Worship session:

I sing praises to your name, Oh Lord. For your name is great
and greatly to be praised.

I want to welcome you to today’s program. It will be a great blessing to you.
This is season 2, phase 5 and we’re starting out today and ending on Friday.
I’d like to begin introducing to you some of the areas of discussion that we will
be having today and in the next few days.
It’s always important to know where you are in Gods calendar; his timetable; plan.
Because God has a plan. If you don’t know his plan/will how are you going to function in his plan/will?
He gave us the scriptures to help us know his will.
If you don’t know his will, you can’t live his will.
Oh hallelujah!
Just so you get a little bit of an idea. In Acts 22. The bible tells us of Saul of Tarsus/Paul.
It tells us of what happens to him and his own testimony.
Acts 22: 6-14
Paul was blinded by the glory of the light. It was much stronger than the noon day sun. That’s amazing!
God chose Paul to know his will.
You think that was peculiar to him?
We as children of God, were chosen of God to know his will.
We are to have an understanding of the times and to walk in Gods light.
Some months ago we began sharing along the lines of the church age and God’s calendar. Where we are and what the future holds.
I explained to you that the church age is a period of 2000 years.
Question is; when did it start? When does it end?
From the scriptures, you have to look at Gods plan and see what the prophets say.
Its not to speculate and use some form of earthly numbering.
I showed you that Jesus corroborated Daniels prophecy.
He referred to his prophecy.
He shows us from a certain point until Jesus comes, until the tribulation, until the Judgement.
Everything is there.
Just for the records Daniel 9. 24-27.
I want to show you how specific and detailed it is.
V25 .. Means 69 weeks
V27: … 7 years
He gave us a timetable for the first 69 weeks and also a timetable of what would happen in the 70th week.
Between the 69th and 70th week of years is the church age.
(Each week is 7 years)
V27: the Antichrist shall confirm the treaty with many for 7 years. And in the middle of the 7 years, he will cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease. Jesus referred to this.
When did the church age begin?
I explained to you from the Bible, that there is no vacuum.
The 69th week ended in Gods calendar with the Jews. Then He went out to bring a people from among the Gentiles.
Let me read to you the words of the prophet Hosea 5:15-
It refers to when the Lord is rejected.
Hosea 6:1-2
Why is this important?
Because this was fulfilled in Matthew 23.
Jesus was rejected. The leaders of the people Rejected him in Jerusalem.
Jesus rebuked them in his preaching and Lamented in Matthew 23: 37-39.
(Exactly what the prophet said in Hosea)
Matthew 24:1… Jesus walked out of the temple and that was the close of the calendar with the Jews.
Until he returns in the 70th week of Daniels prophecy.
After 2 days he will revive us, and the 3rd day (the millennial) we will live in his sight.
The church itself was born on the day of Pentecost.
Somewhere around 30-32 AD.
HISTORIANS have said that Jesus was most likely born between 4 B.C and 2 B.C
4 B.C is the outer limit of the range. If he was born then, then it means he walked out somewhere 30AD. .. He would just be about 33 plus.
Because he only had a 3 year ministry with a few weeks here and there.
Some wonder how could Jesus have been born B.C (before Christ). Well, because he was not the one that did the numbering.
Someone else used him as reference.
That’s how we arrive at somewhere between 30 AD and 32 AD for his crucifixion.
(Luke 3:23 KJV, NIV). The word ‘ministry’ doesn’t exist in the original.
At that point, Jesus was about 30 years old.
You trace the ministry of Jesus and you find that its exactly 3 years.
He walked out of the temple as the prophet said and will return at the second advent.
From that period to when the holy ghost came to inaugurate the church, it was just a matter of weeks.
From there, take 2000 years. At the end of 2000 years from there, the 70th week of Daniel would begin.
Even though you have these 2000 years, I want you to remember what he says. ‘After 2 days, he shall revive us. And the 3rd day we shall live in his sight’.
This suggests that those 7 years are within the 70 years. The ending part.
Why is it so?
Because even if the church takes off, there are still others in the earth.
The rapture of the church is a mystery as the church itself is a mystery, so none of those prophets saw that.

1. The last 7 years are reserved for the 70th week of Daniels prophecy.
2. The Antichrist will be revealed.
3. The treaty with is real will be confirmed.
4. The rapture takes place and a new world order established.

2 Thessalonians 2:3-8
Look at the things that will happen.
Before that Rapture, there will be a falling away.
People will fall away from The faith (apostatia). A defection.
What will make it happen?
2. The Man of sin will be revealed.
If its a revelation, a whole lot of people won’t know and may deny it…but God’s people will know.
The way he will be revealed is the confirmation of the treaty with Many.
So many things are playing out as the bible says.
Some people don’t believe it, but many didn’t believe in Noah’s time either.
He is being held back to be REVEALED at the proper time.
Thrice he says REVEALED.
In the first part of the 7 years, he won’t act as an Antichrist.
If you don’t know the word, how will you know?
He would be known as a man of peace (false peace).
He would solve their problems and answer their questions.
But its like the famous Fabian socialism. That uses gradualism for its nefarious activities.
They effect changes in the law before you have time to read and understand it.
They leak it out (the information). Deny it ..then hit it hard.
The Antichrist will hit hard in the second part of the 7 years.
He will confirm the treaty with Isreal and many.
Recently, we heard about the beautiful treaty between Is real and the UAE.
Few weeks after that, the secretary of state went to other states to convince them too.
The person to GUARANTY that treaty is the one.
Israel will need a guarantor?
Who is this Guarantor going to be?
What does the bible say about him?
Are there signs about him already?
This is what the scriptures tell us. Which means, from where we are now, there are things that are already being prepared.
We are coming at the latter part of the 2000 years.
If you have 2000 from 032AD to now… Take that out now…That’s 10 to 12 years
After that, take out the last 7 years.
That’s why they are in a hurry.
They want EVERYONE to be vaccinated in the next 5 years.
And they don’t know the bible.
And what’s the vaccination for?.
Those who are afraid of the virus are deceiving themselves.
You like the situation and you want it to continue.
Continue wearing the mask.
That mask is one of the most wicked things to happen to man.
(Video play out… Daystar Christian network interview with a Doctor)
Why are they doing it? Because Satan is moving them to do it.
The time is short.
Imagine, if those 7 years are within the 2000, how much time do we have?
You have 2 options yo look at.
1. The 7 years being inside the 2000.
2. The 7 years being outside the 2000 years
Either way, THE TIME IS SHORT.
Those insisting that people wear masks have an agenda.
LUKE 21: 22-24
What he said here, was to happen in 70 AD, and IT HAPPENED.
I explained what the times of the Gentiles meant.
The final part would be when they march into Jerusalem and take over the temple.
When the Antichrist takes over the temple, Jesus told the Jews to flee. Because there would be so much tribulation and persecution as has never been seen.
Look at what is happening in Australia right now.
For those who believe in government..
People are the same whether they are in uniform or not.
Were Mussolini of Hitler African?
Some of these terrible things are going on right now in several countries.
The force with which they are doing these things is weakening because we are breaking their forces in the spirit.
During the church age all they can do is make preparation; which would only serve as signs for us that the time is short. But. The church is not given into their hands.
The fullness of the Gentiles: The lord has a specific number of people he wants to come into Christ (Romans 11:5)
Everyday the Lord adds to the church. He has specific numbers.
Our Job is to go preaching the gospel.
Romans 1:16-17
A great test is coming…and has already begun.
2 Thessalonians 2:3
The defection.
Many will defect from the faith.
Is God just planning to make some people fall?
Why the falling away?
Judges 7:1
What’s the first sign of Satan’s manifestation? Pride!
God didn’t want too many people so they wouldn’t say it was their strength that saved them.
Think how many people have not gone back to church out of fear.
There are Pastors who told the Government yo shut their churches out of fear.
In Gideon’s day…
22,000 went home. 10,000 remained
They were the ones who were afraid.
You can easily know them.
(They will wear the mask even inside the house).
Out of the remaining 10,000 God wanted to test them.
Only 300 men lapped with the tongue, out of 10,000 people. The rest bowed down on their knees to drink.
God saved Israel from Midian with 300 men.
They didn’t even know they were being tested. They were just told to drink water.
Jeremiah 9:1-6-8
They are liars and not valiant for the truth!
God wants people that can stand for the truth.
V7: God will try them!
Daniel 11: 32-34
This time we go to the prophetic of Daniel’s message.
The Antichrist will corrupt men by flatteries.
This period referred to here is when the Antichrist comes.
They will be purged, purified.
Zechariah 13:7
Do you remember that when Jesus was arrested, this scripture was referred to?
V8-9. That’s testing.
Peter the apostle refers to this.
V10 that would be after he has tried them
Why is he doing it?
Because he must separate the sheep from the goats.
Those that are real from those that are not real.
Faith must be tested.
In these days the test is already on.
Will you stand for Jesus Christ or for the world?
Revelation 3:
Hear the warning of the master himself
V7-8. They did not deny his name
Many will fall away from the faith because they only cared about themselves.
Listen to the content of some people’s prayer. Only about themselves, what they need and want. Not about Jesus. He comes second place.
People like that cannot stand when the tough times come.
I was telling you some time ago…I was saying that a lot of these protests in the USA are not because they hate trump but because they think Trump is protecting the church.
They used to love him when he was on their side. He made policies that favored the church.
Some were calling for a nationwide protest against trump and pence. Fighting against white supremacy, male supremacy and Christian supremacy.
Christian Supremacy? How did that get in?
The real problem was Christian supremacy.
Who would ever think of labelling Trump as trying to Christianize the United States.
It’s out there now
They are not even trying to hide it now.
There are those who would still deny this…but the facts are there.
I always tell you the news before it happens.
How do you put those three together?
It’s quite obvious that these could be easily denied.
What is the meaning of Christian supremacy? Do you mean God supremacy?
Church supremacy? What exactly is coined in there?
Today we are seeing something that is much clearer now than before. The modernization of the church. And it’s so sad. This is how the one world religion will come in.
The one world religion will not be about peace.
Do you know who will be the head of the one world church? That’s the false prophet.
He will make people worship the antichrist. He will be the antichrist’s spokesperson even though he is supposed to be speaking for God.
Those who are championing the cause for the one world church….it’s been in the works. Some ministers of the gospel are Involved but may be assuming that it’s all nice and great.
If you don’t know the Scriptures, you will err. And if you are a blind leader, all those you lead will follow you into the ditch.
Disabuse your mind that security is in the numbers. That’s a deception.
If you’ve been in an organization that is pushing for a one world church, jump out of it now.
The truth is not hard to know. Study your Bible with a true conscience and a love for Jesus Christ. He will show you the truth.
What we’re going to do now is to pray.
The lord is with us so strong.
He gave us authority in the name of Jesus.
I showed you how to exercise authority in Christ Jesus over your city, state and country.
Don’t give any chance to the devil.
Don’t allow him destroy your city and country
Pray as he guides you.
Don’t allow Satan to destroy this world of people… pray for them that those who want to prevent them from learning about Jesus Christ will be stopped.
Make supplications.
Make your case before the Lord.
It may take a while but we have made a lot of impact in the spirit.
We have shaken things upon the Spirit and we are not letting up.
It was always the ministry of the church but the church abdicated that ministry for too long.
Prayer has become enjoyable.
Exercising authority in the spirit and winning, WINNING WINNING!!!
Talk to the Lord.
Let me read something to you that is very troubling but it is true.
2 Tim 3:1 TLB
It is going to be very difficult to be a Christian in the last days….and we are in those days.
He gives us many reasons why it will become very difficult.
One of the statements I made that Jesus is the Only way…. In several countries it will be declared as Hate speech.
Today, we are still talking about what Satan does that’s wrong…
But now, there are some cases in court to prohibit Satan being called a devil or evil.
If you don’t give your heart to Christ now, is it when people can’t tell you about him that you will do it?
Give your heart to Christ now while you can.
Call to Salvation.

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