Welcome to today’s program. It promises to be a great blessing to everyone of us.
Well, I’ve got some questions from several of you. I’ll just take a couple of them today cos we still have a lot of ground to cover.

Genesis 50:20-23 says Joseph lived 110 years and saw the third generation of Ephraim’s children. You taught us that a generation is 100 years. How did he do
this of he died at 110?
A biological generation is different from a Chronological generation.
What you were reading is a Biological generation. : Father, Great grandfather etc. Each set is a biological generation. Father to Son is one generation.
It is a chronological generation that is 100 years.

When studying the end time timeline is it important to note that the Jewish calendar is different from the Gregorian calendar year? Or is it negligible?
There are times when it is applicable and times when it is negligible.
The Jewish Calendar is 360 days per year. The Gregorian calendar (introduced in 1532) has 365 days and leap Years. When you add the leap years, you must note that the century years are not leap years.

When does judgement begin for the dead? Is it immediately after they die. Will they be somewhere in heaven just waiting for the great day of Judgement when
their works will be tested?.
We answered this some weeks ago. You can have access to the question and answer segments easily.

Are all sickness and disease from the devil? How do I differentiate it if it is not?
Must I always command the devils out or just encourage him or her to exercise his faith in Jesus Christ?
Jesus did both. Both are applicable.
We don’t pray to God to heal people. We heal people in the name of Jesus. We can recover people. God gives power to the sick after he is healed to Get up.

(Acts 3)
When we pray the prayer of faith, God raises him up. When I was giving you some of those dates… The very first date we cab discover in the bible is the 138th year of Adam. We had his cardinal age at the time right there.
The last date that we can calculate in the old testament is the year from Adam 3,565.
Daniel 9:26.
The first 7 weeks are 49 years.
The first year that we get revealed to us in the New Testament is 3,916; the date of Anna’s husband death
The Last date is the day of his ascension: 4,032.
In the new testament, Its amazing that with all the information we find, you can’t find these dates on your own except by referencing the old testament.
1 Thess 4:16
We have got to have our eyes on what the Lord had told us. Things that are so clear.
The Lord himself shall DESCEND FROM HEAVEN WITH A SHOUT!!…
Those who died in Christ will be raised first.
When you are born again, you are born into Christ. We are immersed into Christ.. This new environment. You become one with him.
They were in Christ at their death.
How loud will that shout be?
Some say that Paul thought it would happen in his day.
But reading the scripture, That wasn’t so. What else was he to say? He used the right language. He was talking to the. church. It should be the continual
confession of every generation.
We who are alive will be raptured. Christ, when he descends, will not come to the earth. We will meet him in the air. From then on, we will be with him always.
1 Cor 15:51
Everybody (Christians) is not going to die.
We shall all be changed (Alaso: Greek- To be made different)
V52: It will happen as fast as your eye twinkles.
The dead shall be raised and we shall be changed.
This is also what we read in 1st Thessalonians V53-54 (Rotherham’s Emphasized Bible 1902)
The WHEN is an indefinite WHEN in the Greek. It means ‘whensoever’ or ‘whenever’.
What’s being shared with us in this verse is so huge.
V51: It is a mystery.
God doesn’t just want us to prepare to go to Heaven. If that were all, he would have done things differently. He doesn’t plan for us to stay in Heaven for long. His
plan is for us to have a new earth. That’s the final destination..
We are not just here passing time on earth There is a Christian growth and development of the spirit that God wants us to have
There are many things to deal with in life. This current situation helps the christian to put to work that which he has imbibed from the word of God. God wants us to effect changes, not by praying to him, but by learning to act and live by his word.
Don’t be distracted by the things going on around you. The devil gets mad and he still wants you to know he’s out there; but you have power over him so don’t be moved.When you are born again, something literally transpires in the spirit. Something actually happens. Its like when you are born as a baby.
A birth has occurred. Something has happened. Something really really happened.
When you were born of your mother, you happened. You came into the world.
Same way, when you were born again, you were born into Christ. A new environment. A new life.
1 John 5:11.
God has given to us…he is not going to give us eternal life.
This life is in his son not in any religion.
V12: If you have the son of God, you have life. If you don’t have him, you don’t have life…regardless of your religion.
This is the hunger/desire of the Human spirit. What all men have always sought.
They’ve tried to get it in every religion possible and in science. But it is not available except in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Eternal life is the God kind of life. (Just as plant life, animal life, terrestrial and celestial life). If you have Jesus the son of God, You have eternal life.
The Human life is inconsistent with Gods life and righteousness.
You may strive for righteousness but you’d never attain it.
You can’t do righteousness unless you are righteous. That’s why God gave you his life which comes with his righteousness; his nature in your spirit.
V13: this was written to those who already believe in his name so that you will KNOW that you have eternal life. A lot of Christians don’t know that they have eternal life. If you don’t know you have it, you are going to live like you don’t have it.

A lot of the songs that many Christians sing… E.g. lead me to the rock that are higher than I.
These negative songs are robbing Christians of their effectiveness. Your songs and prayers have an effect on the quality of your life. It affects your faith. A lot just sing songs because it sounds nice. They don’t know what to do with the songs.
Some songs come from people who don’t know the word. And if you keep singing them, you gradually lose your faith. You find yourself begging.
When you know the word, there are A LOT of songs you will not be singing
(“Let your living water flow over my soul… “. From where??? Where is it going to
flow from? The bible says “out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water”… ).

.think for how long whole congregations have been lost singing the wrong songs.
God through the word is washing away such blemishes from the church.
All the things he told Us to do, we are telling Him to do.
E.g. God is not going to make a way where there is no way. He said He is the way..for the sinner… Not your way now that you are in Christ.
In the book of Acts, he calls us THE WAY now.
Until you know these things, your life will be going up and down.
Read the words of Job friends. They sounded nice but God said they had nor spoken of him that which was right.
They don’t know that they have moved out of the world. They think they are still in the wilderness.
Some have been taught ‘the wilderness experience of the Christian’….Then everybody is expected to have such in Christ. But NO. There are no wilderness
experiences for those in Christ.
1 John 3:1-2
God has lavished his love in abundance upon us.
Jesus was the son of God and they didn’t know him NOW, not later. NOW are we the sons of God.
In our outward appearance we don’t look like we are going to be…but we know we will be changed to look like him in glory at the rapture.
But NOW, in spirit and in quality, we are absolutely like him.
1 John 4:17- As he is, so are we in this world. We are not going to be terrorized or afraid. We have boldness because of this.
It is not something we fast and pray for. You became exactly like him when you became born again.
A child has the same nature and life as the parents. But we need to grow to do the things that adults do.
As you grow you find that the things you thought were difficult are actually so easy.

Rotherham’s translation 1 Cor 15:54
But Whensoever the mortal shall clothe itself with immortality…then, shall be brought to pass the saying that death has been swallowed up victoriously.
Mortality shall be swallowed up. When we received eternal life, we received
immortality. We have it in the now. With the word of God, we grow in the metamorphosis of the Christian person
These changes can be taking place as you grow in Christ, if the Lord tarries. The more divine you become…because mortality has been swallowed up. The highest kind of prayer is so important. When the spirit takes over. Groaning in the Holy ghost. You come to the point where you cannot speak in your language.
Its just deep sighs on and on. At that time, the holy ghost is ministering through you.
With that prayer, everything is set on course. Things start falling into place. All things work together for your good because the holy ghost is helping you now.
2 Cor 5:1-2
V3: referring to the nakedness of the human spirit.
V4: this tabernacle is the flesh.
This is not talking of the rapture. This is the desire of the human spirit to be manifested as the son of God.
We groan in our bodies. Wanting to experience the extraordinary; the flow of Gods life which we have received.
There is a desire but we must give it expression by groaning in the spirit.
Its about Putting on Christ: being swallowed up in Christ such that when you come it is Christ that is seen. When you speak it is Christ that is heard.
That becomes the desire of your life above anything else.
Christ in you is your salvation.
Christianity is YOU in Christ. That’s your Christian walk.
If any man be IN CHRIST. Christ is your new environment. You are living in him. Your daily walk should be in him.
When I listen to any conversation, I listen in Christ. My options are from Christ’s perspective. And you carry that environment everywhere you go.
Romans 13:14.
Wear Jesus like a suit.
Gal 3:27. Put on Christ.
Walk like that; as a man in Christ.
2 Tim 1:9-10
Jesus abolished death and brought life and immortality to light. Authentic Christianity is far removed from Religion.
This amazing grace of God was in his mind from the beginning of time. He unveiled immortality in the gospel of Jesus. It is not about going to heaven or about life after death (that was already happening before Jesus came: e.g. Elijah,
Moses. Where were they all those many years?)
Immortality is not referring to what was there before.
This is that men may live the life and nature of God here in the earth.
We shall not all sleep. But we shall be changed. You had better start your own change right now.
Roms 12:1- He is referring to our Body now.
V2: Renewing: a renovation. Bringing new thoughts from God to replace your old ideas. Some Christians still speak and reason the same way they were before they became born again. They were Marxists before and they still talk that way.
Transformed: Metamorphosis. A transformation from one level/form to another …so noticeable
The word of God transforms and renovated you. A renewal of your mind is how that happens through the word of God.
The word ‘Prove’ means to ‘test for approval’. He is addressing you like you are a customs officer and you are standing and making sure that contraband does not pass through. When your mind is renewed you know the will and purpose of the Father so you ensure that it is his will and purpose that is done in the earth If it is not classified Good. Acceptable. Perfect. You are not going to let it happen..this is because you ate not thinking like a political member. Your thoughts are ‘what does God want?’
Philippians 1:9
What Knowledge: The Epignosis of God.
You come to the point where you know that God doesn’t want you to allow
anything inconsistent with his will because that’s why he placed you there: to do something about it.
You become discerning.
You don’t vote for someone because you like or dislike him BUT because the Father wants it this way, you vote that way.
In voting, a lot of times, the election does not matter. It is not enough. Just because majority voted doesn’t mean that the person gets to office. It happens all around the world. In some places the results never come out. In some countries, the elections are for the best ‘rigger’. The system has been hijacked.
That’s why you have to operate and shift things in the realm of the spirit.
Because the other guys are doing something in the satanic realm also. Some of them are fasting and fellowshipping with Lucifer.
When the king of Moab offered his son, He won the battle against Israel. He offered the more terrible sacrifice and Gods people withdrew.
Its about spiritual sacrifices. What are you ready to give to make a change. A lot of Christians don’t know that we are in a spiritual warfare.
It doesn’t matter what the situation is, you can rise above it.
Phil 1:9
Are you discerning the times, the truth? Are you becoming more discerning? Are you using Google?
You don’t expect the same people who caused the problem in the world to give a solution.
You approve things that are excellent. Don’t approve nonsense. Don’t allow things that are not meant to happen happen.
Why we are doing this is because we are sincere and without offence. (The quality of your spirit causes you to say the right things)
You’ve got to develop your human spirit. At the end of the day, that’s what Satan is after.
When we break off today until the next phase, what do you do in between? There should be a lot of praying.
Don’t mind those showing you figures saying there is a resurgence of the virus.
They cannot prove that the deaths were due to covid. Most dies from other lethal conditions.
The covid testing is a fraud and we have several proofs so far that it is.
It is my prayer that the various governments that are engaged in it will stop.
Its going nowhere. It means nothing. .how many people can you isolate? Imagine 5 million people being infected, Where will you put them? Prison?
This is a fraud organized by the deep state. (They don’t calk themselves deep
state. They are described thus because if their activities and they manipulate from any side). That’s why we need to pray because they have destroyed governments
and leaders.
E.g. in the UK, they sent soldiers in the streets, knocking on doors and telling
people to test for Covid. Trying to tell people that the army is on their side.
Don’t be surprised at what’s happening in Europe. The worst dictators have been from Europe. The highest taxes are there too. What’s the Government saying?
You are our slaves. Its not really the government. Its the hand in the glove.
The one we pray to, brought down Egypt, Medo-persia, Babylon, Assyria, Rome…
He tells us that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal.
This is the confidence that we have in him that we ask anything according to his will. He hears us. .
With him, We are fearless and invincible.
During this period until the next phase, Prayer should be made without ceasing.
Get your family together, friends and Pray.
The forces that we are up against have been doing these things for a long time.
This is the first time they are being resisted like this.
They are responsible for the poverty in the world, frustration of currencies, destruction of lives.
This has gone on for ages.
They say ‘there is nothing you can do’
But there is a God in heaven and he hears prayer.
There is something God can do, and he is the one we are calling.
They are not gods. They think they are, but they are not.
Look at the millions of people who are dying when they shouldn’t. Shutting down the governments.
They don’t care. They have the money. They tell you, “You can go to blazes’.
But in the Bible, God talks about them, so we too can talk about them in His name.

God has put words in out mouths to speak and things will happen. Their financial
fortresses will be brought down.
We know how to pray.

Something is going to happen in the UK very soon.
Its not something a lot of people are going to like Give time to prayer.
He instructed that if we do, we will have a quiet and peaceable life in all honesty.
Let’s do what he told us to do and expects results.
Salvation Call.
Our next phase will be from 26th – 31st of October 2020