Welcome to today’s program.

We’ve been praying for the nations and we should and we’ve got to do that even more.
But I think we should also pray for the churches around the world and its ministers and I’ll tell you why.
Apart from praying for their growth, an area of concern is ‘how much has the church learned from the experiences of the last few months’?
And I can tell you that most people don’t learn from experience, in fact, they hardly learn from experience.
So, how many were drawn to the word of God to search for answers?
Because all the answers are in the word.

The selfishness and greed that led up to the situation should have never been. But how many of Gods people have actually learned from it?

For example, in your country/city/state, what makes you happy or unhappy?
Do you become unhappy with your government because of personal injury? Something that happened to you or someone you know, and for that you want to bring down the government?
If that’s the way your mind works, then you are not working with God.
The responsibility of a child of God is to bring forth the word of God whether you are happy with it or not. in fact Christian growth is by aligning all your Joys, opinions with Gods thoughts.

You could be a minister or a pastor of a church for 80 Years and have not grown. You are not called because of experience or because you know something. He called you before you were born…not because of what you did but because he chose to.
So, when he calks you to be a leader, you better start learning/training.
His choice of you is not an approval of your desires. Start learning what the Father wants or you may find yourself desiring something that God doesn’t want.

I learnt that in some countries or cities where there were riots, there were ministers of the gospel supporting it.
That’s not the Job of a minister.
The responsibility of a minister is not to throw his weight on such things.
If you did that, you had better ask God for forgiveness.

James 1:20.
When you get angry and you want to demonstrate your anger, you will not produce the righteousness of God or results.
We have a a higher way of producing results.
There are higher laws.

I didn’t want to talk about these things, but God is asking me to correct and rebuke you. Train in spiritual understanding and the knowledge of God. .then you will know the will of God.

Sometimes, you can have leaders of a nation that are not doing what YOU want but what’s important is what is the will of the father.

E.g. its very easy to be angry with a government that isn’t doing things to support churches. But look beyond that. What else is God doing at that time
But when your flesh is in control, you get angry
Sometimes, God allows those things to train you so you learn and understand patience and build character.
Don’t destroy your city or country, it makes no sense.
There are higher ways!

First, your responsibility is Prayer.
You might want to pick out some ministers who led some upheavals.
I wonder if you knew what the mind of God was about that?
All you read from history were written by whoever liked or didn’t like it.
There at man made heroes. But ask yourself, what does God want?
Don’t demonstrate your flesh. Ignorance on rampage.

If you destroy your country, you have nothing left. But those you are against will continue to do what they do in other ways. But if we pray, there will be real change.
The only promise of real change is in the Bible.
I’m addressing ministers of the gospel.


James 1:21-22
Be doers of the word.

Don’t use Gods people to try to achieve your selfish ambitions. Don’t do it. Its wrong.

James 1:20 (AMP)
How else do you want to read yours? What bible are you using?

Walk in the righteousness of God and in truth. Promote the righteousness of God. That’s your calling.
Don’t bring the rascality you had in the world and call it boldness.
That’s wrong
The boldness of God is filled with Love and easy to be entreated.

James 3:14
You can have STRIFE in your heart.
V 15: That wisdom is earthly

Do bible study for your personal life; not for preaching. You can preach and lose your salvation but you cannot live in the word of God and lose your salvation.
Study so that you can live towards God and you can have the wisdom of God.

How many times have you wished that God just destroys the head of your government? Those are devilish thoughts.
V16: There is Confusion and every evil work. Didn’t you see that in your country? You saw robbery, rape, etc… Because it proceeded from strife.

V17- The wisdom of God calls for wisdom, negotiations. It listens to the other side.
It is without Partiality and hypocrisy.

I am speaking to you the mind of the Father in REAL TIME. HE IS ASKING ME TO CORRECT YOU. Its not part of my discussion for today but I am under obligation to bring you Gods word.

Right now, just pray for the churches of Christ around the world
Some of you are in countries that are about voting. Vote with the wisdom of God, not with the anger that the media has fed you with.
Pray for ministers around the world.


Yesterday I began to discuss the END OF THE WORLD.

Matt 24: 14
Jesus was emphatic about the end of the world. He let us know that this age will come to an end.
While he was talking with his disciples, he referred to several things.

Luke 21:25-26
Start from v 19 of the same chapter
Jesus is referring to two different things Here.
Mathew captured some of what Jesus said, and Luke brings in here some of what Jesus said.
Because of the questions that were asked Jesus and Matthews peculiar theme: the kingship of Jesus, in his writings he is trying to introduce Jesus to the Jews as King. So he focuses on those areas
Luke gives us a more general information.

Here, Jesus actually did say what Luke said.
He referred to what was going to happen to Jerusalem in no distant future, and what would happen at the latter times.

He draws attention to a coming invasion and says its a sign of the coming desolation. There would be such wrath against these people.
There was going to be an extended period of time until the time of the gentiles was fulfilled.

In 70AD, Roman General Titus decided to destroy the rebellion against the Roman Government. He razed Jerusalem to the ground.
It was said that when he saw how far the destruction was going, He cried out ‘God, I had nothing to do with this’.
Josephus said ‘Jerusalem was Ploughed up’.

The temple was destroyed so that was not what Jesus was referring to. The abomination was to come Into the Temple.
The final prophecy Jesus was talking about was not fulfilled in 70 AD.

BUT 1000 years after, the Turks invaded Jerusalem. 1070 AD.
950 YEARS AFTER, we have the Turkish Minister calling for another invasion of Jerusalem.
Very interesting!!!

Matthew 24:15
This verse is so weighty. He refers directly to the prophecy of Daniel where there were figures and numbers on when the Christ would come and when the world would come to an end.
Jesus was authenticating Daniels prophecy and its details.

V20- The rabbis restricted movement to certain levels on the Sabbath. They imposed restrictions, not God.
In different regions at the time, how far you could go, was different.
(E.g. Acts 1:12)

V21: mark the words of Jesus. The world is preparing for this. Like now, they are trying to control food. They are trying to make sure YOU can’t eat when you want to, except when they want you to.
Like socialists.
Be a Christian, not a socialist.
They create the system with their selfish hearts so how will it be helpful to anybody?
It is futile to trust in man or anybody but in God.
E.g. Seedless fruits are nice to eat, but without seeds that can’t be reproduced. They have been genetically modified. Mans selfish heart will give you a big Apple without seeds because he doesn’t want you to grow yours.

Same way, they dangle that thing in front of you saying ‘we will do all you want, but if you want your debts cancelled you must do what we want “/

God already told us what’s coming and told us who is behind it.
When he says to you ‘what’s coming is not from me’. They promise you peace but its not peace.

V22-28: He just told us about the tribulation period and what will happen.

He Immediately tells us -how far from the tribulation his coming will be. He says he is coming immediately after.
So it will do well for us to find out what Daniel said.

Daniel 9:24
An Angel brought the message to Daniel.

70 weeks are determined. It is set. It will not change.
This Calendar has to do with Daniel’s people. They were the ones he was praying about.
He is referring to Israel and Jerusalem.

(Read verse from verse 24 from TLB)

V25: He gives Clear time!!! 483 years from the time the command is given (the edict of Cyrus: year 3057)

He broke down the 2 periods 434 and 39 years.
He was clear about when the messiah would be born. That’s why those who were sensitive in spirit were expecting the Messiah (Simeon, Anna)

V26b: The Prince that shall come is different from Messiah the Prince.
His people would destroy the sanctuary.

(The Antichrist might me an European Jew. These days it is possible to be a citizen of many countries).

V26c: there is going to be one more desolation of Jerusalem. 70AD didn’t bring a desolation.
V27: This Antichrist will confirm the covenant with many for one week.
There will be nations who are involved that he will be signing the treaty with. Israel will be in a treaty with several. So if you are coming into a treaty with Israel, you would be signing with several others.
(3 nations already have signed treaties with Israel and 5 others are lined up waiting to sign).

(Pastor Benny has done a documentary on this, and we would like to air it starting tomorrow. We will announce the time so you can see it.
After this four part series there will be another one. It will be on current affairs on the international front and what it means in the Bible)

Remember, he said 70 weeks are determined. He is currently telling us of the 70th week. In the middle of the week/7 years, he would bring an end to the whole levitical system that had been revived.

(Note: there are study Bibles and bibles for new believers. Many translations were brought in to help new believers understand with simplicity. The TLB is a paraphrased edition. It is not a study bible)

(See screen table about Daniel 9:26)

The Antichrist will move his headquarters from Europe to Jerusalem. Dan 11:45- Between the Mediterranean sea and the dead sea is Jerusalem.

2 Thess 2:4- This is the desecration!!

Matthew 24:30…
V32-34: This is an area that has been difficult for a lot of people for years.

He goes right from the parable of the fig tree to talk about THIS GENERATION.

Mark 13:29-30.
Luke 21: 28-32
This is remarkable! This is one of those places where several verses were connected the same way!!!!
When you study the synoptic gospels, one is said a different way from the other because of their respective focus.

But when you see all three writers giving it the same way, it means they are supposed to be connected.

What does this mean?

The generation he is talking about is the FIG TREE GENERATION.

He wanted to isolate something about the fig tree.

Matt 24:32
The fig tree is tender.

What did Jesus say about the fig tree?

Job 14:7- (hope of a tree when it is cut down)

The Parable of the fig tree
Luke 13:7… He looked for fruit for 3 years and found none.
God sent Jesus to Israel and made it known ‘This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased’ to Israel. He was seeking fruit, and found none.

Jesus wept over Jerusalem. Three years of no fruit.
Then he sent out his apostles to make known his word after his resurrection and ascension. Did they listen? No!

Then in 70 AD, Jerusalem was destroyed completely and the Temple has not been built since.
The priesthood was sacked and has nor come back since.

These are painful realities.

Isaiah 27:6

There is hope of a tree that when it is cut down, it will come back alive.
In 1948, Israel became a nation again.
They are exporting fruit all over the world today.
The prophecy said so…but it also said something else.
V10- Even though they have been brought back as a nation… (This is the generation he told you about… From 1948. )
A generation is a hundred years
Everything that would happen before Jesus shows up would happen from 1948.

He didn’t say it would exhaust the 100 years.

See Gen 15:13-16… In the 4th generation, means they will not be there for that 400 years. All the coming out and arriving to Canaan would happen IN THE 4TH GENERATION.

Again he says ‘Thus Generation SHALL NOT PASS’… This 100 years from 1948 WILL NOT BE EXHAUSTED.

ISA 27:10- Desolation is coming again…and that’s what Daniel said. It doesn’t matter what defences they have today (e.g. the Iron Dome). It will not defend them from what’s coming

7 reasons why you should understand the church age.

1. Jesus said the Messiah would not return to the city until the repentance of Israel. He is coming back but there would have to be a repentance.

To be continued…

Salvation Call.

December 1st and 2nd, we will be praying.
We will never again be victims.
Even in persecution, we are not victims. We are glorious in persecution. That’s our meat. That’s not a problem. But we will never be victims. It is an honor to suffer for his name sake.
We are exercising our authority in Christ. Through our Prayers, there are going to be changes.
The poverty around the world is not natural
Those who created the problems around the world are the ones saying they want to do a reset. How? This terrible system came from their minds.
In prayer we will change situations by the Holy Ghost that dwells in us.
1 Tim 2:1.
If we haven’t prayed and he asked us to pray, how can we say that what he said would happen, happened.
If we do what he says, the result is guaranteed.

The short time we have left, we will manifest the kingdom of God in this world. When Jesus comes, we will leave as victors because he gave Us his name to live by.

No matter what you are going through, Don’t despair.
The word of God is your currency. It is absolutely dependable.

Prayer of Salvation