Communion Service With Pastor Chris


We’re changing the world. He never asked us to pray for nothing.

Ephesians 1:21- KJV & Amplified & The Message

How Jesus is highly exalted… Right now and we are given His name to use. He rules from galaxies to nations. This is the Jesus in whose name we pray and use the power of authority. The highest title in this age and in the one to come. When we pray, something happens.

Leviticus 25:10

This month is the month of proclamation. It’s so powerful and I’ll be explaining to you. A proclamation is an affirmation made public. I want to take you into the bible.

Hebrews 13:5-6

This month, what God wants you to do is to make affirmations. What has he said about your life, your future… Our very salvation is based on our affirmation of his Lordship. The whole Christian life is based on affirmation of faith. Who are you talking to? Anybody and everybody, heaven and hell and whoever cares to listen. You must have the consciousness that others are listening. The Father hears, Angels hear, demons hear…. This is my beloved Son, hear ye Him… Living and non living things heard him, bread, fish…

Everything must hear us, as you speak, know that everything is hearing you. Whatever you say comes to pass… Every cell, bone, etc hears… Your body, your hear… It’s your month of proclamation. Without your affirmation of truth, you’re sunk. Your success, victory is dependent on your affirmation of the truth…

It’s not about how you feel but about what He says…. Every part of your body will comply to Him. Your lungs, kidney, every part of your body comply. They’re all hearing you. The elements are hearing you. Hallelujah. Time is hearing you. Joshua commanded time to freeze. The sun and the moon remained where they were until Joshua was victorious. You can’t lose. Everything was created to hear you. You’ve been brought into the Messiahnic community. That’s what church means. My goodness, that’s powerful.

Alright…. At this moment, talk to the Lord in prayer…. Make affirmation and faith proclamations….

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