of God. Moses knew his ways… The Israelites knew his acts.

What was Moses thinking about the Law given to the children of Israel?

To the children of Israel, these were the Laws that had to be obeyed.

What did Moses think? Deuteronomy 32: 45-47.
This was what Moses thought about the Law. He said ” It is your life “. To him it was not a law but Life!

We are dealing here with a righteousness consciousness that’s so different.

What is Righteousness?
It is the Nature of God

Its so generically used that people don’t understand what it is because of the generic application.

It is Gods nature of rightness.
God is love. It is his nature to Love.

So we can say ” God is right”./
His ability to be and do Right. Only and always. It is Gods perfection, accuracy, and distinction in glory!

This righteousness is absolutely unattainable by man or any other creature.
In his benevolence, God inputs a kind of righteousness which is called Right standing.
He gives you Right standing.

To understand Right standing, ..

Have you heard of a certificate of Conformity. (A COC) it is issued by an authorized agency of government. Stating the the product meets the required standard. *What is curious is the title of the certificate*.
Then, you have a *certificate of Good standing*. It says that a company is properly registered in the state and legally allowed to transact business.
This is different from a registration of the company.
It shows that you are in good standing with the government so others can transact with you

There is a *certificate of Good conduct* which is supposed to be obtained from the police stating that you have no criminal record.

These certificates are being weaponized through their difficult transformation. E.g. now its no longer enough that there are no criminal records but have you been charged to court for any reason before.
Some have moved beyond the Judicial record. You are now supposed to qualify to have not had a problem.

In China, you have the social credit system. It is a surveillance system that access companies and individuals. Those that do well have high scores. Those that don’t do well have low scores and are eventually punished. So, its no longer enough for a citizen to just be a good person, but you must be conforming to the dictates of Governmental structures.

Right standing means you have conformed to all the legal requirements if that society… This is going to be further weaponized through the MRNA vaccines. Where the biochip will be implanted in a human person where he will not only be surveyed, but controlled.

This is the 3rd righteousness is what makes way for the 4th righteousness.

The church needs to understand this .

Tomorrow we continue.

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