I’m confident of this very thing
That he who has begun a good work in you
He shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

Hossana, Hossana, Hossana in the highest
Lord we lift up your name
With our hearts full of praise
Be exalted oh Lord our God
Hossana in the Highest

We are going to change the beginning part of the song.
Hossana means ‘come save us’
That’s what the Jews will sing in the final part of the tribulation.

Phil 1:6
Welcome to today’s program.
A lot is loaded in today.
By Gods grace we will go far enough if we don’t finish.
No matter what the world is looking like today, be excited about the work of the Holy spirit in your life today and in the church.
Know that he is programming us for absolute success in victory
Jesus said ‘cheer up. I have overcome the world’
Don’t be downcast or sad. Rejoice.
We are living in his victory; walking in his steps.
We are not trying to defeat the devil. He already did that for us and gave us the victory over them.
So be excited. You are winner.
The word is to help you live the life he has given you/the victory he has accomplished for you and exercise the authority he has given you. you’ve got to use it.
Yesterday, I mentioned a word that I want to talk about; what it implied in the scriptures.
The word was INDIGNATION.
Its referring to the wrath of God.
The sins of the world were paid for by Jesus. He paid the full penalty for all sin.
BUT, not everyone has accepted his sacrifice. Not everyone has accepted his offering
Scripture says..
While we were yet without strength, in due time, Christ died for the ungodly.
Oh the power and glory of that simple word…. “While we were yet sinners”.
He didn’t do it because we were good or did something nice. Our actions never deserves that but he loved us. Christ died for the ungodly
It tells us how God loved the world of men.
He didn’t die for Christians. He died for those who hated him.
It will give you different mindset about the world, those who hate you, who persecute you
In fact, he says we should pray for them
He didn’t say we should call fire to burn them. But he says to bless them.
He said you should be like your heavenly father who makes the rain Falk on the wicked and the righteous.
If after everything, men reject salvation that Jesus brought; they will not accept the sacrifice of his blood. There is no other way.
God knew the gravity of the offence and the Judgement it deserved and He sent Jesus to save us from the Judgement. That he should be judged in our place.
The bible says ” how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation “.
I’m asking you, if you neglect the salvation Jesus brought to you, How are you going to escape?
There is NO OTHER NAME under heaven by which men must be saved.
Neither is there salvation in any other.
Be not deceived. Don’t think that somehow you may be saved in any other way.
Look at it.
Acts 4:12
Outside of Jesus, do you know any promise of salvation that God has authenticated or approved?
Jesus was proved to be Gods son by his resurrection from the dead Do you know someone else who resurrected?
John 14:6
Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life. Notice the definite article.
He didn’t say I am “one of the ways ”
He is THE TRUTH. THE life.
Do you have an option? Do you know better?
Understand why we are sharing the word like this. There is just no other way.
Luke 21:5-..
V8: Jesus starts giving them the signs.
He knew he was going away and because of that, many would come saying ‘I am the Christ’.
They know he will return that’s why the disciples asked about the sign.
V9: even if you hear about wars, the end is not close.
V20: this is where we should slow down and read
They had heard the prophets talk about the desolation if Jerusalem. Daniel, Joel and Isaiah talked about it.
They knew it was coming.
(You don’t find verse 20 in Matthew and Mark)
V21- They will flee to the Mountains of Moab (Jordan)
V22: Vengeance!!!!
We know he is referring to the distant future. Everything had to be fulfilled.
(Dan 9:24- everything will come to an end)
V23: Wrath means Indignation. Notice he said ‘against THIS PEOPLE” not against ALL people. (Always notice what the bible says and doesn’t say.
Know information in the bible and not speculation or assumptions. Its good to know the word of God; exactly what it says. Prophecy comes with
prophetic language. It comes with mysteries. It takes the same spirit of prophecy to interpret the mysteries)
V24… We are still in the tines of the gentiles. It will continue until the end of Daniels 70th week. (Dan 9:24. ). It is 70 weeks that must be accomplished.
Until the end of it, Jerusalem will not be reclaimed by God.
Jesus calls it his city. He says “My City”.
Its like the Garden of Eden, God gave Man all the trees of the garden but told him not to eat one.
Same way, Jerusalem is his. He will take action against anyone that tries to divide them.
The Last Temple Discuss.
The ‘Olivet discuss’ is the one Jesus had with his disciples at the Mount of Olives.
Same way. The ‘Temple discuss’ is the conversation in the temple.
Matt19:1- He leaves Galilee
He heads toward Jerusalem.
Matt 20:17-19
3. He goes through Jericho
Matt 20:29-
He arrives at Bethpage near Jerusalem.
This was where he sent for the donkey.
Matt 21:1-3
Jesus enters Jerusalem Matt 21:10-11 (start from verse 1)
The whole city was moved.
This His final outreach to Israel as their king. He comes as the scripture already spoke about him. What a sign from heaven!
Even the disciples didn’t catch it at the time it was later on they understood that prophecy was being fulfilled.
V8-9The common people, the beggars and outcasts knew.
They were expecting him to save them from the Romans.
Why did the leaders hate that? Because they had nice political positions and wanted to keep their place.
Jesus enters the temple
Matthew 21:12-14
The blind and lame never got healed with the Pharisees, but when Jesus came to the Temple, they for healed.
He goes out of the city to lodge in Bethany. He refused to sleep in the city.
Matthew 21:17
V18- He returned to the city in the morning.
V19- Jesus talked to the tree. Think what else we can talk to.
(Luke was a doctor. Matthew wasn’t. When Luke wrote, he gave us details.
He related it to health and healing.
Matthew doesn’t give us those details. He gives you the truth. Mark tells us when Jesus talked to the tree, the disciples heard it..and nothing happened…
But it was the next day they discovered it withered. However, Matthew said ‘presently, the tree withered. Don’t be moved by things that happen when
you speak. Be like Matthew. When you tell that cancer to die, it dies PRESENTLY.)
V23- 25
Jesus returns to the Temple. He taught in the Temple. The Pharisees came to intimidate Jesus because they had report him that he drove away the money changers.
V25-27: The Pharisees never believed John the Baptist when he was around, to protect their political position.
I’ve just taken you through an interesting Journey that takes you somewhere.
The political leaders were questioning Jesus authority.
Jesus starts speaking to everybody.
V31-32: The Pharisees and Leaders where standing there when Jesus made this statement. Imagine how this would make them mad.
There are 2 very significant Parables in the Temple discuss.
Remember, from chapter 19, we followed the Journey and we come to his last attempt to reach the leaders and the nation.
We had a crusade many years ago and I asked a friend to preach. After he preached on the Love of God in a place that was thick with idolatry. He gave an altar call and NO HAND came up. Not even a child. I was stunned. He pleaded and spoke and explained. But no one even tried to come forward.
I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was speaking in tongues and pacing.
I came up the platform, took the microphone and began to preach on the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the flood of Noah. From one Judgement to the other. … Before I could finish the altar call, EVERYBODY came out. They rushed to the front.
I think that’s what Jesus was trying to do here. He had healed them, blessed their children ,etc but they still wouldn’t listen.
God is love, but he is loving Us for a reason. He is saving Us from something.
Another parable…
V40- Jesus was asking them.
V42- He led them to one of the messianic psalms.
43- This is Huge! This is Jesus speaking. This is God in flesh telling them what’s going to happen. Pronouncing Judgement and bringing Finality to it.
Jesus authenticated these writings.
Psalm 118:19-24
This is very significant.
He brings the church into focus here.
The Bible says we are a chosen generation… A holy nation that brings forth the fruits of the kingdom of God.
Ps 118:19- 20.
These are prophetic words.
The righteous enter the gates in Christ after his resurrection
Acts 13:32
PS 118:24: what day was it? The day that the gates were opened to the righteous.
John 20:17
After Jesus was raised from the Dead, Mary was looking for Jesus body at the cave where he was laid. She saw 2 angels and didn’t really pay them attention while she was crying. She lamented that people had stolen Jesus body.
She saw another man and supposed she was the gardener.
When he called her by name, She recognized his voice. But he said “don’t touch me yet. I have not yet ascended to my father”.
V17: He now calls his disciples His brethren.
He was ascending to his Father.
You can get the best understanding of this when you read the synoptic gospels along with John.
Jesus is getting ready here as the Lord High priest.
When the High Priest was going into the most Holy place you don’t touch him.
(Hebrew 9:12).
Psalm 24:7-8
Who is this king of glory?
This is the Lord High Priest. .
Jesus in spirit had gone to Hell.
V7: what gates were these? The gates of Hell cannot be called everlasting doors.
“the king of glory shall come in” … Not, go out.
Isaiah 26:2. Remember Jesus said a nation that’s bringing forth the fruits of the kingdom, who keep the truth.
V20: Its a period of transition.
Until the indignation be over past
So, who are these people?
No its not Israel: why? Because they run to the mountains of Moab during the indignation, not hide in their chambers.
Revelation 12:6, 14 – The woman is hiding from the serpent that’s out to destroy her.
Matthew 24:15 & 16
Revelation 12: 14-17
There are some who are still elsewhere: The remnant of her seed who didn’t flee to the mountains.
There is persecution of the Jews and anyone who keeps the testimony of Jesus Christ.
With all of these? Where is the church?
Isaiah 26:20
When you see doors or door, they mean the same thing. Same as Gate/Gates.
When you read the bible, he tells us.
These 7 years is a sign for us in describing the times.
Revelation 4:1 This was AFTER Jesus rebuke and exhortation to the churches.
A door was opened in Heaven. .afterwards means after the church’s work on earth.
The church is being protected from the indignation in heaven.
This is the rapture of the church.
Heaven has an open door at that moment.
Till the indignation is past.
Rev 5:2… Chapter 5 opens with the sealed book in the hands of One sitting on the throne.
Dan 9:26-27
He gives us another date.
Daniel 12:11.. From the time that the daily sacrifice is taken away.
There would be 30 days before they act on the Law taking away the Levitical priesthood.
Dan 12:
30 days before the enactment. Something happens. From those 30 days, you have 1,260 days.
Then the last 45 days, angels gather the Jews from the end of the earth
So you have…
At the end of that, the millennium starts.
Revelation 6:1-2- This is the Antichrist revealed at the beginning of the 7 year period.
V3-4: This is happening in the FIRST three and half years. It will be a terrible time for the world.
The global trouble begins during the first 3 and half years, but from the
middle, the GREAT TRIBULATION focuses on Israel.
At the first 3 and half years, the Antichrist will be known. His policies, messages will be Antichrist… But people will be deceived, that is why he is on a white horse.
V4: No more peace in the earth. Meanwhile, the Antichrist came as a man of Peace.
What a world would this be?
This will be immediately after the rapture of the church.
V5-6: This is really terrible because with this comes, Famine. Inflation.
Things become so expensive.
V7-8. Pale is ‘Cloros’ which means Green. The Horse would be Green. People will welcome it.
(The Green new deal will produce exactly what the bible says in this place.)
They will think a lot of people will have Jobs. Etc. Those who are championing the cause of the Green new deal never read it. But if you study it, you will see there is a lot wrong with it. It will create joblessness.
God already gave us a sign by telling us there is a Green Horse.
The name of the rider is called DEATH and HELL followed with him. One quarter of the earth would follow this demon.
Go to Europe, they are championing this cause.
What they are waiting for is November 3rd.
If Trump doesn’t win, they will be shouting loud in all those nations where the green new deal is prepared and endorsed. They don’t even know what’s
Part of that deal stops a lot of eating of meat. They would advocate for humans to stop killing animals.
Look at these seals. All of these would take place in the first 3 and half years.
You don’t want to be here!!!!!
From Adam to Christ is 3999 years
From Adam to the crucifixion of Christ is 4032 years
We are 2020 years right now from their AD (which counts from 1).
30AD is where the church started from. Same as Year 4032 from Adam
We are given 2 days; 2000 years. .
That takes you to 2030 as maximum time limit.
If you look at 2030, they prophecies we saw in those 7 years.
If we add 7 years if becomes 2037. It falls within the fig tree generation.
In 2018, it was 70 years from Jews coming together as a nation
The significance of 70s.
The desolation of the temple
70 weeks of years where Israel Will have no king according to Hosea.
70 years after 1948, Jerusalem is recognized as capital. Several presidents promised Jerusalem as capital but couldn’t accomplish it because it was not time until Trump.

The indignation concerns not just Israel but other nations.
It is not the great tribulation that Jesus is saving us from.
Look at the words of Jesus; it helps us understand that while there is so much trouble for Israel, there won’t be peace elsewhere.
Keep in your mind that you have just a short time left. It is a maximum of 10 years.

No wonder the perpetrators of Covid 19 have plans for 2030, because Satan also reads.
They have horrible plans for this world. But blessed be God, before they are able to do those things, we will be out of here.
We are not leaving like we are escaping.
He told us to use his name because his name has power.
when you have situations happening in your state, city or nation, Don’t join people to speak about it in anger or you would be doing the wrong thing.
First thing is to pray in the spirit.
Know the mind of the spirit.
David asked ‘should I pursue?’.
He didn’t just get on board.
So pray for direction.
And don’t pray with your biased mind or hatred if anyone.
As you pray in the spirit the will of the father will be made known to you. He will guide you to all truth. His wisdom will be revealed to you and you will know what to do.
You need the guidance of God at this time because the pressure will be so much. There will be no peace anywhere. .the only place of peace is in Christ.
In the word of God. And that’s what you need today
E.g. they have elections in the USA soon. vote but remember, you are being given an opportunity to add your voice and vote to what’s happening in the next few years .
Do you want Gods choice or to install your own choice. I wonder if you will be happy with your decision.
As a child of God, your Job is to carry out the will of God.
Through prayers we can effect changes. Don’t underestimate our ability to effect changes.
When he told us to pray for all men, that meant all nations of men. If you do that, you will have peace and honesty.
Your faith will rise to the surface. You will know that what you are praying about is possible.
The time is short.
We will win many.
The doors of the nations will remain open to us.
We are not in this position by ourselves. We were led into this place by the orchestration of God.
There will be NO FURTHER DELAY.
The enemy would no longer be able to do what he planned to do
Things will be moving with the clock of the spirit..
There will be synchronization in the spirit.
The time is now.
The spirit of God is leading us.
December 1&2 we will fast and pray into the second day.
We have many things to put into order.
All the satanic plans for December to January, we are issuing cancellations.
We are not alone.
The angels of God are many. Its like an invasion.
Glorious things are happening and the church of Jesus is getting stronger by the day.
If you were thinking you are weak, be made strong in the name of Jesus .
Let your desires and focus be on the master and serve him with all of your heart.
Prayers for the nations of the world!!
We have power that the world doesn’t understand and we have to use it.
Don’t neglect to pray for the leaders of your country. Don’t let the members of the deep state to overpower them. When the deep state is behind the scene running the country, it becomes horrible. How can you control crime when you are the perpetrators? You can’t let that happen. Start using the name of Jesus. Let’s use it to surprise the nations so that all their prognosis will not happen.
Use the name of Jesus.
When a traffic warden raises his hand, all the massive trucks come to a halt.
When we use the name of Jesus and say Devil you are not allowed, he will leave.
Use the name of Jesus. Let’s begin to see changes in their policies. Let’s see them rejecting those wicked policies . outsiders cannot love your country more than you
Globalism only becomes good when individual nations are doing well and prosperous.
Let’s get the nations prosperous. .
If you say “bring everything together and we share”. That means there is no prosperity.
I hope you’ve learned something and are inspired to serve the Lord more.
We look forward to our Global day of prayer.
We have to make sure that the evil plans of 2021 will not happen. .we are using a new world order
For those apps that are censoring people, I don’t think it’s a problem.
Expect new technology. Better ones. .they are not the smartest people in the world by any standard.
New things will happen fast!
I say to young people: Cheer up! There’s hope for you.
Don’t let anybody use you as vagabonds on the street. Those who send you out to the streets have their children in other countries.
Refuse to be a fool!
God wants you to have a decent life and there is hope for you!
I’m praying for you to see these massive opportunities that are out there.
Cheer up and don’t lose hope at all.
Jesus is coming back. First at the rapture, then the second coming which is Judgement first.
Between now and the rapture of the church, Things are going to happen in a way the world never expected.
So be full of Joy!
The kind of innovation we will be having…
During the Lockdown we accomplished so much. We won so many souls.
God is no fool.
You can’t beat him.
You can’t manufacture a strategy against him. That’s why we keep winning.

Final thoughts from our Esteemed Pastors on Set.
Pastor. Lanre Alabi /Pastor
An untrained workforce is a mob. A trained one is an army. God wants an army, not a mob.
Pst. Emeka Ezeh
God didn’t change his mind when he said this year is a year of perfection.
The grace of God this year has been a surprise to us.
Remember that this year, everything God said about us is coming to fruition.
We are ending up where God said we are going to end up. And no word will fall short.
Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu:
Training ourselves in spirituality. The things we have learnt we were told to put it to work. In this country we were confronted with a situation, and we won. We were not deceived. There is increased beauty and Glory for God’s
glorious church. Nothing is too difficult for us.
Jesus didn’t die for nothing.
Pastor TT Edun:
Everything we were told to do, when we did them, they worked.
In the last days, the mountain of the Lord shall be exalted above all other mountains and the people shall flow to it.
We have seen that our authority is above every other one.
The fear of all the other mountains has dissipated. We are not afraid of the videos, leaked documents, etc. It is just helping us to build the church and do what is necessary. We are to build the new world order. Recreating our world and sending out the recalcitrant people.
We have authority for recreating our world. We are living it.
Pastor Deola Philips:
There was something that was brought home strongly to us: The accuracy of God’s word .
When he gives the word and it is time, everything that needs to be moved,
gets moved.
He has said he will come and the time is set.
So he has moved us.
He brought into office, into the moment those who will achieve his purpose.
He made us resolute.
God watches over his word to perform it.
He started to train us
Because the time is fixed, He is increasing our grace and ability. we know what to do and we will witness the glorious rapture of the church.
Most Reverend Tom:
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you over and over Pastor Sir.
All through the years, Pastor has brought us the word. Taught us the value of prophecy and how to make war with prophecy.
In 1986 Pastor said the Stadia were not made for football but for programs.
In a few years we started packing out stadiums.
The church is no longer a baby but a man.
We see ourselves and where the church is supposed to be and this gives us confidence.
Thank you for bringing the word to all generations.
Thank you for showing us where the church should be.
You’ve been consistent in all the messages. .
This is who we are and what the church should be doing now.
You always talk the church up!
The Lord has given us massive opportunities to serve him and honor him.
You were born for this time.
It’s not a mistake
Not to be a loser but a winner.
Salvation Call.