Welcome to today’s program.
I’m sure you had a beautiful day.
Of course if you’re just beginning your day in your part of the world you’ll have a great one.
Yesterday we started discussing several beautiful important things.
The word builds, molds us and gives us direction. The word is light and if you put your heart Ob Gods word you will never lose your way. You can bet your life On it.
I’d like to look at the verse Isaiah 59:15 (KJV, TLB).
With the TLB you will have an idea of what he’s talking about. Think about it. When you tell the truth. They attack you, Victimize you.
A lot of people don’t want truth. Truth is gone. Isn’t that what’s happening around the world today?
But God never wants us to be afraid. Truth is powerful and it destroys its adversaries. It will always outlive its adversaries.
Never be shaken with Fear. Its the devil’s strategy and tool. Never be afraid of him.
We discussed several things yesterday.
Isaiah 14:12.
Helps you understand who’s behind the weakening of nations. Its Lucifer the devil. Its his plan and work to paralyze governments; makes them unable to sustain their people.
Look at your nation. What has happened in the last 15 years.
Then there’s the concept of globalization. Its not the system that’s the problem its who’s behind the system. Good things are being used as weapons. Government are being weaponized against their people. A day or two ago, it was troubling to hear the governor of new york who had the audacity to threaten people.
He has one more Draconian policy to make.. He makes the announcement and says Religious organizations that are not ready to comply will be shut down. Well. Mr. Governor, you may need to look at History. No one successfully stood against the church. Should they be afraid of you? No one has a right to threaten those who worship God. If you don’t like what they do, do whatever you want to do but don’t threaten them. I want you to know where we are in God’s calendar. We are in the heat of it. In December I said about 2020 that the work of man that has advanced will come into collision with the work of God which also has advanced. We are in it now.

This is not a threat. We have come to a point when we have to say to ourselves…”wait a minute. Who is behind the information that we live by and what must we believe? ” There has been so much manipulation of information. And for so long, we had turned a blind eye to it.
They moved all sorts of curriculum into schools and we didn’t bother..nobody cared.
But the information that we imbibe will form our character sooner or later. A lot of stuff that they tell us in profane/secular history is mostly from Unreliable sources but we never cared. No wonder they are full of speculations and conjectures.
I’m amazed at the wealth of information in the bible when it comes to dates, numbers, etc. The word of God is the most reliable material on the face of this earth. Its a shame that some try to tell us that information from the Bible is unreal.
There is a war in this area. One of those sources is Wikipedia. Anybody can contribute to it. Its been so invaded by those who seek to corrupt information. They are now writing things against the things that Jesus said or the prophets said. They say that the story of Daniel and The lions is not true.
They teach this in the schools; Lying to them. Jesus corroborated Daniel’s prophecy. Who could be more credible than Jesus?
Ask yourself. If Jesus said something is true, how dare anybody suggest that such a thing is a folktale???
You will not quote your History teacher when you stand before the Lord. God will expect ..’what did the prophets say?”. Prophets and professors are not the same.
Prophets are anointed. Professors are not. Its about truth.
I have done some research and I can tell you that a lot of what they tell you, quoting dates were Hogwash.
There are no contradictions in the bible. Don’t mind them. They do not know how to study the bible and they are not guided by the truth.

Let’s begin with Acts 13: 21.
Paul is preaching here and he goes through the history of the children of Israel till he gets to this point about Saul the king.
He said 40 years. He didn’t say ‘about 40 years’. Whenever there is a rounding up of figures, you are told.
(E.g. verse 20. )
You need to understand when God is giving you a cardinal number/year or an ordinal year. For years, when dealing with a cardinal year, you are dealing with a full year. Ordinal year is dealing with the current year.
E.g. I’m in my third year of this Job… That’s an information of a current year. When I complete the year, I would say ‘I have done this Job Three years’.
Genesis 5:3-5-7
The 130 were full years. Then the 800 were full years. Those are full years in those scriptures. Gen 9:29
If you go from Adam to Noah, you will discover these kinds of writings. Back to Acts 13:21-22
Question: was Saul King for 40 years?
Look at the next verse. We know David and Solomon reigned for 40 years. They weren’t removed. But Saul was removed.
1 Samuel 13:1
Some theologians argue that there is a problem there, but there isn’t. This gives us the impression that Saul reigned for only 2 years.
If He did that, how can we say he reigned for longer than that?
Galatians 3:17
Observe what it says in that verse. He tells us, from the Abrahamic covenant to the Law was 430 years. We know God spoke to Abraham in chapter 12. And in chapter 15, there’s a covenant… And in chapter 17, there was a covenant.
These took place in different years. When we are given absolute information, we must stick with it. In the word of God, there are absolutes.
If it tells us it was 430 years, we cannot approximate it. It is only when we follow the information as it is that we can arrive at the same place.

God’s word is light. The greater the light, the sharper the edges. Adam lives 130 years and set is born. When Seth was 105, timeline from Adam is 235 years. Since the Bible tells us every detail in the numbers, let’s see how we got where we are. What do the numbers say? And can we trust these numbers? Let’s get ready to put our faith On the word of God.
All of the history that they want to give us from all of the happenings in the middle East are based on canonectolemy and Flavius Josephus who is one of the world’s most respected historians.
But if he says something that is inconsistent with the Bible, better believe the Bible, because he wasn’t there.
God will never ask you ‘what did Josephus say?”
The timeline from Adam’s year one…. Till During the flood, Noah was 600 years old.
=Year 1,656
Same year that Methuselah died.
Abraham was born year 2008 on the timeline.
Gen 12:1-4
He was 75 years old when he moved out of Haran.
There are so many amazing details in the bible. They couldn’t be given for nothing. They were given to guide and instruct us, so we could USE THE NUMBERS. They aren’t there for nothing.
Genesis 15: 1- 14, 17-21
God made a covenant with Abraham
Is this the covenant that is referred to in Galatians 3: 16-17?
The answer is NO.
The reason is this: God made a covenant with Abraham but there is no confirmation. It was tally with the new testament.
It was referring to a Confirmed Covenant.
Gal 3:14-15 (If it be confirmed.). The covenant in Genesis 15 was not confirmed because it was a one sided covenant.
Abraham continued without a child even after God has blessed him. He continued his Journey without a child because the covenant was not confirmed.
He went out of Haran at 75 years. Years passed by and the promise was not realized.
Then we come to an interesting area in Genesis 17:1-10-12
Here, He was 99 years old.
V10: Here is the Confirmation! Here is Abraham’s signature to it
You would think Abraham would Jump up and say WOW.
BUT In verse 17, He laughed.
He knew would be 100 years by the time the child would be born. He was 9 years older than Sarah.
V17-19. He names his Son Isaac (laughter) because he laughed.
Abraham already had Ishmael at 86 years old.
Abraham was born year 2008. The covenant was established when he was 99 years old.
= 2197 years on the timeline from Adam.
Isaac was born a year after the covenant was made.= 2108 timeline
Moses born = 2,457 timeline.
The law was given to them the same year they went out of Israel when Moses was 80 years old.
(Year 2537)
David… 2,944
It starts getting interesting Here.
David was old and full of days when he was just 70. Samuel and a lot others were older than him before such a description was given.
David’s life was so eventful.
He became King at 30
Josephus says that Saul was king for 40 years and that he was king for 18 years in the days of Samuel the prophet and that after Samuel died, he was king for 22
David became king at 30. When did he kill Goliath???
If we follow Josephus, it would mean he was 8 years old when he killed the Lion and the bear.
David reigned for 40 years. He died at the 3013 year of the timeline
1Kings 6:1
This marks another milestone in God’s calender.
When does the temple begin, year 3017. 4th year of Solomons reign in the 4th month.
From then we see story after story till we get to another climatic area
Year 1 of Captivity
There were different captivities of Israel that were recorded but when he talks about THE CAPTIVITY …it’s different.
There were some cases when the king or some leaders were taken and others were left… To Egypt, Assyria…those are different.
The Captivity here refers to the carrying away into Babylon. Prophesied by Jeremiah the prophet. The king and all that matters were taken away.
Jeremiah 24:1-10
This is serious
Jeremiah 25:9-11
This is really a Captivity and He said it would be for 70 years. Very specific.
Jeremiah 39:1-
Now the prophecies were beginning to happen.
For 2 years, they were fighting against it.
The king was carried all the way to Babylon.
God’s people would be in Babylon for 70 long years. Until year 3515 on the timeline when BABYLON IS SACKED.
Dan 5:22
Daniel told the King about his father and how he learnt a lesson to not be proud. This King beltheshazzar was proud.
V 23-24
This is what some politicians are doing. They don’t care about the things of God.
Mene: Short words with Long interpretations just like when we speak in tongues.
The King died that same Night.
V31: Darius was about 62 years old.
There is a reason he gave us the Mans age.
The warring kings of that age were much younger. .at 62, he wasn’t going to war.
He received the kingdom
Profane History is at a loss. They say they don’t know about Darius the Mede.
They can’t locate him. They don’t know about him.
Only the bible gives this record.
Cyrus, Who was a younger man, Honored him to be the King. Cyrus was Persian,
Darius was Median. Darius TOOK the kingdom and Cyrus who was younger,
stepped backward.
Remember we are dealing with Medo-persia.
Dan 9:1.
Notice the terms. He was made king. This was his first year.
Who defeated the Babylonians? The Persians.
V2: Daniel read the books of Jeremiah the Prophet.
(Yet someone said Daniel was Folktale. Was Jeremiah Folktale?)
This was going into the 70th year. Daniel knew it was about time. Hear His prayer
because he knew the timing of God and He knew as a prophet of God that Just
because it was Gods timing didn’t mean of was going to happen. Someone was
going to have to pray and bring the will of God upon the earth.
He confesses his sins and the sins of his people. he was concerned about
This is touching isn’t it?
Imagine if we all had passion for the church of Jesus Christ/the house of God like
Daniel did for Jerusalem. .
Jeremiah said ‘let Jerusalem come to your mind’.
Year 2 of Darius= 3,516
Zechariah 1:1-4, 12-13
This must be the Angel that was watching over Jerusalem.
Daniel prayed and the Angel spoke to remind the Lord.
It was already 70 years.
Daniel prayed that God would not delay and that it would not go past the time.
Year 3,447 is counted as 1 year. Add 69 years (Year 1 of Captivity =3447+69years=
3,516 in the timeline.)
Captivity ended in Darius’s year 2.
That is 3,516 on the timeline from Adam.
This means that we enter Cyrus. We will do that tomorrow.

This is remarkable. The bible has accurate information.
We will look at the prophecy. When did he say Jesus would be born?
Did it happen right Ob time? What did he say would happen afterwards?
We will use the bible to get all these days. The Cyrus phase is going to be interesting. In fact, it will affect some of the history
you ever had.