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In 1Tim 2:1, we are instructed.
This is different from the prayer of faith.
There are different kinds of prayer. In fact, we have a book that teaches you how to pray effectively. It will be good if you can get the book.

In this instance, it tells us the kind of prayers that we are supposed to pray.
It says supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving of thanks.

There is a prayer of thanksgiving and here he includes that.

When you pray for other people, there are several reasons why life would be for them different from what life would have been for them.

There are different things that plague them. Some are responsible for the different things that ail them. Yet you are praying for them.
When you pray like that, God says you would have to pray a prayer of intercession. Such prayers are different and take time. Many times you have to fast with your prayer.

The bible talks about a lawful captive and you are trying to free a lawful captive (by birth. By the generations before him. Because of Satan, because of his thoughts or words…). So many reasons why he could have become a lawful captive.
You want to blessings to one who does not deserve those blessings.
So it becomes an argumentative prayer. Its like a case in court. Some have been there for years and decades… There are arguments, providing evidence with which you plead your case before God.
So,It can take a while.
But then there are situations when you want Expedited Hearing.
You would need to go to the word of God and get evidence to show why you need expedited hearing.

Like we are in a situation today where we need expedited hearing. Economies and systems have been paralyzed and the people who did this don’t t care. Think of the airline business.

I told you this was created in a lab.
There is more than enough evidence now that it was s deception from the beginning.

The other day, one of Tue virologists, a highly qualified professional who escaped with her life from China where it happened, was providing evidence that this was planned in a lab.

It was the Chinese that were the collaborators but the perpetrators are from the USA.
They are sitting there like Peter and Paul but their day is near.

Those in the news media know it but a lot them are paid to do what they do best: LIE!

(Video Play out: Tucker Carlson)

We all know it was all a lie. And then they said that the affects and kills black people more. That means it was programmed to do so..since it was man made.

I told you about the terrible vaccines that you should not be happy to take.
Because it is not a medical vaccine.
And scientists who are honest are telling the truth everywhere.
Everywhere they tell the truth, they are blocked.
Because those who control those platforms have the authority to take them down.

Times have changed and things are changing so fast. Start thinking about what you’re going to do about your children’s education.

Some areas are insisting that children should be vaccinated otherwise not allowed to go to school.

In the universities, students are being denied their results without evidence of Vaccination.

It is happening already!!!

Think about this wickedness.

And its important that we know that anything can be weaponized.
Remember September 11 and how the massive twin towers were brought down by aeroplanes.
Though God knows everything that was behind that.

The planes were supposed to be good planes. But the pilots were different from those who were to be flying them. Once the pilots changes, that good vessel was weaponized.

The internet that is so good for wonderful things is being weaponized against people they don’t lie.
That’s the same thing with medicine and vaccines.

We have a situation where these people (Democrats) in a room for council meeting prayed.. Hear the prayer.
(Video play out… Prayer to Mother earth, Zeus, scientific evidence…etc)
Andrew Cuomo’s goal is to vaccinate everyone in New York.

That prayer is the kind of prayer that they want all of us to be praying. They are angry that anyone should recognize just one god…especially when you call him Jesus.

The Democratic party in the USA has been Hijacked and fully taken over by certain people. And when they can, they will take over the Republican party. Because its not about parties, but about Power.

The other day, we had these subliminal messages from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They reversed the order, and called it the Harris-Biden administration.

She, Nancy Pelosi..are coming from their work in San Fransisco; the city from where the church of Satan was birthed; where evil spirits have dwelt for a long time, destroying politicians and many.

Where was it ever heard that the Presidential candidate of a party called the name of the running mate first?

Harris did it first, then so-called corrected it. Hours later, Joe Biden came out in public and said the same thing. They are sending a message to you.
These are confessions from the spirit realm.
They are saying they have accepted the Pact. These are Satanic pacts and messages.

When I call on you to pray, its nothing personal. Its got to do with what the word shows us.

When a Christian is in political office, its true that the people may be into several religious, but as a christian you cannot pray in the name of several gods. You must identify yourself and speak as a christian whole being just and good to everybody. Otherwise what’s your testimony of Christ.
You cannot accept everybody’s God.

When you see politicians coming out to embrace all faiths until they have no faith, then something is wrong. It would have been better if they never entered. What shall a man give in exchange of his soul?

As a child of God you have to have principles.

Why do they want to vaccinate everybody?
We all know that the virus was not as lethal as they said it was.
They all know about Herd immunity but they don’t want you to have immunity. They lock you away from it and make it more dangerous to you.
They know it. This is how it works.
The virus has already weakened.
Its not killing people the way they thought because a lot of people got it.

This is pure science and they know it.
They need you to be afraid. Scientifically, they know that fear produces certain hormones in your body. When fear produces those hormones in your body, it destroys you from within.
They are creating fear and panic.

A man is not a thief because he stole. He will steal because he is a thief. They are two different things.
Being a thief is not caused by your actions. Its your nature inside.
A thief will steal. (It doesn’t matter your position).
A thief doesn’t steal because he doesn’t have enough. He steals because he is a thief.

You have to look at the nature of the person.
If you are someone who is controlling, you are never satisfied until you are in control.

These guys want TOTAL CONTROL.

The people who go out to protest, those who write stuff about what they don’t like, Do you think they like it??

Who are the THEY?
All those who are lying about the virus and the vaccines; those scientists, virologists, immunologists.. All of them. All those who are telling us that what they want us to do is based on Science.
They want to destroy their colleagues on the other side who stand for the truth.
Many doctors have lost their Jobs because they stood for the truth.
Some doctors are seeing money like they never saw in their lives and have sold their soul for such money.

(Video play out. Lady speaking about the vaccines)

Everything she just told you, I told you Months ago. She told you what the 5G would do.
With the 5G, you would just become a device that they could control from anywhere.

I showed you from the bible why anyone who takes that vaccine is doomed forever.
God already knew this in the book of revelation.
It changes your DNA. You are no longer an individual with that identity that you were born to be. You become their products

This is what they’ve always wanted.

In the spirit, we are destroying them. Things are changing. Even China has said they are not sure they will vaccinate all their citizens.

In the spirit, we have issued an injunction mandating a stop of the vaccines till we check out.

Because they realize things aren’t working out in that vaccine part, they are introducing GRADUALISM.

With Amazon 1, they are introducing a palm scanner. They will put them in shops for secure payments.
Why the hand scanner?
Isn’t that behind technologically? We already have advanced facial recognition which is already working. So why the palm scanner now?
Its because they are trying to train you to get used to using your hand for identification like the bible says will happen.

In the spirit, demons have never had it this tough. They have never been resisted the way they are being resisted right now.

My first experience of casting out demons. The guy had 9 demons. I cast out several till number 6 said ‘I’m not coming out’. This was my first time. I never expected him to tell me that. Then I remembered the words of Jesus. I asked ‘what is your name?’. He said ‘Monkeyoaristo’.
When I called its name and cast it out, he screamed.

I went on to cast all the others out. They left the guy weak and paralyzed there. I asked the guy to get up and he said ‘they have tied my legs’.

There is nothing as terrible as being in a body that you can’t control

Same way, these guys want a world that’s controlled by them. Those are things that demons do.

Well, the guy was on the ground and everyone was wondering ‘what’s next’.
But I remembered the words of Jesus. .
The Holy spirit guides. And he told me exactly what to do.
I put my hands on his limbs and I said ‘in the name of Jesus, I break the bands’.
The guy leaped up back to normal because the name of Jesus has power.

(These things are important!)

Three years later, I had another encounter with another demonic case. .if you understand these things from the Bible, you will know that these are works of evil spirits and the power in the name of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy spirit.

In Exodus 12, God asked Moses to go to Egypt and bring the Israelites of of bondage. God told him what to do.
Each time a sign was performed, you would think Pharaoh would change his mind, he didn’t. Just like some political leaders who rather than stop after seeing a sign, double down.

V12: God was specific about ‘THIS NIGHT.’. The gods of Egypt were demons. Idols are nothing but the demons behind them.
The sacrifices that people offer to the images/shrines/idols are to demons.
All those prayer and incantations are done to demons.
At the lower classes they don’t know this. They just think they are bowing down before an image. But those at the higher level know that they are bowing down before demon spirit. Many of them are in contact with Satan himself.

Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, was a worshipper of Lucifer. So much so that he was characterized with the name of the devil. He was so possessed with Satan

Saul of Tarsus when he was persecuting Christians, encountered Jesus on his way to Damascus. Jesus spoke out a light that was brighter than the noonday sun. Jesus said ‘why do you persecute me?’. Jesus had become so identified with us.

Imagine the light that comes from the nano pigments of the vaccine, they called it Luciferase. The patent was registered with the number of the beast. That’s to tell you the level with which they are identified with Satan and are bold about it. And when you identify with Satan you become a murderer. They create laws and policies that kill people. They become killers without a conscience.

Years ago, a lady who was possessed with an evil spirit was brought to me. She talked normally. She had an article she had written. When I asked her about it. She said ‘its something that I wrote’. All of a sudden she changed and said ‘I didn’t write it, its my second’. But her ‘second’ wrote it with her hand.
Suddenly, I said to her ‘you know they’d like to destroy you’. She said ‘I don’t know’. Then I turned to her and addressed the devil ‘I know you’re there and in the name of Jesus, you will come out when I ask you to’. .she was quiet and more serious, looking at me.
She had these beads which was supposed to be on her wrist. I took the bead and as I was going through them one after the other, the evil spirit spoke through her saying ‘Give me my beads’. And I said ‘its seized’. I command the devil out in the name of Jesus. It said ‘I’m not leaving until you bring my key’.
I understood what it was about. So I called the lady by her name and asked ‘where are the keys?’?
She gave me the keys and I addressed the devil again and asked which one it was. I got to a little key which it identified as the one and seized it.
I commanded the demon out. Because I don’t obey demons. I said ‘in the name of the Lord Jesus, I command you to come out of her’. It screamed and came out of her.
The remaining also came out.

The point is; she was so decent and nice. But when the presence of God is there, things are different.

Jesus reading in the synagogue had to cast out devils that spoke out.

Many of you are going to be casting out devils in the name of Jesus.
We will exercise authority. We will use everything that God will teach us.

When Jesus was passing the street (cemetery road), he encountered the mad man among tombs whom demons had made mad; he would cut himself with stones. (Demons are not nice).
While the man was afar off, Jesus began to address him. The man had Jesus attention. He turned towards Jesus and came towards Jesus.

It is possible to address a demon from afar off.

Jesus engaged the demon in a dialogue and eventually asked him to clear off.

We have power that we must use.
They haven’t seen anything yet

We are moving into the next zone; CASTING OUT DEVILS.

I was going for a crusade..and I saw this crippled guy. I started breaking the power of the devil over his limbs even before I got to the meeting.
Once the meeting started, we hadn’t prayed, but the man was the first to be healed.

This is important. Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.
He has chosen, called and sent us to execute JUDGEMENT on these demons of darkness. To bind their kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron. This honor have all his saints

Whatsoever you bind on earth is bound in heaven

Don’t forget what power you have. Use it EVERYDAY. There is already consternation in their camp.
Because the coming of the Lord is near. Very near.
Daniel 9:24
He shows us everything to the end of the world in this verse.

V25 He is talking to Daniel. He expects him to know the word of God.

In verse 1-2 (year 3,515 from Adam). only when you use Bible Chronology can you be accurate..not by some sign seen in a cave…or writings which they saw and studied.
Your Bible is so important. The Old testament comes from the Hebrew language. The Jews are the only people on earth who speak their original language.
All the prophets. Apostles and even Jesus spoke Hebrew. Jesus spoke Aramaic also. Some parts of Daniel were also written in Aramaic.

V2: Daniel consulted the books of the prophet Jeremiah. (Remember Daniel was the best and top of his class who enjoyed highest position in the kingdom).
We know what year he got this vision and what books he has been reading.
In that material, he found the prophecy of the timing. He had been in captivity for 66 years as at then.
The very next year, 3516, the captivity came to an end.

Dan 9:25. The angel referred to what Daniel was already reading about. In year 3,517, Chris issued an edict about the building of the temple and the city.
He even gave them what they needed for Sacrifices and said anyone who wanted to go home could go home.

We have debunked the idea that the edict was not issued by Cyrus.

Right from that edict, until Messiah THE prince, would be 69 weeks. This prince would not just be a prince but he would be Master of the princes. Lord. Chief Prince.
He had to be both Messiah AND Prince.

The word Prince means Ruler. Governor. Master.

Matthew 2: 1-
V2: At birth, He was called KING OF THE JEWS.
Who was King of the Jews? Messiah.

Acts 5:30-31. He is called a Prince and a saviour.
Luke 2: 10-11. Christ is Greek for Hebrew Messiah. The Angel identified him as Messiah the Prince.

THIS DAY: Specific.

The Year was 3,999 from Adam.

Dan 9: 26 (KJV,
If you read verse 26, without the understanding of verse 25, you will have the wrong thing.
Translators for years have been knocking their heads trying to find out what is missing in verse 26.

V26: in the original , the word FOR is not there. So they come to a conclusion of a paradoxical NOT.

The prince referred to here is not Jesus. He is referring to another prince that would come and destroy the city.

Let’s see same verse in NIV.
‘The anointed one will be cut off and have nothing’. What does that mean?

Amplified translation.
They just added more to it and got confused.

Roman Catholic Bible translation (Douay- Rheims)
“And the people that shall deny him shall not be his”.

TLB translated
“His kingdom still unrealized…”

“Cut off and have nothing”

These are different translations with vastly different thoughts from the same manuscript.
It was difficult for them because something was missing from the text.

They all wrote what they were not sure off.

John 10:17&18 is the best bet
After 62 weeks will the messiah be cut off BUT NOT UNTIL HE OFFERS HIMSELF.

This messiah is so important to the Jews. They thought he was coming to save them from the Romans, they didn’t know he would be killed. The Jews didn’t understand why the son of God would die. But Jesus said He had receive COMMANDMENT from The father to lay down his life. He had to offer himself.

Thank God he offered himself. Hallelujah!!!

Understanding the scriptures is very important.

Let’s talk about Anna. Brief but very important story.
Luke 2:36-37
She got married and lived with her husband for 7 years. She was of a great age. She was a widow of 84 years.
(The NIV and some translations got it wrong by saying she was 84 years old).
She had 7 years of marriage.
Her age is unknown.
But she was married 91 years previously.
She was 84 years in widowhood in year 3,999.
Her husband died in year 3,916.(remember when you calculate ordinal years backward, you add 1 instead of subtract).

84+7= 91 years. The year of her marriage was 3,909. Her husband died 3,916.

So what do you do with this information/details???

There were 245 numbers or details that brought us to this point which I have summarized for you. (See table)

Acts 7: 1-
V4. Abraham’s father was dead before he was moved into the new land. (Important information)

From the time of Adam to the year of Christ’s ascension is year 4032.

God has a plan. Understand the definiteness of his plan. The flood. The birth of ‘Christ.. Was all planned.
The reason for studying the past is so that you will understand your present and know how to prepare for your future.

Salvation Call.