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God always wants us to do the things that he tells us to do in the way that he wants us to do them, so we can have the full benefit of the instruction.
God loves us so much. It is always in our interest.
Timing is also important.
Do it at the time he wants us to do it.
God wants us to have the full reward.
You can be blessed in the fullness of the blessings.

Nehemiah 8: 10
This is on the Occasion when the Israelites gathered together and asked Ezra the Scribe to read the Book of the law to them. So he read to them what was in God’s book.
And when the heard the reading, the began to weep. They wept because they hadn’t quite obeyed God.
But while they were weeping and repenting, they Got this instruction that came from God to them.

God told them to go and Celebrate because this day in which they had assembled to hear the word was Holy.

They had understood the words declared unto them.

Nehemiah 12:43
They had built the walls and it was time to celebrate because the walls of Jerusalem had been built.

Romans 14:17
It’s not about the eating and the drinking. But there’s something more: righteousness, peace and Joy in the Holy ghost

Romans 5:11
You can Joy in God.

Galatians 5:22-23

1 Peter 1:7-8
Joy indescribable and full of glory.

This month of July is the month of Joy.

Everyday of this month, you must celebrate.
You are going to organize lovefeasts throughout this month.
Some of you will do it everyday, weekly etc.
I will leave that as the Pastor Directs.
Do the best that you can do

We will sing songs of thanks and praise to God.
Food and drink

All the extra, add it to the distributions to the poor.

Members can help in sponsoring the feasts but it should be the church that does the preparation.

Someone can say “I would like to sponsor the one for Tuesday, or Wednesday”…
Whatever you put together, the church should be responsible for cooking the food.
Individuals should not cook the food and bring to church.
Let the church be responsible.

The church will be responsible for the distribution as well.
Do not contract it to anybody outside.
Organize with your men and women in church.

This is Holy unto the Lord.

We will do this in the presence of God will songs and praise, prayers and testimonies to God.

This is a special 7th month of the year and God has a plan for us.

Thank God.
Praise Him
Honor Him.

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