I’d like to welcome you to today’s program.
I trust that the spirit of God will minister to you in a very special way.
Your life cannot rise above the Level of your knowledge.
You can’t live beyond your knowledge of God.
Such knowledge (spiritual knowledge and understanding) is so vital and all that only comes from God, through the Holy spirit.
So, As we share the word of God with you, receive it with your spirit. Let the spirit of God minister it into your heart.
Last night i began to explain some things to you, in 7 reasons to understand the church age in between Daniels 69th and 70th week and how long that period is
Can it be definite? Yes, to the extent of the information given us from the word of God.
God doesn’t want us to be ignorant. He really wants us to have his timing and work with it.
There are people who believe that Gods ways are mysterious. But when you study the bible, he is not as described by so many.
He gives us so much understanding and knowledge.
He so wants us to know.
Jesus said ‘all things I have heard from my Father, I have shared with you’.
He wanted them to know.
He said ‘I have more to tell you but you can’t receive it know but she the spirit of truth is come, he will guide you into all truth’
‘Ye are my friends and I have showed you what I have heard from my father’.
Jesus wants us to know the father’s plan.
He said, to the world, these would be mysteries. But to you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom
(Matthew 13: 11)
What a gift! How precious this is!.
God wants us to know the mysteries but the world will hear them in parables.
7 Reasons
1. Jesus said He, the Messiah would not return to Jerusalem until the repentance of Israel.
It is clear he was leaving and he would be coming back and there would be a gap between when he left and when he came back.
From the edict of Cyrus till the birth of Christ was 480 years.
The edict was given 517, Jesus was 3999 from Adam same as 4BC
So we look at what Jesus said
Matthew 23:37
Jesus lamented over Jerusalem.
This was a spiritual desolation. Jesus pronounces this.
Jesus is leaving. And I explained to you yesterday with the fig tree. He said to the dresser ‘ Cut it down’. God gave that instruction. He was speaking spiritually.
He saw no fruit for 3 years. God sent Jesus and the 3 Years of ministry produced no fruit. They rejected him.
The ministry ran from 27AD/year 4029 to 4032/30AD.
V39- 24:1
Jesus departed from the Temple.
He is not coming back to the Temple for a long time
The disciples wanted to show Him the beauty of the Temple and Jesus told them that the Temple would be terribly destroyed.
V2- 3.
Jesus gave them the signs from verse 4..
But in verse14, he gives a very major sign.
When he was telling them of the other signs, he said ‘but the end is not yet’
but he got to this one and said ‘and then shall the end come.
24:32- 33. He said ‘when you see things, know that it is near’.
2. He said He would return immediately after the Great Tribulation.
When does the tribulation start?
How long is it?
How can we know when it starts?
Are there signs?
Dan 9: 27.
This is the 70th week of Daniels prophecy. Remember there is a gap after the 69th week.
Daniel gives a sign for WHEN THAT WEEK STARTS.
“He shall confirm the covenant with many for one week”.
That’s when the Antichrist signs the peace treaty to guarantee the peace of Israel. He breaks the treaty at the middle of the 7 years
Daniel 12:1
The Angel Gabriel is giving this revelation to Daniel
‘At that time’… It is a special time.
‘The time of trouble’ is referring to the tribulation.
Matthew 24:29
How long is the tribulation?
Matthew 24:21
These are the same things Daniel said about the tribulation.
Don’t plan on being here. It’s going to be very very hard.(v22)
Man is programming himself for ultimate destruction.
I read to you what will also be happening as a response from Heaven as a result of that period.
I read to you from Revelation of the Judgements that will be sent to this world.
It will be a very terrible time. Don’t plan on being here.
How long is this?
Is the period of 7 years determined?
What does God want us to get out of this?
Daniel 7: 25
(Mark that expression. We will come back to it.)
Daniel 11:29-
When you study the book of Daniel, you will come across prophetic words,
some of which have been fulfilled. Some others coming in future. And he doesn’t announce it to you. You have to read it with understanding of the spirit and see what he is telling you.
E.g. when Antiochus offered a pig in the temple, many thought it was the abomination that brings desolation… But it didn’t fulfill what Daniel said.
Jesus himself referred to that prophecy as Futuristic. Not what was already done in the past.
So that quickly dispelled such ideas.
Same way, when you read chapter 11, you will see certain things that have already been fulfilled.
You have to read not with the understanding of History but of the spirit.
Ships of Shittim : Cyprus/ Area of the Mediterranean that depicts Europe.
Chaos in the world is going on at this point.
The Antichrist is finding himself isolated, yet with so much power.
Just like what is happening right now
There are .any in the WHO who don’t agree with the whole Covid structure
and believe they are being deceived and are so angry.
But the perpetrators of the evil have connected with so much money to silence the dissenters.
Big Tech is silencing dissent. They refuse to let your voice be heard. A lot of censorship. After sucking everybody into their platform and making you believe in their platform. Horrible!
In those days, this will also happen.
(These ones have not yet been given that power until after the church is raptured. God gives us the responsibility of prayer and spiritual authority so that they don’t do a phase 1 on us)
V30: He will work with Backslidden people.
Just like now… Who were those they connived with to close down churches?
Christians! Whose hearts have not really been after God.
V31- He already told you about this earlier.
V32- .
This will be happening in the world after the rapture of the church; in the first part of the 7 year treaty.
There are Jews that would befriend him.
Does Israel not know that Covid is a fraud? They know the Lockdown was a
(See screen with Israeli Doctors that say the Lockdown is a fraud)
It’s not only Israel. So many other countries.
V32- It is those who are not walking in line with God that the Antichrist
deceives. He corrupts them with flatteries and many have bought the flatteries. Some have nice looking masks to match their dresses. Its INSANE!
It doesn’t matter how nice and fashionable it is.
V33: Trouble is coming.
V33The amount of deception of those days will be great.
Many are deceived today
Mr. Redfield of the CDC said ‘the mask is more protective from the virus than the vaccine’.
Deception! Flatteries!
Mark the expression “THE TIME OF THE END”
It’s a recurrent theme in the prophecy of Daniel.
It’s in the future, not in history.
V36. .”..Till the indignation be accomplished… “.
There is a time of indignation. A time of anger. Its at the time of the end.
We read in Revelation 5-6/chapter 18, the horrible things that would happen.
V37: This is the only verse for which reason people think the Antichrist could be a Jew. But it doesn’t matter now. You can be a Jew and be a Russian, or An African Jew, etc. It doesn’t really matter whether he is a Jew.
Jesus said ‘…another one will come in his own name and him shall ye receive..”
V38: Military Might.
V40- “at the time of the end…” Again.
Look at this: so much chaos, and nations are daring to take on the Antichrist but it would be too late to fight back.
(Read in Amplified version)
See 2 Maps on screen
Observe where Edom, Moab and Ammon is.
They are all in current Jordan.
He is telling you that Jordan will not be touched. God will preserve Jordan for Israel to escape to during the desolation …to the mountains of Jordan.
V42-44 AMP
He will get Egypt.
CHINA (east) AND RUSSIA (north) will disturb him.
V45- He will move his Headquarters fully into Israel.
What does the bible mean by ‘with no one to help him’?
Some Bible scholars say he will get all the nations to join him against God.
But that’s not really what the bible says.
Some nations will come to Israel with the intention of fighting him. The Antichrist has angered the whole world, and they a polarised in sections. He isn’t really getting them as allies.
At the point when they all turn to fight Jesus from Heaven, it is actually, all man for himself, against God. Not necessarily fighting FOR the Antichrist
Jesus will Judge the nations when he returns. (That hasn’t happened)
Daniel 12:1-
v5-6: The question is asked here ‘How long shall it be till the end of these wonders’?
We know it will start at a certain point.
V7: A time, times and an half. Here is the answer.
Revelation 12:1-7,14
V6: 1, 260 days.
V14: a time, times and half a time.
Remember that this woman was not a real woman. She was a sign given in a vision.
The woman is Israel. This is the desolation of Jerusalem. They fled to the mountains of Moab. (Today, Jordan has peace with Israel. The ground has been prepared already)
Revelation 11:1-
V2: The Gentiles were given the court if the Temple for 42 months.
Jerusalem would be under siege.

42 months x 30days= 1,260. Approximately 3 and half years. A time, Times,
and half a time.
It’s exactly the sane amount of time spoken about.
Rev 11:2-3
The 2 witnesses will prophecy for exactly 1, 260 days. Same amount of days.
Dan 7:25, Rev 13:5 (same amount of time)
Dan 8:17-19- This has been fixed by God and will not be changed. So we might as well study it since it is determined.
Joel 3:1-2 God is the one Pulling the nations together to take action against them for how they treated Israel.
Whenever you read the words of Jesus, remember he was God in the flesh.
No word from him was Empty. His words were full of power and prophecy.
In Matt 23, he lamented over Jerusalem.
In chapter 24, he showed them signs.
In 25, he talks of the Judgement of the nations.
But in the next chapter 26_ He speaks as though out of context.
Matthew 26:1…
He just made that point and left it off. How could it be so disjointed and out of place. .doesn’t connect with what he was saying and what comes next ?
Because Jesus is pointing at something.
Matt 26:2. (The feast of) is not in the original manuscript.
After 2 days is the passover.
Jesus is saying something to them that is connected to what he has been talking about and is connected to the future.
Exodus 12:1-
V8 they eat the flesh with BITTER HERBS. WHY?
Every time they had a commemoration of the passover, they had the bitter herbs to remind them of something.
When you eat something bitter, you don’t want to eat it again. You don’t forget it.
V11- you are about to eat something, and you are told ‘get dressed; eat in haste’.
God gave told Moses to do this and said they must observe it every year.
V12: This is the Lords Passover. He will pass through the Land and execute Judgement against the Egyptians AND their gods.
V13- passover is actually a time of Judgement.
Now let’s understand something about what Jesus said.
Passover was to he celebrated every year until what it actually means. all of this was a shadow of what was to come.
Matt 24: 29-30, Joel 3:15-17 (talking about the same thing)
Zechariah 12:8-9-10. Now you understand the Bitter herbs. He comes out as their savior in the midst of the war. Jesus shows up to Deliver them.
When he does and they see it is Jesus. Instead of shouting for Joy, they will week and cry, because they didn’t believe in him all that time..and now he is the one coming to save them.
Same way the Angel of death passed through Egypt is how judgement will pass through the earth at that time
4. The Samaritan
Matthew 20:1-2
Jesus was teaching a long sermon… And the story of the Samaritan came at the same time. So it was with details that they were supposed to already have.
Parable of the Samaritan
Luke 10:30-
This was a traveler on foot. A wayfaring man.
The Samaritan poured him oil and wine (symbols of the spirit).
V35- He gave him 2 pence. He told him exactly when he was coming back.
A day’s pay was a penny.
He said he would return after 2 days.
-The wayfaring man is the church
-Church Jerusalem to Jericho… The church began On a dangerous journey from Jerusalem to Jericho (a winding road known to be attacked by
thieves….false teachers)..
Samaritan: Christ.
Binding his wounds: The word and the spirit
2 pence: 2 days
The prophecy of Hosea.
Hosea 3:4
When was the last king of Israel? A long time ago. Before Babylon. Up till now, they don’t have a king.
V5: it would happen ‘in the latter days’.
Hosea 5:15 prophetic of Jesus.
When he wept over Jerusalem. He departed but he will return to his place.
In the Israelites affliction in those last days, they will seek him early.
Hosea 6:1-2.
After 2 days, he will revive us.
There will be a 2 day period
There will be a massive revival
In the 3rd Day, He will raise us and we will live in his sight.
See 2 Peter 3:1-8
One day is with the Lord as a thousand years
This is not ordinary talk.
(See Psalm 90: 4.)
Peter emphasised this vice versa.
A is equal to B and B is equal to A. Meaning, it’s an absolute.
Having that in mind, it tells us what Hosea the prophet was saying.
Hosea 6:2.
The Grand Passover is after 2000 years.
He is coming back after 2000 years.
The 3rd day is the millennium. Jesus will reign from JERUSALEM.
The fourteenth Generation:
An interesting thing in the Babylon
The 14th Generation from the carrying away from Babylon is hidden in Christ.
Matthew 1:17
He gives Us the names of the various generations in an order chosen by the spirit of God.
Some names you would have expected to see were not there.
From Abraham to David, there are 14 generations.
From David to the carrying away to Babylon, there are 14 generations.
And from the carrying away to Babylon to Christ are 13 and not 14.
Was there an error or exaggeration?
No. He put them there for us to count them.
Because its another sign.
Isaiah 53:9
This was a messianic prophecy.
The word death should read DEATHS.
Jesus died 2 deaths on the cross (spiritually when mans sin was laid on Him, then he died physically)
V10- he shall see his seed. He shall prolong his days.
Christ would have seed through which he would prolong his days
That’s how he is number 13 and number 14.
Matt 1:17- When he was numbering them, Jesus was number 13 …but he prolonged his seed as the 14th generation.
Psalm 22: 14
A messianic psalm.
It shows his excruciating experience on the cross.
V16- dogs were Romans/the uncircumcised
V17-18 Do you remember the soldiers cast lots for his garments
V22: this is Jesus .
V30: A seed shall serve him; it shall be accounted to the Lord for a
generation (the 14th generation).
This prophecy was given a thousand years before it happened.
This is really huge!
What this takes us into…so we can analyse.
He tells us when to start counting the last three and half years.
From then on til the millennium, he gives us the exact number of days.
To understand this means a lot to Gods church.
Why will there need to be a rapture at all?
Why would there need to be one?
I really hope that we can do that tomorrow by Gods special grace.
What we are trying to do is to locate our position, what’s happening in the world and how we should respond.
Prayer of Salvation