The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases
His mercies never come to an end
They are new every morning
Great is thy faithfulness.

I want to welcome you to today’s program. I trust that the Lord will minister to
each one of you in a special way.
Yesterday I raised an issue from the book of Acts 13:21 and 1 Samuel 13:1.
I wanted to point out something to you.
Let’s read again
1 Samuel 13:1-2
You read on and it leads to Saul’s death. Meaning that he reigned for 2 years.
Others say ‘but Paul did say in Acts 13:21 that Saul reigned… Well he didn’t say reign.
What the Lord says matters a great deal. For example, Darius was GIVEN the kingdom by Cyrus. He didn’t battle for it.
Acts 13:21
God gave them Saul BY THE SPACE OF 40 YEARS.
But in First Samuel, we see that he reigned for 2 years. It looks like a contradiction but its not.
These details are important.
(If students don’t do a detailed study, they get the wrong idea. The bible says study to show yourself approved unto God a Workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth).
Let’s go to the verse before 21
Acts 13:20.
He gave them Judges. The word is Shapat: meaning to Govern. Those Judges were the Governors of the people. The Governed Israel.
You can read about them in the book of Judges. They practically ran the nation.
Remember the people went to Samuel to demand for a king. He was upset but God said He should go ahead. Then he gave them Saul from The tribe of
But do you remember, Saul could hardly do anything without Samuel. And the only time he tried, He was fired by God. That was the end of it.
He was told that to Obey is better than Sacrifice.
The King was to Obey Samuel. That tells you who was really in office.
1 Samuel 7:15.
Saul wasn’t reigning until the death of Samuel. After the death of Samuel, he only reigned for 2 more years then he died.
There is a way some individuals have tried to use the Gregorian calendar to calculate what the bible tells us.
When people try to understand dates in the bible, they get a little confused. But if you will stay with what the bible says, you will NEVER be confused.
The problem is that they try to get the information from the world.
One of these very difficult issues for a lot of Bible scholars and some Bible
commentaries…(In profane history, there is where this information came from)….
This has to do with a very important date… Its about the birth and death of Jesus Christ.
Let’s go to where the matter really is.
Daniel 9: 24
This is remarkable. It covers a whole range of activities that should happen being controlled from the realm of the spirit. (Read in TLB translation)
70 weeks= 490 years.
This is the prophecy of Daniel.
The 70 weeks is not talking about the 70 Years of captivity.
Yesterday I showed you that they were in captivity.
Year 1=3447 from Adam
70 years later, Babylon was sacked and Darius became king.
Captivity ended year 3,516.
Let’s see how the captivity came to be.
2 Chronicles 36:11-20
Zedekiah was a young man who didn’t humble himself before Jeremiah, the prophet. The priests polluted the house of God.
God kept sending prophets to warn them and talk to them because He loved his people…
But they mocked them, Despised and misused them till there was no remedy.
Nebuchadnezzar invaded Israel and burnt it. The house of God was destroyed.
V21: God sent them away into Captivity. The Land enjoyed the Sabbaths which the people refused to observe.
V22: Jeremiah had told them that they would be taken away and for 70 years they would not return. He told them to marry, settle down there and pray for the king there because they would be there for a long time.
Daniel 9:1-2
Jerusalem became desolate according to the word of the prophet.
Darius was a Mede. (Daniel 5: 30-31)
This man is different from another Darius whom Profane History says is Darius the First. They say they don’t know this one.
(Dan 9:1Some scholars believe that this Darius was Esther’s husband. They believe that Darius was the Father of Cyrus. Since the Bible does not tell us that, we don’t hold to it).
This Darius is the one who said ‘Has your God, oh Daniel, delivered you from the mouth of the Lions?’.
In Haggai, you would find another Darius.
Haggai 1:1-2… If you’re not careful you’d think it was the same Darius in Dan 9.
But, This period is about 16 years away. He is the 3rd King since Cyrus.
The Bible tells us something important about Cyrus.
Isaiah 44:
I told you we had 444 as the date that an edict was issued by Aterxerxes Longimanus.
But I’ve come to disagree with that totally and I will show you why.
Every book and commentary Including secular history, gave Aterxerxes Longimanus as the guy who issued that edict. But I disagree and I will show you why.
There was a problem and they tried to fix it so they made it up.
When God wants to do something that affects the whole world, he doesn’t make mistakes. He is definite.
Daniel 9:24
He generalizes everything that will happens and what follows.
7 weeks x 7
That’s 69 weeks of years.

V26: HERE IS THE PLACE THEY ALL HAD A PROBLEM and they kept providing unscriptural answers.
What does this verse mean?
When you look into the original, ‘but not for himself’ is not there.
(Let’s see the Amplified version.)
AMP knows that ‘not for himself’ is not in the original.

Let’s Try NIV.
This is where the problem is.
They understand the 69 weeks (483 years from the commandment) lead to the messiah cut off.
They just go over and pick what would be the likely date.
They already knew they couldn’t go beyond 33AD.
So they took their calculation from the front to the back. So they had to pick 444BC as the date of the edict.
They had another mistake in their projections of Cyrus. Dating him to 500+.
Here was their problem
Was God trying to tell us about the crucifixion of Jesus?? Definitely not.
Let’s go from Adam, with all the information that God would give us.
At least Adam’s age. When he died, Seth’s own etc…
If we journey like that, we will get to the birth of Christ… And eventually his death.
Isaiah 44:28
This was more than a hundred years before it happened.
Isaiah 45:1-4
These really picture how Babylon Fell. Cyrus had not been born as at the time of this prophecy.
(Let’s see specific things that he would do….Isaiah 44:28.)
God spoke about this man and said he would build Jerusalem. There is no word from God to Aterxerxes. This is significant. You cannot ignore this.
2 Chro 36:20-23….to Ezra 1:1-5
The criticism of Cyrus as the one who gave the edict was that the edict only concerned the building of the temple.
But that’s not the way the people and the government read it.
But I will show you that Cyrus was the one who gave that edict thus the Atarxerxes Longimanus premise fades away.
Ezra 4:11
How could he tell them to build a temple if they were not living there???
The city is THE PEOPLE AND THEIR SETTLEMENT. and for Israel, their life revolved around the temple.
So, telling them to build their temple was telling them to go home.
Ezra 4:11-13
Artaxerxes was the king at this time.
His officials were not happy with what they were seeing. The Jews were building the city because as far as they were concerned, that was what Cyrus Edict Said.
That was what the Israelites Understood as the edict.
There was so much emphasis on the building of the city.
The king gave his response and the work ceased.
Ezra 5:1
Thank God for men of God.
The King said ‘Don’t build’, then he died.
After his death, the Prophets told the people, “Go ahead and build”. They didn’t wait for any letter.
V3: there was the building of the house..and the wall. Again!!
V5: This is the other Darius, the Persian. (Darius the first)
V14-17Who was Sheshbazzer? He was Zerubabel according to the scripture. Both of them are called Governor, Prince.
The evidence is clear that Cyrus in giving the decree to build the temple, meant to build the City.
That’s different from the surrounding walls of protection.
Ezra 3:6-8 (they started by building the altar,so they could offer sacrifices, before the foundation was laid)
Ezra 6:14- This is the second Atarxerxes.
V15: Darius the Persian.
This fulfilled the words in Zechariah 4:9
Now, if Cyrus issued the decree….
Edict was issued year 3517 from Adam.
Daniel 1:21 (Just to let you know it was the same Cyrus)
Daniel 6:28. Remember Daniel was one of those that were in Captivity in Babylon.
Darius the Mede, And Cyrus the Persian are not the same person as some have (See Date table from Cyrus).
Dan 9:26… (John 10:17-18 is the only place that can be seen as a direct reference to this cutting off of the messiah)
Dan 9:26 should read, after 62 weeks will the messiah be cut off, but ONLY after he offers himself.
What does that mean?
Dan 9:25: all of these things were said about him AT HIS BIRTH. He was named messiah and Prince at birth.
Some have misconstrued it to mean at his death.
(See table showing Jewish Calendar and Gregorian Calendar introduced by pope Gregory at 1555 AD)
God had to use a prophetic word to point at the man who would give that edict. There is no place for Longimanus Atarxerxes.
The edict was given in year 3,517 (year one)
When you are adding from an ordinal year, you don’t add. You subtract by one.
Cyrus point plus 483years= 3,999 years from Adam. This is when Jesus was born.
We know when Jesus was 12 years old. 4011 from Adam.
When he was 30 years old, was the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar, (Luke 3:1).
Remember he shared the throne with Augustus for 5 years.
Luke 3:23. Jesus was 30 years old in the 4029th year from Adam.
John tells us clearly that there was 3 passovers between when Jesus began his ministry.
33 years at Passover 3= year 4032.
He was crucified after that last passover.
The 15th year of the reign of Tiberius was 27AD by the records of the eclipse of the Sun records in Rome. = year 4029 from Adam.
4029 is 27AD.
3999 is 4BC
(When you cross from BC to AD, you remove one year. There is no Year Zero)
4BC-30AD is 33 years. (When he was Crucified)
If this calculation is right as it is…
We can know where we are.
Luke 3:23… There was no expanded range. He was not more than 30. Even here where he didn’t give the exact year month, he didn’t allow us to go beyond 30
Years. God is so specific.
If this is there as it is, what else can be there?
What are the numbers saying?
3,999 from Adam was the birth of Jesus.
From the day of Creation to Jesus Christ was 4000 years.
Think also of the 2 days (2,000 years)
There is so much to share.
When you understand where you are in God’s calendar, you take your place.
The church of Jesus Christ is nor where we were some years ago. It is come to a place of maturity. Things are changing.
These are the last days. So God is bringing his word and things that were not known or understood are suddenly getting understood.
Its not by might or power but by my spirit.
Even in the book of Daniel, he said ‘seal up the book until the time of the end when it shall be revealed, for knowledge shall be Increased ‘.
Imagine how much more that God wants to show us. So much more.
If God didn’t give us clear, dependable information, how would be walk in it.
God is very clear because he wants us to know the truth.
And everything he wants us to know, he has put in his word.
If any man will do his will, he will know of the doctrine.
Salvation Call.